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Top 3 Celebrity Scandals Ever


Would it actually surprise you if the most, if not every, celebrity scandal in the world were somehow related to sex? Yes? No? Not really? Whatever your answer is, it is very important to know that every scandal is, to a certain extent, related to sex. Some try to dodge the subject, others say that it is not true and you can even hear some saying that you should not talk about it because it is unfair or promotes a bad attitude. People can say whatever they want. The truth is that sex sells. We all know it. The rule does not only apply only to marketing and sales. It is applicable in anything. This is why a sex scandal or a sex article will always be more popular than any other type of scandal. If you are familiar with the House of Cards TV series, you might also know Frank Underwood’s famous words: everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power. And nobody can deny it. Sex is power in all different forms.


Whether we consider that one of the partners gains power over the other in bed, in their careers or in the public’s eyes, it all comes down to this single variable. People have always been aware of it. It’s just that it is not exactly a conscious process. Most people think that sex sells because of how it looks and how you imagine it. While that is true (thanks a lot, Freud), it’s also about social influence and who gets the upper hand in one such scandal. Next time one such event occurs, try to think about who gains what from it. Is it the the couple who is scandalized? Or is it someone else? Let’s look at the top 3 sex scandals in the world and try to analyze them a little bit. Let’s see how far these people have gone and what everybody (or anybody) gained from it.  



John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

John-F.-Kennedy-wears-a-suitYou surely have heard about this one. It’s practically impossible not to have heard about it because they even talk about it in school when they say that Kennedy was an US president. And they don’t only do it in America. They do it everywhere. The main reason why this scandal is so popular is because we are really talking about some super personalities and complete lack of shame. Power can be discussed in all of its forms in this particular story. First of all, we are talking about the United States Presidency, arguably the most powerful position in the world (publicly, because even the President of the United States has to answer to someone) and then we are talking about Marilyn Monroe, who can easily top the list of the most desired women in the 20th century. Both of them played a very dangerous game which, as evidence suggests, ended with at least one sex moment. Everything happened at Bing Crosby’s house in Palm Springs. Both of them were invited at the event and it is known that Monroe called her personal masseur, Ralph Roberts, out of Kennedy’s private room. The three of them had a discussion about Kennedy’s back pain and… this is where the trail runs cold.


However Roberts was interviewed at a later date and he said that Monroe had admitted to have an affair with the President. The rumor was out. And it was catching quite fast. That’s when Kennedy decided that it is a bad idea to spend his time or talk to Marilyn Monroe, so he severed their connections. In the end, Monroe also quite attempting to speak to him because she saw that he was permanently ignoring her. What neither one of them understood was that their behavior was exactly what let slip that they actually did it. If they had played it right, they would have maintained a casual relationship (at least in front of the public) and they could have played it a little bit smarter. That was not the case. And the world knew. Even then, the world knew that something had happened between these two and it is a subject that will haunt Kennedy’s presidency throughout history. Or you could look at the subject from a more cheerful point of view. These people actually had the courage to do what they did!  



Michael Jackson Was Accused of Child Molesting

Michael-Jackson-wears-a-black-outfitThis one is a very tricky celebrity scandal as well. We are actually talking about the most popular and talented pop star of all time. Some believe that Michael was responsible, others don’t. We don’t think that he would have ever done such a thing. In fact, the reason why this happened was clearly because someone was after Michael’s money. They knew that he was a soft guy and they just tried to crush him. It’s a sad story, but one that teaches us a lot as well. When you are as famous and as talented, you really need to have backup plans. This includes a solid personality and some good lawyers at your back. This might sound trivial or like a joke to you, but this is exactly what anybody needs if they are going to protect themselves and their money in today’s world. Michael was an extremely faithful guy when it came to children. He cared about children above everything else in the world and he always expressed interest in making things easier and more pleasant for them. Michael himself was a child. He had this spark that everyone was talking about: when he would be off the stage he would be quite a shy person, not really willing to interact with a lot of people and quite socially scared. But when he walked on the stage he was like a completely different person. It was because of his inner child. On the stage, Michael felt free. And the same thing would occur when around children as well. It is extremely difficult to think that this man would hurt anyone. Still, even after his death in 2009 it appears that more charges emerged. The media has also reported that 24 people were paid to keep their mouth shut about the entire scandal. Those were $35 million that were wasted. The only issue about this money and these people is that we do not know who they are. You can look at the subject from two perspectives: Michael either did it (which is very unlikely) or people kept suing him because they were after his money. We wonder what would happen if we somehow found out that Michael’s lawyers were somehow tied to the people who were suing him and made a profit out of the deal as well.  



Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape

Kim-Kardashian-wears-elegant-earringsYou surely know about this one as well. Just before Kim’s famous TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, aired in 2007, she was caught in the sex tape scandal. It is the sort of scandal which benefits the person involved and we will get to that in a second. What happened was that a sex tape was leaked with her “having fun” with Ray J, her former boyfriend, back in 2003. It was outrageous, but Kim did not seem too upset about it. She sued Vivid Entertainment, the company who wanted to publicize the tape and she got a whopping $5 million out of it. This has also generated a debate on whether Kim made that tape public herself or not! Nobody knows who did it, but the truth is that Kim got a blast out of it. And this is where the question of power becomes super interesting. There are very few situations in which someone gets shamed like that in public and gets away with it.


Surprisingly, this was one of those cases. Kim got away… with more fame and more money than anyone could have imagined. What is also very interesting is that she was not enjoying that much success before this happened. But Kim was filmed when she was a little girl and she said that the world had better remember her because she is going to be famous. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Somehow, the stars aligned so that she got even more famous, richer and with a TV series in one blast. Is it a miracle or the most evil and well-designed plan of all time? Kim might be a lot smarter than we actually think and the recent Taylor Swift exposure also demonstrates that. These are the ones: each and every celebrity scandal that has ever rocked the world. Do you agree with them? Do you think that there might have been better alternatives? Or should we say more interesting ones? It’s difficult to say. News like this is always juicy and fascinating to learn from. What we can all agree upon is that some things were left unsaid. What? We do not know. But it is the mystery that is going to haunt us through history. Or maybe not. Maybe we will forget all about it in one century or less.