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Top 3 Most Expensive Necklaces Ever Made


The most expensive necklaces are the ones that practically dictate what the rest of the world is going to be looking for in terms of jewelry. It’s a pattern that keeps repeating itself no matter what. Even if we wanted to stop it, it would literally be impossible. People have this way of following trends. It is a learning process, actually. We are all interested in finding our own style and, in most of the cases, for every one person who actually gets it right and finds what they are looking for, another 9 will still struggle. It’s not something that happens with necklaces alone. It’s just the universe repeating itself, but for the sake of remaining within the subject, we are only going to approach necklaces today. Let’s talk about the top three most expensive pieces in the world. These are the pieces that everyone would love to wear for at least one night, they are both instruments of beauty and greed: some people just want them to shine brighter than before and some people just want them for the sake of having them. Prices rise to the millions, the beauty one equips themselves with is exquisite and, above all else, they work as exceptional confidence boosters. We advise you that what you are about to read is not for the faint-hearted, so you may turn back while you still have the chance.



The Most Expensive

Girl-has-casual-clothesWe will always come back to it. Perhaps the Incomparable will remain at least among the world’s top three most famous necklaces for the next century. It is, officially, the most expensive necklace in the world, yet it is quite far from the number one value.  Fifty-five million dollars, this is the price of the Incomparable. It is the 3rd most expensive jewel on earth, preceded only by the Pink Star Diamond Ring ($72 million) and the Wittelsbach Graff Diamond ($80 million). The Incomparable has a fascinating story, one from which many of us would learn a life lesson from. It started out as a “found rock” only to ascend to the high ranks and become the most desired jewel of its kind. It was initially found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a little town called Mbuji Mayi in the year of 1980. Since we already told you that this is an inspirational story, you might have started imagining how some brave explorer managed to get their hands on it after having travelled for years and not being successful.


It is actually way simpler than that: a little girl who was playing close to her uncle’s house found it in a pile of rubble. The rubble had been previously rejected by a company for being too big to have anyone verify it for diamond remains. The girl gave it to her uncle, and that is how the jewel started its journey all the way to the Smithsonian Institute located in Washington DC. Shaping this diamond was not an easy task. On the contrary, its irregularities and the rough surface made it a very challenging piece to shape and mold. Imagine how happy the artisan who opened it was when he found out that the stone had no inclusions! This is, officially, the “world’s largest internally flawless diamond”. The tiny diamonds that decorate the necklace also give the larger piece a sense of beauty and accomplishment, making it more attractive to the eye of the beholder. The floral design is excellent: carefully crafted, the attention to detail is impeccable and the care and love with which this piece has been touched makes it all the more beautiful. It’s not only the price that impresses. It is the perfect example of how one little thing travelled the world so far and wide that it became one of the most popular attractions of its kind. Doesn’t it strike you as marvelous how one of the most precious things in the world was, in fact, found in a pile of junk?  



Second Most Expensive Necklace

Girl-wears-a-cute-shirt The Blue Belle of Asia is the second amongst the most expensive necklaces in the world.  There are many fashion enthusiasts who love to debate whether this is a jewel that deserves its money or not, and nobody can actually blame them. Although they have different points of view, they do… have a point. While not even close to the Incomparable, valued at $17.3 million, the Blue Belle does not have any story that could add to its value. Its features, however, are something else entirely. Blue Belle is the fourth largest facetted sapphire on the face of the earth. Ok, fair enough, but this does not really make up for those $17.3 million. It is the main reason why experts have started so many disputes on the subject. It is not even amongst the top three, so how could this piece stand out from the rest? A good question, but come now. You really do not believe that you are buying an overpriced rock, do you? The diamond-covered gold chain, accompanied by diamond tassels, are the perfect addition to this huge gemstone. Not only do they craft a particularly interesting shape, but it also makes this necklace adaptable to almost any outfit. This fantastic piece was sold at Christie’s Geneva back in 2014 and we can see clearly why it has become one of the top picks in neck jewelry. The number of experts debating the subject is irrelevant. That is everything they are doing: debating. If the jewel has made its way into the hearts of the people, then it has forever lost its ordinary status.  



The $17 Million Necklace

Girl-has-a-pink-dressThis is very interesting. Not many people know about the Incomparable and the Blue Belle, but people sure do know about the Heart of the Ocean. Yet it is not the most expensive of them all? Above everything else, it is the least expensive of the top three? Yes, this is the jewels’ state, but mostly because people are not aware of the fact that this is a fictional jewel. The real piece belonged to Louis XVI, only to be cut in a heart shape once the French Revolution came to an end. Once Titanic became famous Asprey & Garrard were commissioned to create a genuine piece based on the original design. The result: a Ceylon sapphire set in platinum and surrounded by 103 diamonds. Celine Dion wore it during Academy Awards in 1998. The Heart of the Ocean is also perhaps the most known example of how imitation jewelry can go the right way. Estimated at around $17 million, not exactly far from the Belle of Asia, this is, perhaps, the most desired necklace that any celebrity has ever worn. Now we have gone through the top three most expensive, but while they are the most expensive and the most desired, be sure that the world did not start and will not end with just these three beauties. The list is rather long when it comes to super popular and expensive necklaces, especially these particular pieces since they often have the power to make a woman so much more attractive. If you find that these three are rather boring - and yes, you can, taste is not something that needs discussing, but enjoyed - then rest assured that there are other fine jewels that you can both admire and get your hands on if you decide to participate at an auction. The next most precious thing on the table is the Heart of the Kingdom, which is valued at $14 million. This necklace was created by House of Garrard which –for your information, in case you have not yet been made aware - is the oldest jewelry house in the world. This information should be enough for anyone to understand that the Heart forger literally poured a part of his soul into the final piece so that it could achieve the level of greatness that was demanded of it.



Girl-sits-on-a-rock Do add the Briolette Necklace, the Neil Lane Diamond Necklace and the Majestic Diamond Necklace to your “must see” list, or to your “must steal”, if you will. The Majestic Diamond, for example, is a one-of-a-kind piece that many people choose to neglect because of the fact that it costs $2.5 million, but we all know a little bit better now, don’t we?. Tiffany & Co. actually deserve all the praise in the world for creating such an outstanding piece and then putting such a low price tag on it. You wanted the most expensive necklaces and here you have them. Do not be surprised if you have seen these jewels before. In fact, if you are already familiar with them, consider this a sign of stability. Powerful changes rarely occur at the top of the food chain, but when they do, they shake everything down to the very foundation. We eagerly await the day in which this list will look completely different, yet we are very aware of the fact that this is a matter of patience.