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Top 3 Most Famous Pairs of Footwear

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Since we main fashion it would have been impossible not to talk about footwear, right? But this is not regular footwear! This is famous footwear. The three pairs of shoes that you will see today are some of the world’s greatest, most desired pairs. People would die for them! But the situation that we would expect most is theft. That’s right: people would steal these if they had the chance because no one can afford them. Would you pay a few million dollars for a pair of shoes? We didn’t think so. But once you find out what shoes we are talking about, you might want to reconsider. Let’s lay the foundation first: you should know that we are not talking about just any kinds of shoes here. While you can go in any shop and purchase a decent pair that can last you for a year or two, these are not the kind which you can purchase anywhere.


What is more important is the fact that they are symbolic. Each and every one of them a one of a kind accessory (or is it two? We are not quite sure about this one) and each ne has its own story. Now, supposing that we did capture your interest, you might still wonder what the catch is. Why are these pairs so loved and desired? Well, it all goes down to value. It’s not really about their natural value, but the value that is implanted into people’s heads about them. We have to warn you: you might not perceive these things are being as valuable as we (or, in fact, the world) claim them to be, but you have to understand the thought process behind it all: value is something that is extremely fragile and subjective. The most valuable things in the world might not be that valuable at all, while some can mean the world for some people.  



The Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

Elegant-shoes-for-womenThis is what we call footwear jackpot. If you are a little bit impatient, do take a moment and Google these beauties so that you know what you are dealing with. Don’t forget to come back! Ok, now that you know how they look, you are probably impressed with what you have seen. But this is only the beginning. You will probably want to stop thinking about them when you hear their score: $3 million. Now before your blood pressure starts rising, you should know that there are more than enough people who can afford and want these shoes. It’s just not too easy to get your hands on them. So what’s their story? Why are they so famous and why do they cost so much? It’s only because they are a replica of another pair of shoes. Yes, whether you believe it or not, these are a replica. The imitate the shoes that Dorothy used in The Wizard of Oz. You might already be enraged or laughing with everything you’ve got. They’re rubies, they cost $3 million and they are also a “fake”. But these are the exact reasons why these shoes are the best. In case you have not already heard about them, you would be surprised to find out how many people actually know of it. But do not worry. Most of the people perceive this information as shameful: “oh, how did you not know about them?!” It’s fine. Even we do not know everything there is to know. But back to the shoes, we are actually talking about 4,600 rubies. And yes, someone had to spend their days and nights putting them together. Is it a painful process? Yes. Does it take a lot of time? Oh, yes! But is it entirely worth it? This is only for the buyer to decide. They were made for the movie’s 50th anniversary, so if you are an Oz fan, loved Dorothy when you were a child or you just like fancy $3 million shoes, then is the right pair for you. In the end, you have to know that you have looked (or are still looking) at the most expensive and sought after pair of shoes in the world. It took 2 months to have them finished and those two months seem to have paid off quite nicely. If we only knew the name of the person (or people) behind this glorious design!



Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels

Brown-shoes-for-women Surprise! Another $3 million pair! But there are noticeable differences. While the prices are the same, this famous footwear is more focused on the story rather than the actual product. SO what are we talking about, in fact? Well, we have to start with the fact that the pair is named after a Hollywood legend and each shoe contains an earring that belonged to Rita Hayworth. If the names and the stories behind them do not impress you too much that’s ok. You can also consider the fact that the shoes are dark-brown, which are an excellent to anyone’s wardrobe addition. Let’s be honest: all the glitter and the extravagance behind shoes is somewhat exaggerated. Sure, one should always take care of their shoes. In fact, it is a common rule that, when two people meet, they look into their eyes and then they attempt to check out their shoes. Shoes say a lot about people: whether they pay attention to details or not, if they care about themselves or not and all the little things that are important. Surely, if you are one of the people who appreciate these values, these shoes suit you. The shoes’ folded flowers are considered by many to be the main attraction, but there is more than meets the eye. The earrings are fabulous and what nobody actually knows is that you can find any precious stone you desire in these shoes: rubies, diamonds, sapphires, anything you can think of. So what do you think? Do all these features meet people’s needs? Do not think about regular people like you or we. Think about the people who think big, who go to galas on a regular basis and people who have million dollar empires. Those are the people towards whom these shoes are targeted.  



Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Shoes-for-womenWeitzman takes third place as well, but with a pair that only amounts up to $2 million. Alright, we know what you are thinking about… that “only”. What is true is that we dropped in price by $1 million, but this does not make a $2 million pair of shoes any more accessible than a $3 million one. There are still many units that need to be considered. But let’s get down to business and understand why these are some of the most famous shoes in the world. Italian leather. That is pretty much it: the only ingredient that had the power to tear these shoes out of a fairy tale. Not impressed? How about 565 Kwiat diamonds? Oh, things are starting to look interesting, right? You can imagine that they did not take as much time to put together compared to the Ruby Slippers, but they required no lesser passion. Set in platinum, these shoes are more than any girl could ever dream of and they are certainly on many ladies’ wish list.


On top of everything, those shoe laces boast the amaretto diamond. That is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. How do we know? Because that diamond alone costs $1 million. Yes, that’s right: half of the shoes’ price goes into one diamond. Isn’t it spectacular? What is super important to remember is that this pair was made in Cinderella’s honor. These are the shoes that anyone would want to wear during a one time event. The feeling that they exude are above any experience, so it is only normal for people to want them so much. And these are only the top 3! There are more than enough pairs out there which are meant to take your eyes away. And do not imagine that prices are too affordable if you look at the bottom of the list as well. Imagine that the Nike So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max are sportswear that cost $50,000! The Original ‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers cost over $600,000 and, if you want to go for the most accessible footwear, you will eventually go for the Testoni Shoes, which cost almost $40,000. You might think that there is no escape! Wherever you look you only see expensive and famous footwear! It’s not that bad, really. You would be surprised to find out that $40,000 is not that big of a price if you just have some healthy money habits. If you are here to see famous pairs, you might want them for two reasons: you cannot afford them or you like dreaming about them. Why not actually attempt to get what you want? Stop thinking that you cannot afford them. Start wondering about how you could afford them. You will see that asking this question will bring great improvements in your life.


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