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Top 3 Most Famous Rock Stars Your Didn't Know About


It’s a little paradoxical, isn’t it? These are some of the most famous rockstars, but you literally know nothing about them or haven’t even heard about them. That’s ok. We are here to shed some light on the situation and get you accustomed to some of the greatest names out there. But before we do that we actually need to introduce you to the scenery a little bit. It’s important for you to know why you might not have heard about these people and why so much time might have passed without you realizing what awesome people they are. So let’s dive into their world for a little bit and see what they have to offer. The rock genre has always had to deal with a rather controversial… world.


Now that we find ourselves in the Information Era, you can hear about anything. Any band, any rock star, any type of music are a subject of discussion. And these discussions often go the wrong way. For some reason, the rock genre has slipped into the Satanist, demon worshipping cult in many people’s eyes. And while we do understand a few reasons as to why this might have happened, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the truth. Because it’s not. Rock is, by default, a “free” genre which promotes a more rebellious attitude. But that rebellious attitude is by no means related to religion or aggression. Rock challenges people to think about their backgrounds, the world they live in and how to cherish their feelings. Feelings of love, appreciation, being profound, these are also very common themes in rock music, themes that, for some reason, are often ignored and replaced with the fear of dealing with… Satanists? It doesn’t work like that.


Rock stars you know nothing about have changed the world in beautiful ways that you might not even be aware of yet and this is why we would like to take on a few names and show you how these people have made rock, and the world, a much better place. They are extraordinary people, very talented, with great affection for their fans and with a very philosophical and artistic approach. If you happen to be one of the people who think about rock in the way that we described it above, it’s time for you to leave your preconceptions at the door. We are going to have a great ride.  



David Gilmour – Pink Floyd

David-Gilmour-is-singing-to-guitarTo be fair, if you have not heard of Pink Floyd until now, it’s time to pull yourself out of the rock you are living underneath and start listening to this band. It is very possible that Pink Floyd is the best rock band to have ever walked this planet. With exquisite sounds, a very deep understanding of life and exceptional riffs, Pink Floyd is definitely one of the bands that you should add to your “must listen to” list. The main reason why you might not have heard of David Gilmour is that he is a rather modest guy. He never shows up in public too much, he has no outrageous style, he is rather old, so going out into massive crowds is not actually his thing anymore, but he is an exceptional guitarist known for his contribution in the band ever since the very beginning. His riffs have great depth and, if you want to experience him at his fullest, you will want to find The Division Bell album and listen to it… a few times… a few thousand times… to experience greatness like you have never done before. Another reason why might not have heard about him is that he was, sort of, outshined by Roger Waters during most of his career. Do not think that there was any type of competition involved between the two. They were both playing in the same band, both enjoying great success and they always did what they did for the love of music; not for fame and definitely not for the money. Waters’ career practically culminated with the release of The Dark Side of the Moon. After that, Gilmour gradually stepped in and has led the band towards a more metallic and exotic style. Bottom line is that, if you did not listen to Gilmour at all, this would be a really good time for you to do so.  



If You Want Something Fast and Purely Exotic, You Go for Steve Vai

Steve-Vai-has-long-hair Vai is an interesting guy. Although not unheard of, the main reason why you might have never made contact with him is because he is extremely, extremely niche. While most famous rockstars play the guitar and you hear metallic sounds coming out of it, with Vai it’s as if you are hearing magic. And no, that is not a metaphor. This guy really knows how to make a guitar sound interesting. The amounts of techniques that he knows are simply insane, cool and weird. He also has some weird, Asian, exotic sounds that he manages to somehow pull out of the guitar. Don’t understand this in the wrong way: Asian music can be one of the most awesome things you could ever experience. The only thing that is baffling is the fact there is literally no way a normal person could make such sounds come out of a guitar. While we do recommend Building the Church as your first Vai experience (it’s pretty standard for anyone who wants to get used to him), you might want to look into his discography and see what you can find. It’s a unique experience that might pay off in ways that you do not expect. Oh, did we mention that he likes making guitars talk? Vai has this obsession with talking guitars. He hits the notes in such a way that you hear a man and a woman talking, arguing, or speaking softly to each other. Whether you consider it music or not depends on your tastes entirely, but we do have to say that it’s an interesting thing to listen to.  



Joe Satriani Is the Master of Rock Right Now

Joe Satriani-has-a-white-guitarUndoubtedly, you have heard of this guy before. What you might not have heard is how he became one of the most iconic figures in rock history. Satriani is a really cool guy who likes riffs done the right way, but he wasn’t always like this. In fact, he had a whole different life ahead of him. All it took to change that life was one day and one very special person. When he was 14, Satriani was out in the field playing football. That was his future career right there: he was going to become a football player. And then one colleague brought the news that struck him: Jimi Hendrix was dead. At that very moment, Satriani dropped his helmet and decided that he was going to play the guitar. That was everything it took. Now, if you are going to see his performances on stage, you might think he is a god. We surely thought so. He was Vai’s teacher and, if you listen to both of them, you can hear that there are some similarities. Still, Joe’s riffs sound a little bit harder, harsh, bold and fun. He is a master at what he does and there is literally nothing that can stop him. What is also extremely important, and nice of him, is to know that he teaches music. Some of the most influential rock stars that you see today were his students. We are talking about big names: Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Counting Crows’ David Bryson, Steve Vai and many, many others. It is always nice to see that rock stars do not only look at their money when it comes to their music, but they also invest their time in teaching others how to improve and change the world.


These are the super famous rock stars that you might not have heard of. While they are super popular in their domain, the second you step out of the rock genre they are somewhat under the radar. This is perhaps the coolest type of fame because you are not known for anything extravagant, exaggerated or weird. These are artists who live to play the guitar. They are exceptionally good at what they do and, perhaps most important of all, they are themselves when behind the riff. We wholeheartedly recommend that you give all these three gentlemen a try and see if they fit your style. Gilmour is quite soft, with sounds that seem as though there is a guitar playing underwater; Vai is exotic, charismatic and completely out of the ordinary and Joe Satriani is the sort of guy you would invite to a party and have him sing for you. It’s quite interesting how the guy who is cool about everything is the teacher, isn’t it? Either way, you should give these guys a go. They are not the most famous rock stars for no reason. They can really make people go wild.