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Top 3 Richest People In the World


The subject of the top 3 richest people in the world is a rather obvious one, isn’t it? You can simply Google these people, see what they are doing and the cash flow that they generate over and over. But we do not think that this is the most appropriate way to tackle the subject. And we will let you know exactly why: being rich is relative. The way you perceive wealth is different from the rest of the people. Being rich, to most of us, means having money. To others it might be owning a couple of buildings, being educated, being charismatic or even be good in sales. We define wealth for ourselves and this is both our liberating and shackling thought. What we all have to understand that wealth is a combination of skills and actions. If you know, you can do. If you do not know, you have to do so that you can know. So this is why we think that the richest people in the world are not only those who have a lot of money, but those who dedicate their time to teaching other people how to make money and becoming better people at the same time.


Fun fact: most rich people do not want you to know how they did it. They just want to save it for themselves and not share their secrets. These are rich people when it comes to money, but when they have to actually share and give the information to the world… they are quite poor aren’t they? We handpicked our own top 3 wealthiest people on our planet. Not because they have the most money, because they clearly don’t, but because they make good cash and are willing to share what they are doing and their struggles with the rest of the world. Although they might seem controversial, we suggest you take a better look at some of their works. They can get you very, very far.  



Robert Kiosaki Is Perhaps the Wealthiest Man on the Planet

Robert-Kiyosaki-wears-a-black-suitThe reason why we say that he is perhaps the wealthiest one is just to illustrate the statement’s relativity. Kiosaki is not even a billionaire, but he dedicated the most important resource he has to the world: time. This is a man who could retire at the age of 40, but still decided to move onward and teach the world about finances, advised people to pay attention to the direction in which the world is leading and start making their own money. Robert Kiosaki is interested in plenty of money making industries such as real estate (his favorite), gold and silver industries and investments. If you have yet to give read to any of his books in the Rich Dad series it’s about time you did. The Cashflow Quadrant is his most inspiring and liberating piece of work because it teaches people how to make the transition from an employee to a business owner or an investor and he teaches you how to do it in a smart way. The reason why Kiosaki is a wealthy man is because he thinks and teaches people how to think like business owners and investors. He even explains the type of investors you can see in the world with detailed precision so that you can understand where you are now in terms of money and where you want to be. There are many people who believe he is a fraud and that he is only ripping away people’s money, but if you truly want to know why his system works you can look all around you: the people who have read and applied his way of thinking are rich in some way. The majority still think he is a fraud. But the majority is still poor. Who are you going to trust? The herd which is heading towards the slaughterhouse or the people who stop and think about their condition? Choose wisely.  



There Is Just Something About Donald Trump

Donald-Trump-has-a-blue-tie Trump is the most controversial figure in the world right now, but nobody can deny the fact that he is good in business. Sure, his ethics are 100% questionable, but the truth is that we do not know if he means anything that he says or if he is just putting on a show. So why is Trump on our 3 richest people top? Again, it is because of the way he thinks. Remember “the small loan of a million dollars”? Who would actually say that? The answer: a man who has nothing to lose and who knows how the world works. Trump is, in fact, right about the word “small”. It’s because he is very aware of the fact that money is an illusion. Back in 1971, when Nixon separated gold from the dollar, he practically threw the world into chaos. America threw the world into chaos. The game between the rich people and the poor people is getting bigger and bigger because of this bad move. Why is one million dollars a small sum? Because the dollar is printable and the more you print, the less its value. One million dollars is, in reality, a sum that can be spent in a day. Another reason why Trump made it to the list is because he is, in fact, interested in financial education. “What? Trump and education? Are you mad?” Yes, it sounds mad, but if you think about The Apprentice and the way it works, you will quickly understand why Trump is, in fact, a good guy. While most of the people just remain with the “You’re fired!” part in their heads, the ones who actually pay attention notice that Trump is actually looking to teach how a business works and why you should stick with it or not. The same thing happens at Shark Tank as well (you might want to look at these TV shows if you want to get rich). But back to Trump: he is a hard guy to handle. Even though he is financially educated and is interested in helping other people getting rich as well, he is not what you would call a people’s person. This is why we do not believe that he is wealthier than Kiosaki. If you want to know the funny side, though, Kiosaki is wealthier than Trump. But the latter has more money in his pocket.  



Tony Robbins Is Just a Nice Guy

Tony-Robbins-is-smilingThe last rich person in our top that we would love to talk about is Tony Robbins. He is also a financial consultant who leans more towards motivational speaking rather than money talk. While he does not have the same influence as Kiosaki does, he is still one of the very few people willing to help others jump from being poor to being rich. In some of his motivational courses, Robbins also discusses about the fact that the rich are not interested in letting you know how they did it. The reason for this is simple: the rich are very aware that the rest of the world follow the same thought pattern – go to school, get a job, get a raise, get a loan for a big house, get a loan for a car, have a baby, get a bigger loan for your second house (and you bigger car) and you repeat the process. In the end, everybody is a consumerist. Everyone wants more and they are willing to pay for it with the money that they do not have… So what do the rich people do? They create extra services, make more money, donate it so that it can flow from their pockets into the rest of the world… and back into their pockets.


Not only does Robbins explain it well, but he does it in a very warm and compassionate way, something that Kiosaki and Trump sometimes fail to accomplish. Both previously mentioned rich people are cholerics. They are born to lead and they lead with passion. And when passion is involved, you know there is a little bit of rage in there as well. But not for Tony. Tony is always nice and calm about things. He definitely has his own energy, but he is more approachable. This is why so many people would go for him instead of Trump. Tony Robbins is a people’s person. And this particular trait can make you very, very rich. These gentlemen are, in our humble opinion, the 3 richest people in the world.  We have mentioned it before and we will do so again: wealth is not measured by the amount of cash you have in your pocket, but by how you decide to multiply it. These gentlemen all have different approaches, different values and different personalities, but what is truly important is what they decided to do with their beliefs. While most of the rich people hide in their towers and refuse to come down, these men are out there trying to make a difference. Are you going to believe them?