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Top 3 Most Famous Celebrity Jewelry


We all agree that Famous celebrity jewelry usually creates a market boom when they emerge, right? It’s not about the jewels themselves, but about the fact that someone is wearing them. If that someone happens to be a highly respected celebrity of a figure of great controversy it does not matter whether they are “good” or “bad”. If the jewel is great, then it’s great. And there is no stopping it. Fans have always been this way. The second they see something that they like they have to get that something because that is a way of resembling their idols and what they stand for. It’s a game of imitation, a natural part of finding oneself and, in some situations, it does actually work. This is why we are going to look at the top 3 jewels that made the headlines today.


Two of them are highly desired, while one has somewhat fallen out of grace. Nonetheless, it was super desired when it first made its appearance. Why? Stick around and you will find out. Also, before we move on, we have to mention one little thing: these are the jewels that we chose. It is based on the trends that we noticed when the jewels came out and the reactions the public had to them. It goes without saying that there is no such thing as a definitive top 3. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The truth is that anyone would love to get their hands on these beauties if they had the chance.  



All Hail the Heart of the Ocean

Woman-wears-an-elegant-braceletWe need to mention from the very beginning that this is not the most expensive jewel in the world, although it is by far the most known one. The Incomparable and the Blue Belle of Asia easily top the Heart of the Ocean when it comes to price, but the fact that this exquisite piece made its way into Titanic is what made it so spectacular. It is the perfect example of how good publicity can earn you all the love in the world. What not many people know is the fact that this is not “a real jewel”. It is, in fact, a fictional one that was created for the movie. It is said that the real piece found itself in the property of Louis XVI, only to be cut in the shape of a heart after the French Revolution had seen its demise. Many jewelers have attempted to replicate the Heart of the Ocean and the good news is that many of them have met with great success. Initially, Asprey & Garrard, made use of cubic zirconia placed into white gold so that the Edwardian style could be replicated.


The result pleased everyone and once the movie became a glorious blockbuster Asprey & Garrard were asked to create an authentic piece after having studied the original design. Thus, a Ceylon sapphire was forged. Set in platinum and surrounded by 103 diamonds, the new Heart of the Ocean became a glorious attraction for all jewelry lovers across the world. Everything culminated with Celine Dion wearing it at the Academy Awards back in 1998. This is a perfect example of how imitation jewelry can gain a lot of popularity. If you desire to buy this jewel you might as well expect to pull $17 million out of your pocket. Since it it the most known jewel of all, we also expect it to be the most desired one as well, but you can never know. And think about how it all started: two young lovers on a sinking boat. We know, it’s a little bit of a cliché, isn’t it? But is this not the extra feature that makes it such a great jewel? It’s a story of love and tragedy. And the ocean, of course.  



Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Tiara

Woman-has-a-backpack This is so old school. There is also the possibility that you might not know who Elizabeth Taylor is. Let’s fill you up on that. Elizabeth was an English-American actress who was known for being a classic Hollywood star. While she was born into a wealthy family and started her acting career very young, Elizabeth Taylor is known for being a humanitarian and she gained her respect from this feature above all else. The story of her diamond tiara is one of love and passion. Her third husband (Mike Todd) gave her tiara as a sign of love and because he considered her “his queen”. She really was a queen in his mind and so he deemed fit that a tiara was the perfect jewel he could gift to her. Among all famous celebrity jewels we believe that this one is a token of classic love. Taylor said that she had first worn the tiara when the two went to the Academy Awards. Mike’s movie Around the world in 80 days was being nominated for Best Picture. She remembers that that was not a good time to wear tiaras, but she wore it anyway because she was her queen and he was her king. Elizabeth Taylor died on the 23rd of March 2013, but she did not pass away before sharing her beautiful love story with the rest of the world. She will be remembered and missed dearly.  



Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring

Woman-wears-a-jacketWe are all familiar with Kim Kardashian. Especially nowadays since she exposed Taylor Swift for actually having agreed with Kanye West’s Famous lyrics. The engagement that Kim received from Kanye literally turned the market upside down since it became a desired piece overnight. But that’s not the only interesting thing about this simplistic jewel. That’s a 15 carat diamond ring that Kim is wearing and experts have agreed that this precious thing is worth approximately $1.25 million. That’s a huge price for a wedding ring and it is funny and sad at the same time when you think about the fact that Kanye is indebted by the millions. But we guess that he though his love for Kim was actually worth it. The ring quickly fell out of popularity. It’s only natural considering that Kim is the Selfie Queen and that she has to wear so many outfits and accessories. While Kim is always keeping up with the trend (and usually setting it), it is important to notice that this specific jewel was one of the most dominant in terms of desirability, something  that does not usually occur with a celebrity who shifts from one style to the other as quickly as Kim Kardashian does. As you can see, all famous jewels have become mainstream because of one feeling only: love. When love sparks in the life of a celebrity there is usually a jewel that follows. But you should know that these are not the only pieces that caused people to go wild. Of course, these are the most known ones, but there are plenty others which have had similar impact. Victoria Beckham, for instance, is a celebrity who is showered with engagement rings by her husband. It is said that David gave her no more than 13 rings in 15 years of marriage. That’s almost one ring every year. How much did all those 13 rings cost? Somewhere around $6.5 million. Yes, that’s a lot of money thrown on jewels. But we don’t suppose that David sees that money as “thrown”, but more as “invested”. Another proposal that shook the world was Kate Middleton’s. That’s no ordinary ring that we are talking about! That’s Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring! Prince William surely had things planned out when he proposed with a $550,000 ring. And it also had royal value as well!



Girl-is-touching-her-hair Lastly, we should commend Jay Z’s taste. Beyoncé wore a fantastic 20 carat diamond on here engagement ring. Those are $5 million right there. It’s not the sort of sum anyone could afford. We’re not exactly sure why crowds did not react wildly to this jewel compared to how people reacted to Kim’s. But you never know. Now the interesting question is whether the imitation game is still played when looking at famous celebrity jewelry when love is involved. Well it is, but at a much deeper level. People cannot rush and buy jewels worth $5million, love and wedding proposals cannot be based on the fact that Kanye game Kim a ring. People look at the designs and try to find similar ones. They do not mention where they got their inspiration from, but they are very aware of the fact that, if the jewel is mainstream, an image of it is still going to reach the world and it will appear somewhere. Women look at jewels every day. And let’s be honest: we do not always know where the design originates from. Guys pay attention to this and it is very likely that the jewels you are wearing right now are, in fact, famous celebrity jewelry that you know nothing of. This is not a bad thing. This is a sign that he cares.