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Top 5 Best Watch Companies for Her

Today we are going to be tackling a subject for ladies and gentlemen: the top 5 best watch companies for her. So, you want to buy her a watch and you have absolutely no idea where to start. Or maybe you actually know a thing or two about watches and you are too confused about what to buy. There is good news for you: when it comes to the best watch brands, all gentlemen have found themselves in your exact same situation. Some of them pulled it off quite nicely, others not so much. But this is where we make the difference: we will ensure that you are going to pick the right watch for her. But this is not going to be your regular top 5.


We are first going to comply a list of luxury watches and brands that you should consider when starting to look for the proper watch for her and then we will make an additional list of very cool and affordable watches that should give you the right ideas. Everything is based on variables: brand perception, design and affordability. Shall we, then? One of the first and foremost brands you will want to watch out for when looking for the perfect watch for women is Patek Phillippe. Also featured in our Top 5 Most Wanted on Any List of Watch Brands, Patek Philippe is definitely something you should be gazing at. It is a prestigious brand which values details, quality and beauty above all else. Among the watches that are most suitable for her you can always choose the Golden Ellipse, the Grand Complications model or the Gondolo Serata. All models are very elegant, customizable and will fit gorgeously on any slender hand. You only need to be careful with choosing bracelet and frame colors based on her wardrobe and attended occasions. You can get original with shapes as well, just make sure you get the right diameter for her. You do not want to pick a 42mm watch for a tiny hand now, do you?


Vintage-brown-watch-on-a-black-backgroundChopard is also a very reliable company that we mentioned in our watch brands guide. Chopard is a lot about the jewelry and it is also the brand who owns the most expensive watch in the world. These models are the ones you should be looking at: the L.U.C. XPS 1860, Happy Diamonds and the 35mm Esprit de Fleurier Peony. This last one is particularly special because of its design. The automatic movement is also an exceptional addition. If you do consider buying this watch, you should know that it is the type that gets passed from generation to generation. It’s not that you won’t regret it, it’s about the fact that you cannot regret it. Next on our list is Dior. These watches are built with exceptional good taste and you have a variety of products to choose from compared to the best watch companies that we have listed until now. Some of the models that cannot go unseen are the Dior VIII Montaigne Saisonnière, the Grand Ball and the Montaigne collections.


If you can imagine that you are showered with diamonds and beautiful colors that is pretty much the sensation that Dior offers her. All the colors and combinations are inspired from the seasons, mountain environments and balls providing you with an easy indicator on what you should buy her for what occasion. Dior is making it pretty hard for you to miss the right watch. Chanel takes the fourth spot because of their bracelet-like watches. The Premiere Rock Bleu and Rock Rose are going to roll on her hand in a very delicate manner, offering that specific “liquid-serpent” look and feel. The Premiere Rock Metal is an equally good choice if she loves dark dresses. Compared to the other two models, the Premiere Rock Metal contains no leather within its metallic bracelet, exuding a confident, elegant and formal sensation. The final company that we will be taking into consideration is Gucci. Although we are still going to focus on the watch’s design mostly, there is just something about these watches that makes them stand out from the crowd. Every brand here has the capacity to make a woman’s hand splendid, yet nothing seems to fit as well as these fascinating Gucci models.


Clock-for-ladies-on-a-black-background The Horsebit 28mm is just wonderful. It is as if a drop of water is slipping on her hand. Curvy, chick, spectacular, this model is a simple must have. Even more, Gucci watches are quite affordable and you can safely rely on them at any given moment. You can practically grab one of the most artistic and precise watches on the market for $850 compared to other prices from competing companies. They also come in different colors, covered in diamonds and can be easily fit into any wardrobe with little effort. Guccissima and the G-Timeless 27mm are also watches that you want to consider given the fact that they offer similar benefits for a great quality-price ratio. These are the top 5 best for her, but if you have taken your time to research some of these beauties you might have noticed that there are some of them which are either feel like “not enough” or “too much”. Finding the appropriate balance is the key and it can be especially difficult if you have to make the decision on your own.


There are options out there and we made it our sole priority to tell you about them as well. Some watches just require good taste from your side and we live in the era of the internet when you can learn that in a matter of minutes. Here are five watches which are affordable and not at all hard to choose if you have minimal watch and fashion knowledge. Invicta’s ”Angel” Diamond-Accented Women’s Watch is appreciated worldwide. It is appealing to the eye, can be used during any occasion and if she is wearing diamonds or pearls this watch will make her shine even brighter. The combination of stainless steel with the watch’s frame design make it an excellent choice and you can acquire this luxury-manifesting watch for only $100. You have to be careful with the size since it can prove to be rather big for her hand, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue since you might have already got that one figured out.


Fashion-watch-on-a-pillow-in-boxThe Michael Kors MK5039 might be something you are interested in and since it comes with an alloy that resembles gold, you need to bear in mind that it will look good on her if she wears many earth colors. Green? Apricot? Yes, that’s the way. She also needs a warm skin tone to make things perfect. The watch is scratch resistant, has 3 sub dials for the extra date, day and military time, it is powered by quartz movement and you can get it for approximately $200. The Guess G12557L-Tone Bracelet is the shiny “look at me” type of watch that demands attention towards her hand. The chronograph dial is rather large for a woman’s watch, but you will be surprised to see how well it actually works on her hand. You need to decide whether the watch is too big for her hand or not. A 40mm diameter with a 20mm band width might not exactly be the easiest thing she can carry. Diamond-focused individuals can always opt for Bulova’s 96R19 Diamond Chronograph. It fits well with any dress and gives a modest feel even though it is diamond-studded. Japanese Quartz movement makes it a very precise device. You can trust time with this one.


Finally, if she is the bracelet lover you can safely go for Movado’s 604759”Amorosa Collection”. This one is just chick. It cannot go wrong and it is adjustable. Dress? Check. Shirt? Check. Anything she wants to wear, she can wear it and this watch can only make her look better. It is safe to say that you are now able to look and shop like a pro, if you still remember anything, that is. Let’s take a look back and see all the brands that you can trust. You can also feel confident with yourself since you’ve gone through all the information and your brain is already accustomed to the best watch companies, so you automatically know what you’re doing. You just need a little time to adjust.


Black-and-white-leather-watch We’ll keep it simple: Dior, Chanel and Gucci cannot be forgotten. You are already used to these names, so the only big names that you need to remember are Chopard and Patek Phelippe. You can take our suggested collections into consideration, but looking through them yourself does not hurt. If you see something that she would like, go for it. The rest of the models are Invicta’s ”Angel” Diamond, The Michael Kors MK5039, The Guess G12557L-Tone Bracelet, Bulova’s 96R19 Diamond Chronograph and Movado’s 604759 ”Amorosa Collection”. The only remaining thing thing to do right now is Google them, make some impressions and go check them out. Trust us: when you find the right watch you will know.