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Top 3 Celebrity Pearl Necklace Contest


Alright, this is our first ever blog contest and we are going to be looking at some of the best pearl necklaces out there. We have to start by saying that this is not exactly official, the celebrity pearl necklace contest being something that could best be described as “our thing”. But we will mention what we believe are the best necklaces that have ever been worn by celebrities. We are talking big names like Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Cate Blanchett and even Margaret Thatcher. Be prepared to read about some of the world’s most dominant women through the following lines. Contests like these can be very, very tricky because it is never about the necklace. As much as we might lie to ourselves and say that jewels make us more beautiful, it is in fact the other way around. It’s not the jewels that make these women outstanding, but the fact that they are these women. They have either changed the world or they do it on a daily basis. Wherever they go, they shine and they do not need a pearl necklace to do so. Nonetheless, we have to commend their style somehow, don’t we?  



A Demonstration of Class and Beauty

Woman-has-an-elegant-white-shirtThere have been very few moments in history when we had the privilege to witness beauty in its most simple form, especially when it comes to pearl necklaces. We live in an era in which everybody struggles to impress, there is always need for more: more pearls, bigger pearls, better designs and more intricate ones. Things do not have to be complicated. We only perceive them this way because we confuse evolution with diversity. In fact, simplicity is everything that matters. This was perfectly illustrated by Princess Diana when she wore her twisted pearl necklace in her youth. The twisted pearl necklace is both an intricate and simplistic design at the same time. What are we talking about, in fact? Three necklace layers twisted together. The result was both catchy and elegant, something that the people can say about her personality as well. The twisted pearl necklace impressed because it fit so well on the wearer it represented.


It did not only demonstrate class and beauty, it was a good way to show that the Princess was very careful and delicate with the jewelry that she was wearing. She made a good impression yet again with her long pearl necklace, which she folded tightly at the bottom, giving the impression of a tightly wrapped present. Not many people are aware of this, but it was her who started the wrapped pearl necklace trend all those years ago. Given the fact that such a long time has passed, people have forgotten where it all started and they even stopped wearing pearls in this way. If you ever happen to come across this style, you should know that Princess Diana was the one who started it in the first. Marilyn Monroe is another femme fatale who shook history with the layered pearl necklaces that she wore. It is safe to say that Marilyn was the most desired woman of her time and she surely knew how to use jewels to her advantage. She preferred layered necklaces because they gave the impression of diversity. And they were also very sexy. Let’s add this extra reason for why she went down in history.



Woman-is-admiring-the-view Since we are talking about the older days, let’s make a slight transition to more modern times: the vintage layered pearl necklace. The beauty who made this particular necklace stand out is none of the than Cate Blanchett. The vintage pearl necklace is something that we see less with every day. It is only normal that fashion lovers want to move forward, but we all have to take a moment and celebrate the past, right? Well, Cate Blanchett is the example that you want to follow for this particular situation. Everyone has heard of Liv Tyler, right? Good, because now you need to know that she had exceptional taste with chokers, layered chokers to be specific. One of the pictures with her that went mainstream was when she was when she was wearing layered chokers with multiple pearl bracelets. It was literally impossible not to look at her. Now that’s a woman who knows how to attract attention. The last super personality we would like to mention here is Margaret Thatcher. This woman does not need an introduction. She never will. She is known for what a strong woman she was in a domain that has very little tolerance for women. She made it through regardless. In terms of necklaces, Margaret preferred to keep a very low profile: a simple pearl necklace. It was the perfect addition for a woman of her value. This is the perfect example of how you should wear your jewels: a strong display of personality in the first place, jewels second.  



A Little Bit Out of the Ordinary

Woman-wears-glassesDon’t get us wrong: simple necklaces are excellent and they are wonderful, but they are not the only impressive pieces out there. If you look closely you can find some amazing jewels that can even seem to have nothing to do with fashion at first glance, but they are really cool if you think abut them. Let’s start slow with Angelina Jolie’s Tahitian pearls. What’s so different about this piece? Nothing much, apart from the fact that they are black. You do not see these things every day. Whenever you think pearls, you think white pearls, right? Well, not Angelina. All it took was this necklace and a black dress to shine for the entire night. Next on our celebrity pearl necklace list is the golden pearl necklace, worn by Emily Blunt. This one is even more daring than the Tahitian pearls because it is golden and Emily even matched it with a golden chain. White pearls are common, black pearls… not that much, but golden pearls? These are extremely rare. And whenever someone wears pearls they wear them matched with teardrop earrings or pearl bracelets, right? Who has ever seen pearl necklaces with a chain? Emily was very firm in her choice and, even though the choice was completely out of the ordinary, she had a fantastic look.


Now let’s get down to the very interesting choice: Ashley Olsen’s back pearl pendant. You know, the purpose of wearing a necklace is to wear it on your chest. It draws people’s attention to your face and your breasts, but Ashley Olsen does not seem to agree. The back pearl pendant has that name because, obviously, you need to wear it on your back. Although 100% unconventional, this necklace is a head turner. Even now that we know it works, we can still say that not many people have the courage to pull this off. It’s a very daring move, but it has its own rewards. And let’s be honest here for a second: it’s not the fact that it is worn on the back that is so fascinating. Ashley Olsen was fascinating for daring to wear it like that. And for that we congratulate her. Another similar style was applied by Vanessa Jackman during the Paris Fashion Week back in 2015. Her style was more simplistic, but equally catchy. She wore an opera necklace which hung on her back. Needless to say, the media were as excited as they could get. This trend with wearing pearls on your back is not only out of the ordinary, it’s also super comfortable if you do it right. It’s a lot easier to carry something than have it drag you down (not that pearls are so difficult to carry, but you know, basic physics). The only thing that you have to take care of is not to walk for too long without adjusting your pearls. They can get a little bit uncomfortable after much walking without adjustment.  



And the Winner Is…

Girl-has-blue-eyes Difficult to choose. All of these women have exceptional tastes when it comes to wearing their jewels and they are also women who move the world on a regular basis. The most accurate rating would be Princess Diana with her wrapped pearl necklace - because she has managed to establish a trend that many have been following for years. And even if the trend has died out, you can still identify it as being exclusive (because very few people follow it these days). Second place should be awarded to Cate Blanchett for her exquisite way of celebrating the past with intricate vintage layered pearl necklaces and third place should be awarded to Ashley Olsen for wearing her back necklace with such conviction. But this is our opinion. You have enough ladies and necklace examples here to make your own top three. We wanted to make the top as subjective as possible, but maybe you have a celebrity that you favor much more than any of the ones that we stated here. The top three celebrity pearl necklace contest can truly be won by your favorite necklaces.