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Top 3 Secrets That Jessica Alba Would Prefer to Keep Hidden


Few people would argue that Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful women to have walked the earth, but the key to Jessica Alba beauty relies, of course, in a few jessica alba secrets. How does she do it? How can she be so successful, be a mother, be the founder of a company, a brand ambassador and a writer at the same time? The answer is right in front of you: beauty. But what she doesn’t really want you to know is that beauty comes in different forms. It’s not only about a big, gorgeous smile, it’s not only about the long hair and the well taken care of body, it’s all about being entirely beautiful. And doing so is much more than just looking good on the outside. You have to take care of your inside as well. We know, that is a little bit interpretable, if not funny, but allow us to explain.


Most people consider this woman lucky because she looks good. And it is true. As we mentioned earlier, Jessica Alba looks astonishing and she knows that. She knows that beauty sells and that she must preserve it the more she advances in her career and age. But what she also understands is that outer beauty cannot be preserved if inner beauty is, well, inexistent. To be truthful, we are not even sure if she does not want you to know these secrets. She has, after all, written “The Honest Life”, a book in which she explains these principles and in which she decided to share her beauty tips with her readers. It might not be the bestselling book in the world, but you will most likely find everything that she wants you to know there. Before we move on, we just have to say that being beautiful also means sharing your secrets. And that’s what she did in her book.  


Why Improving Yourself Is Beautiful

Jessica is smilingThis is not only one core principle that you will find in her book. It is a core principle that you will find in every successful person. Improving yourself is a subject that can be tackled in a variety of ways. It can refer to you developing some success habits, reading more, maybe listening to some CDs or going to some seminars that will help you become a better person or it could just mean that you should wake up every morning, try to eat as healthily as you can and take proper care of yourself. Now why do we think that this is one of the top three secrets that she might not want you to know? It is very simple. The truth about people is that they are reluctant to change. Changing yourself is difficult. It means asking yourself some questions, getting out of a comfort zone and trying to do something better with and for yourself. It all sounds nice, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t like to do something more with themselves and have a better life? Anybody would enjoy the spoils of one such adventure. But here’s where it gets interesting: everybody would enjoy the spoils, but they would not really enjoy the journey. Becoming more beautiful is a journey, a journey for you to become someone else, a better part of yourself. But if we really wanted to change, we would have already changed, right? This is the most difficult challenge. People do not really want to change. They are in love with their comfort zone and they would rarely get out of it. They would not do it for themselves, let alone for someone else. The reason why Jessica Alba might not want you to know this secret is because it is painful. Knowing that you can change yourself and become more beautiful, but you are the only person in the world holing yourself back from doing it can be really, really painful. You simply have to get over yourself and just do the things that you require to do in order to become a more beautiful person. Just leave all your excuses behind and try doing something different and more exciting with your life. You will see that the results are worthwhile. It’s just that it is a lot harder to do than what you see on paper.  



Beauty Is All About Developing Successful Habits

Jessica-has-fashion-clothes Another one of the Jessica Alba secrets relies in successful habits. We have briefly touched this subject in the previous subchapter, but we know that this is something that we should definitely focus on. Once you have established your goals, developing successful habits is a must if you want to uphold your beauty. Now what are these successful habits about? Waking up in the morning (at the same hour), and taking good care of yourself. But wait, you are doing this every morning… why is this a successful habit? Well, first of all, are you doing it appropriately? Are you using the right creams, are you applying them in the right order and do you do this in the mornings and in the evenings accordingly? We know, this already sounds like one of those scolding sessions that you used to hear from mom when you are younger, but this is the opportunity you need to understand why being beautiful is not a reason to scold yourself, but actually motivate yourself. Being beautiful takes time. It doesn’t matter in which way you choose to be beautiful. If you want to be smarter you need to read more, if you want to be more practical you have to have a more hands-on approach in everything you do and if you want to be beautiful you have to give yourself more time to do so. Now the only thing that you have to do is develop these success habits, and this can is the second most challenging aspect that you need to go through if you want to master this gorgeous lady’s secrets. Day and night, whether you feel like it or not, you have to take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are tired or not, bored or not, in the mood for it or not, you simply have to do it. Just do it consistently and you will start seeing results in time. Remember to be patient. All good things come to those who are patient and learn the art of being patient. Too many people want the greatest results in no time. That is one of the greatest mistakes you can ever make. Know that developing successful habits take time and it will take time for the results to show themselves.  




The Voice In Your Head

Jessica-wears-a-black-dressThis is definitely a Jessica Alba secret that she does not talk about in her book and one that she does not want you to know. Why? Because this is, by far, the most important thing you need to get used to once you decide to be beautiful: getting used to the voice in your head. This is huge because it really impacts how you see the world. The words you use become flesh and (we have said this before), the only difference between rich people and the poor ones is the way in which they think. Why is this important? Because when you will finally be able to make a change in your life, you will have learnt that talking to yourself in a nice way affects your decisions.


Most of us talk ourselves down because our inner voice sounds like its scolding us. This is just a product of education: whenever we make decisions, our inner voice sounds like those of our parents. Think about it. Do you scold yourself as your parents did when you were younger? Do you use the same tone of voice? The same words? Or do you use the voice of a person you resect very much? These are some little details that you need to ask yourself so you can determine who has control over your life and who doesn’t. Don’t you think that this is the most reliable secret of all? This is the sort of thing that no celebrity wants you to know. While it can be terribly sad, it is also your liberating weapon. Use it well. These are the top 3 secrets that Jessica Alba would not want you to know. Although two of them are explained by her in many situations, you might want to look and think about the third one carefully. If you master these three Jessica Alba secrets, you are well on your way to becoming one of the most beautiful people you have ever known. All it takes is a little introspection, belief in yourself and the willingness to move onward. And do not forget: be extremely patient with yourself. Results are not going to come pouring down tomorrow. It all takes time. But you will see that. If you do things right, there might come a day when it is going to start raining with results.