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Top 3 Most Wanted Pendants for Women

This is actually a question that we encounter very often: what are the most wanted pendants for women? At first glance, the question seems rather difficult to answer, especially since there are so many pendants out there. But things are not as complicated as they seem. We only need to change our perspective. Pendants, like all jewels, are symbols of our inner reality. Everybody cherishes something within and that which we cherish is an indicator of the pendant that is most appropriate to us. Based on this knowledge, the three most wanted pendants for women are actually three concepts that we cherish very much: possession, time and beauty.


Once you look at the subject from this point of view, everything changes. We understand that everyone holds something dear and that their values are expressed via their pendants. Our purpose today, to make things a lot easier for everyone, is to explore these three concepts and understand why these are, in fact, the top three most desired pendants for every woman in this world. This is a special message for the gentlemen: you want to keep reading, you might find some things here that will help you a lot, not only with picking a pendant for her, but with your entire relationship and your entire life.  




Elegant-girl- with-necklace-and-white-dressPossession is obviously reflected by the pendants which are meant to hold something within them. But why is possession such an important “value”? It is because of the fact that human beings are driven by it. Think of anything in your life that you are proud of: perhaps you managed to craft some jewels, you bought something that you really wanted with the money that you made and no one else’s, you finished school or you earned something in general. Possession finds itself at the base of who we are. We have always been, we are and we will always be the amount of what we own. This does not stop only at property. It extends to achievements, the capacities that we develop over time, the friends that we make and the relationships we have. We are what we own and pendants are there to serve as a reminder of something that we own. Certainly, the way the jewel is designed also allows us to somehow twist the dimension.


Holding a hair that belonged to someone long lost is a constant reminder of what we had and the feelings that we went through. If you think about it, possession is twisted in every possible way with the aid of this jewel: we can be reminded of what we had, the experiences that we lived and the feelings which were alive within us, yet still persist in different ways. Possession is not only about what we own. It is an entire philosophy that constantly shapes who we are and the people who understand possession cherish it with everything they have. It is a pillar of existence that is reinforced through a simple jewel. And to think that there are times when maintaining or breaking the pillars only depends on wearing or taking off the pendant, you too will understand why these jewels are so valued by women.  




Girl-watches-on-window Needless to say, the notion of time is best identified in clock pendants. Yet, if we think about it, the possession pendants that we talked about earlier can also be deeply related to time. Time is a very fragile concept, especially for philosophers. From our experience, women who wear clock pendants value time in all of its dimensions. It is not exactly relevant whether they value it because of philosophical reasons or simply because they want to have a chic way of checking the hours and minutes that passed (or simply being punctual). All these women respect the power that time has over all of us and this is not at all an easy thing to do. Most of us run from time, we want to be younger, we want more of it. Looking it in the eye, accepting it and witnessing it is a very brave thing to do and it is something that not all of us are ready, willing or able to do. As a side note, we also have to mention that time pendants are quite rare. Yes, maybe you happen to know a few ladies who use them but, statistically speaking, these are genuine rarities. Going for the possession or the beauty pendant is always an easier option because of various reasons. Possession and beauty make you feel powerful, superior and give you a great feeling of satisfaction while time keeps you humble. Even if women do not speak of these things, they know it. They feel it. It is the kind of depth that not many can understand and, trust us when we say this gentlemen, if you found a woman who wears time pendants most of the time you had better hold on. Finding one of these ladies is really, really rare.  




Elegant-girl-with-brown-hairBeauty is the “easiest” of all values, so to speak. Everyone appreciates beauty. It is only natural, it calls to us it makes us more than we are. It is an expression of our inner world and also a way to hide our imperfections. Beauty is, in the end, the ultimate escape route. Many people advance in life by using beauty alone. Some succeed, most fail, but what happens most often is that “sometimes it works”. Pendants that cherish beauty come in different shapes and sizes and, if we think about it, beauty is inextricably entangled to all the other values as well. They are all connected. It is only a matter of choice. What do we actually prefer? Possession, time or beauty? It is important that we carefully consider this value carefully since it is the only one that can lead its wearers astray. An indicator of beauty is never enough to understand the wearer. We all love beauty, yet this does not say enough about us that can form a solid relationship. It only demonstrates that we want what everyone else wants. This is why beauty is the easiest values of all: it is divine, yet not exactly fulfilling. There is one variable about beauty that does play to any woman’s advantage, however: the shape of the pendant.


This is where things get interesting. How would we interpret a key pendant? Or how would we interpret a wing? Is it freedom? Or is it the desire to fly away? Does one have the key to a secret or are they symbolically searching for one? This is why these pendants are so desired by people with a deeper philosophy. They spark controversy, they ignite conversations and, even though there is a risk that the wearer might be interested in a false beauty, they always provide a good reason to find out what lies beneath. Now that we have spoken about these three variables, it is time we answered today’s question as accurately as possible. What are the top most wanted pendants for women? The answer is simple: whatever pendant speaks her language. There is no right answer to this enigma. The best way for anyone to find out is to identify a woman’s values. And yes, we understand that gentlemen’s hearts might be half broken right now, but the great news is that you are already armed with all the knowledge that you require. You know what women want, what they look for and what they cherish. You do not need anything else apart from a simple conversation and a little curiosity. And listen. Always listen.



Girl-with-dress-sits-on-stairs So remember: possession is something that defines us. It will always define us and this is why possession pendants are always going to be something most desired by many women. They will also appreciate whenever they receive such gifts, so if you know that possession is one of her main values, you can definitely gift her one of these pendants. She will appreciate you deeply for this gesture. The ones who appreciate time are usually the keepers. You really need to look out for these women. The appreciation of time is not an easy thing to do. It is patient, meticulous and it requires strength of character. Not to mention that gifting a time pendant to one such woman is going to reward you in ways that you cannot even imagine. This goes way beyond thank yous and kisses. This is going to be a long lasting relationship. As for beauty, this is the easiest value to claim via gifts. This also occurs because you can mxi beauty with the other two values and you can get her some of the most gorgeous pendants in the world. Either way rest assured that you have beauty covered in all possible aspects. As you can see, the most desired pendants are the ones that speak her language. With a little exercise and desire to learn, you will always be able to tell what she is looking for.