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Top 5 Jewelry Brands In the World


So you want to get accustomed to the top jewelry brands in the world. Fair enough. We cannot react in any other way apart from congratulating you on your fine decision. After all, it is not like everyone can make one such daring transition every day. Most people fear or ignore esteemed jewelry brands because they are “too expensive” or “not worth it”, but in the end they all come to realize that it is a matter of taste and pride that pushes them towards this decision. You might be here because of several reasons: maybe you desire to simply know about these jewels; maybe you decided to make a transition from your old pieces to something of better quality and style or maybe you are just looking to buy a more special gift for your loved one.


The point is that you made a very good decision in checking the top 5 before making any more. Do not believe that, even though these are the best of the best, it is impractical to verify them. On the contrary, you should be even more interested to look when you are about to make these kinds of purchases. This is why we are here and, apart from checking out the world’s first brands, we are also point you to some extras, just to make sure that you are well prepared. Even when it comes to the best of the best, you should be aware that you always have options. So let us begin.  




Girl-has-an-elegant-necklaceCartier is one of the few jewelry brands in the world which can pride itself with such a great legacy. Founded in 1847, in Paris, nobody suspected this brand to be on the number one spot approximately 200 years later. It is not only craftsmanship that makes Cartier a superb brand, but it is also its rich history when it comes to associating its name with royal families. Just to get a clear idea of what kind of titan we are dealing with, we are talking about coordinating approximately 200 shops across 125 countries. And it is important to know that Cartier is not a brand that reaches fame and chooses to stagnate. On the contrary, it continues to promote itself via exceptional campaigns such as the remarkable L’Odyssée. We recommend that you verify Cartier’s collections just to get a good idea of the level of quality this brand is interested in, the feeling that it offers and, in case you decide to pursue it, you will find that the quality-price ratio is worthy of envy. You can choose from a variety of accessories ranging from bridals all the way to watches for both men and women. We encourage you to take a look at the Novelties 2016 collection and you can even try to experience the custom fragrances that the brand puts at your disposal. It is safe to say that Cartier disposes of such diverse items that you will find it difficult not to find what you are looking for.  



Harry Winston, Van Cheef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co. and Piaget

Woman-is-happy The particulate order that you see here is the exact order in which these top brands are viewed in the world right now. There are certain variables that vary from time to time, allowing certain brands to jump one ahead of another, but in the end they always come back to the same positions. Do not understand this in the wrong way, any brand here can make a better stand compared to another based on the collections that they release, the level of novelty and, of course, the prices that they bring to the table. But the competition is so tight among all of them that it is literally impossible to exchange places. Piaget, for instance, is a brand that is mostly know for the exceptional watches that they produce. They deal with jewelry as well, but the watches are simply so good that people are always going to prefer buying a jewel from somewhere else and refer to Piaget only when they are interested in watches. But let’s take a closer look at these top jewelry brands so we know exactly what we are talking about. Harry Winston is a relatively young brand. It is important that we notice that since it has found itself on the second place, an excellent location for a brand that is not even 100 years old. Harry Winston is continuously dedicated to making some of the best jewels in the world and it would be no surprise if it overtook Cartier one day. But there is still much that needs to be done until that milestone be completed. When we talk Harry Winston we automatically refer to exquisite diamonds, fantastic designs and careful craftsmanship. Definitely a brand that you should at least get inspiration from.



The-girl-wears-winter-clothesVan Cheef & Arpels is a one of a kind brand, not only known for the quality of their products, but because it has invented its own gem setting: the Mystery Setting. This excellent technique provides maximum gemstone exposure while still highlighting the jewel’s fine features. There are a few collections that you must not miss under any circumstances and they are Alhambra, Fly & Flutter, Palais de la chance and Perlée. You obviously know about tiffany & Co. It would have been a blasphemy to have a top 5 without this brand in the first place. Highly popularized by the Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie, this American brand has found itself on women’s necks, hands and ears since 1837 (in the form of jewels, of course). There is little than can stand against this women’s brand and, call it a hunch, but we do not think that Tiffany is ever going to fall from the top 5. The last super brand within the top 5 is Piaget. Piaget, as previously mentioned, is recognized throughout the world for creating exceptional watches. The desire with which these watches are crafted is unparalleled. Even though Piaget maintains the same standards for their jewels, it seems that watches are always going to be the number one choice. Before reaching the shelves, each and every diamond that you can find on a Piaget item goes through a series of in-house guidelines. Color, carat, size, clarity, everything is tested so that it fits every standard of perfection.  


What Other Options Do You Have?

Girl-admires-the-forest Maybe you are pleased with these brands and you’ve seen enough… or maybe not. We mentioned before that you should be aware of the options that you have when it comes to top brands and this is why we have another 5 names that we believe you should be aware of before setting your standards and making a decision. These five are as follows: Bulgari, Mikimoto, Graff, Bucellati and Chopard. You might have heard about some of these already. Bulgari is one of the best designers in the world, with some exquisite jewels that you can barely take your eyes off. Mikimoto is known exceptional pearl jewelry and Graff has created some of the most expensive jewels in the world. Wherever you look you only see big names with great accomplishments. In short, we could round up all of these brands and call this jewel heaven. It really wouldn’t be far off from the truth. Now that you know about all of these brands it’s time to research and experiment. Sadly (and luckily), there is no “best brand”. The reason why it is complicated is because you have to choose, you need to find your style. The reward is worth it. The reason why this is great news is that, if we had one good brand everyone would wear that single brand. There would be no diversity and no beauty. There would only be boredom.



Girl-admires-the-lakeSo what do we need to remember about these top brands? First of all, it is great to take your time and research each and every one of them before you decide what you want to buy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to research them. In fact, we actually recommend that, the higher you go when it comes to great brands, the more you research. Maybe you will find that a specific brand’s designs do not suit you, or maybe they do not fit your budget. Anything can happen, so you had best be prepared. The second most important thing that you should bear in mind is that you have options, even at this high level. We have not only provided you with the 5 top jewelry brands, but with the following 5 as well, just so you can step back and have a look at the bigger picture. Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cheef & Arpels, Tiffany & Co., Piaget, Bulgari, Mikimoto, Graff, Bucellati and Chopard – these are all great brands that you most certainly have heard of way before you even read this guide. The extra feature that we provided you with is a direction (which you can play with however you like, by the way). So it’s high time you found out your favorite top brand.