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Top 5 Best Watch Companies for Him

When it comes to watches men and women have the tendency to be very picky. There are too many variables that need to be considered: how reliable the piece is, what type of movement it has, how appealing it looks to the eye, how good it feels to wear it and whether it reflects their social position or not. These are only some of them since every person has their specific preferences and criteria based on how they choose their watches. Fortunately enough, some of the best watch companies have been paying close attention to these needs for hundreds of years. Research, patience, refinement and attention is what best characterizes these companies and we want to look at a top 5 for men.


It is rather difficult to establish a proper top 5 based on all these criteria, so we will tackle the subject from different angles. We will first point out what the premium and most desired companies are in 2016 along with their most prestigious model. After that we will make a summary of luxury watches, easier to gain access to and that can fulfill all your needs. There is no must when it comes to men’s watches. You need to like and desire the piece for it to actually make it in your own personal top.  


Premium Companies in 2016

Man-having-a-watch-on-his-handWhen it comes to men, Audemars Piguet is perhaps the most trusted company on the market. As a legendary Swiss company, Audemars Piguet not only prides itself with approximately two centuries of watch development, but trustworthiness gained from all its wearers. This high-end brand is most known for creating inspiring minute-repeater watches, the Royal Oak Concept RD1 being its newest design. Having been constructed in one decade, there are many voices who claim that this is the clearest and loudest wristwatch to have ever been created. There is a catch that you need to be aware of when it comes to the RD1, however. This ingenious beauty is not exactly for sale, but you can buy a watch that is almost identical to this model: the Royal Oak Concept Laptimer Michael Schumacher. Yes, the model was ordered by Michael Schumacher himself and there will only be 221 developed models. The estimated price for this watch is somewhere around £150,000,m aking it the number one premium desired watch of 2016. Bell & Ross take the second spot this year.


The brand is automatically associated with square forms, but Bell & Ross have tailored their collection to fit all needs, be they square or round. Men have shown great interest in models such as the 45mm WW1-97 model Heritage model. With a vintage design, it is quite hard to imagine how this watch cannot take your eyes away. However, the Heritage is not the most desired Bell & Ross model of 2016. BR 1, the brand’s signature model, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and, to properly memorialize this milestone, the Skeleton Tourbillion Mono-Pusher Chronograph was born. It is a 10th anniversary limited edition accessory which is estimated at £120,000. Surprisingly enough, the third place is taken by Cyrus. You literally cannot get more niche than this. Cyrus is a premium company that was formed just 5 years ago. In a market with strong players such as Bell & Ross, Chopard, Rolex or Vacheron Constantin, creating a watch making brand is quite daring, some would even say suicidal. But Cyrus surpassed this challenge and is now amongst the most desired companies in the world by men.


Man-with-watch-on-hand-admiring-the-waves This year’s collection superstar is the Klepcys White Gold Blue Moon, whose every component moves. Yes, that includes the spherical moon. This is a 48mm watch, quite big as you can see, and it comes with a titanium case as well. This watch’s value amounts to £100,000 and takes the number three spot in our top premium watches meant to fit elegantly on men’s wrists. Cartier is also a brand that has been favored by gentlemen in 2016. Although many models are designed for women, there are more than enough remaining to suit men’s needs. With warm colors, Cartier watches can be easily worn at celebrations like formal parties or weddings. These pieces work very well with shades of white, egg-shells and even light pink suits. You might also want to try red ties with this year’s collection.


The most sought-after watch in Cartier’s 2016 collection is the “Jeweler of Kings”. You have a variety of colors to choose from: white, yellow or rose gold, gold and steel, plain or you could even choose the “decorated” model with diamonds. Based on how wide and which material you choose, these watches can go up to £40,000. It would have been difficult for Chopard not to make the top 5, would it not? The best watch companies are permanently competing to bring forward the best designs and mechanics to the table, but Chopard is a brand that has always withstood the test of time. It was an important year for this watch producer since it celebrated a 27-year sponsorship with Mille Miglia rally. The Mille Miglia GTS driving watch was released for this special occasion: a 44mm chronograph with a fuel-gauge style power-reserve indicator. The LUC Regulator is this year’s superstar when it comes to Chopard. Hand-wound movement, a rose-gold case, 43mm, hours sub-dial at 3 o’clock, a GMT indicator at 9 o’clock and a seconds hand at 6, what more could you ask of this beauty? Not to mention that this premium device comes at quite an accessible price of approximately £22,000. But as mentioned in previous guides, the world does not stop turning after we have reached the last company on the list. There are still many best watch companies that put a variety of good watches at your disposal for a great quality-price ratio.  


Luxury Watches and Additional Choices

Hand-with-leather-black-gloves-and-watchThe Hublot Big Bang is a watch that has had an impressive performance over the years, for example. Jean-Claude Biver entered the chrono stage 10 years ago and he launched a trend that not many would have thought possible to succeed. The new Big Bang Unico is the result of the partnership between Hublot and the Italian independent brand Lapo Elkann. The model stands out because of its carbon fiber –coated aluminum and it can be acquired for a price under £20,000. IWC also has an interesting approach every year: they choose one watch family and decide to give it a complete overhaul. If you are into retro looks and simplicity, then the Portugieser Hand-Wound Eight Days limited edition might be exactly what you are looking for. The 43 mm watch will only be available in 175 examples and you can find the steel version to amount up to £9,000. Should you prefer gold, the watch is also available for an affordable £15,000.


Have you ever been interested in Montblanc? This company found an ideal way to counter electronic smartwatches: they combined a mechanical watch with the new e-strap. It was marvelous and it generated great results. It seems normal that Montblanc made a buzz out of it. This year’s collection features the Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum, a world timer that shows all the 24 time zones on the globe and you can also verify it to check where daylight turns to night on the globe. This extraordinary watch comes with great, accessible prices: £3,000 for the steel version and £10,000 for the red gold version. What more could you ask of it? There are also plenty of watches you can find under £1,000 and they provide a great look no matter what you decide to wear or wherever you want to go. Rotari, 88 Rue Du Rhone, Swatch, SevenFriday and Tommy Hilfinger, they can all suit your needs somewhere in between £100 and £700.  


The Sum-Up


Looking back, there are 5 premium watches for men that you want to look after this year: Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Concept Laptimer Michael Schumacher, Bell & Ross’ Skeleton Tourbillion Mono-Pusher Chronograph, Cyrus’ Klepcys White Gold Blue Moon, Cartier’s Jeweler of Kings and Chopard’s LUC Regulator. All beautiful, all gracious in a very masculine way, these are the watches that everyone has their eyes open for I 2016. Speaking of luxury, there are companies like Hublot, IWC and Montblanc who make it their priority to keep things interesting. Perfect for you if you enjoy a more sporty, diverse or philosophical style, these companies will always be interested in satisfying your needs, no matter what they are: new designs, a vast experience, you name it. If you are on a tight budget, you can always look at more cost-efficient companies such as Rotari, Swatch or SevenFriday. You have absolutely no constraint when it comes to picking watches. It is your decision, your look and, ultimately, your passion. As long as you can walk confidently into a room and generate a good impression, not only for others but for yourself most importantly, then that is the watch that you should always look after.