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Top 5 Justin Bieber Jewellery Pieces

A Short Introduction

If you are a true “belieber” then you are most certainly interested in the jewels that Justin is wearing. Or perhaps that you want to celebrate his style (or your new religion) with some cool justin bieber jewellery. This is a great place to start because Bieber happens to be one of the personalities we follow a lot. Justin is a guy who inspires young people and the way he dresses and uses some jewels obviously establishes some trends that are worth noticing. Interestingly enough, Bieber appeals to the large public not because of the jewels he is wearing, but because how he dresses. Yet it would be a huge mistake not to notice the interesting accessories he has brought to the stage. We are going to divide today’s guide into two sections: the top 5 jewels that Justin appeared with on stage and various other occasions and the and the top 5 jewels that you can use in order to emphasize that you are a belieber. Not only will you get a clear idea of what styles Justin embraces, but you will also be able to get in touch with the people out there who enjoy being part of his audience. As long as Justin created his own club, it would be a mistake not to recognize that this club has a fashion of its own.  



Top 5 Justin Bieber Jewels

Man-has-an-elegant-necklaceThe 22 year old artist has never been a fan of too much bling-bling show-off, but we can sure tell when someone likes chains this much. Justin is a big fan of chains and he has proven this over and over again. Truth be told, chains are pretty much the only jewels that truly flatter his body and capture the audience at the same time. They are pretty rebellious, just like the young one’s personality and they truly fit in his style (whether he is wearing clothes or not, by the way). Golden chains are our number one pick, simply because they were used on several different occasions and they seem to flatter him quite well. Bieber has never been a fan of just one chain, so he follows the usual one large piece, one small piece and one large piece style to add a little extra playful effect. They suit him well and they are the perfect combination of young and formal: not too serious, but not too “I don’t care about anything” either. Our second pick is nothing too out of the ordinary, but it did surprise us that it worked: mixed golden and silver chains. This subject is a very fragile one in the world of fashion because silver and gold do not really work well together. Yet for Bieber it seems that they actually do. This is perhaps one of the very few times when the young artist made a fashion breakthrough, especially considering that the glamor world only recently started to fully embrace the combination. Justin did use one trick, however, he appeared with mixed gold and silver chains while wearing no top. We are not really sure if he did this on purpose or not, but the truth is that, no matter the skin tone, silver and gold look well on anybody. Maybe he just tried giving it a go and it worked. The only thing that matters is that he did pull it off in style. Luck or no luck, this pick made it into our number one. Pick number three involves none other than the Medusa Gold Versace Chain Necklace. The main reason why we are adding this to the number three spot is because it’s a pretty controversial piece. Sure, it’s Versace, it’s the great Medusa symbol and it is an extraordinary piece yet, at the same time, it’s that sort of flashy and blingy accessory that not many people are pleased with. The chain is rather large, the Medusa symbol as well, and this necklace (at least with the attitude that the artist is wearing it with) is more of a showoff rather than a fascinating fashion piece. Still, we are very aware that people’s tastes are not to be discussed, so, as long as you prefer this interesting Versace piece, who are we to tell you what to think of it, right? If you like it that’s all that matters.


Man-has-a-gray-t-shirt Coming in hot at number four is the simple silver chain. Bieber loves wearing these on a black background. It’s a minimalistic style that is guaranteed to succeed and it also makes him look quite good. This is also perhaps one of the most approachable styles that he has put on display (along with our final jewel that we are going to be discussing shortly), so if you are interested in justin bieber jewellery, you might as well give this baby a go. Really, the chances for you to fail a black top with a silver chain are less than 0. Last, but not least, we cannot go on without mentioning the items that Justin has been wearing for years: the earrings. Earrings have been a part of his style for many years and they signify some very interesting characteristics about the artist. First of all, they speak about his desire to step out of the crowd a little bit (because, let’s face it, the number of guys brave enough to wear earrings is very, very small) and perhaps showing a little bit of his feminine side. This is an act of bravery. We all have to admit that we have a little bit of both sexes inside of us (that’s why we all get along so well, right?) and the desire to wear a feminine accessory says a lot about Justin. We have always believed that fashion pushes people toward being a little bit more courageous when it comes to who they really are. And the fact that Justin decided to follow this path says a lot about him. Through his actions he actually inspired plenty of young individuals to step up as well and that is something that deserves respect.  


Top 5 Belieber Jewels

Man-has-a-white-t-shirtNow that we are all settled with Justin, it’s time to talk about your way of dealing with being a belieber. This is not only important for you as an individual, but it’s also important for all of those fans out there who want to get in touch with you. The cooler your jewel, the higher your chances of being noticed, right? Let’s start simple with the Justin Bieber Children’s Watches. These tiny watches are especially designed for the younger audience (say 7 to 12 years old) who empathize with the artist’s music. Why are these accessories important, you might ask? It’s because Bieber has a history. People obviously hear a good song and go back to where the youngster began. As they get used to his style, they obviously want to express it in some way. For a 10 year old a chain might be a little bit too much sometimes, right? A watch is more than perfect to get along with the peers. The next step that you might want to take is the Justin Bieber charm bracelet. Charm bracelets tend to be a little more personal at times, so if you express deep affection for this artist you can definitely wear one of these. They are also super customizable and fun. Not only will you be expressing your love for Justin, but you will also be able to show off a little fashion as well. You can also choose to approach the subject in a more vintage manner with the Bronze Shield Vintage Necklace. This exquisite little piece is available on for only $5. It’s cool, it’s sexy and this is definitely the sort of piece you want to go with at when you are 16 or above. It just gives you that aura of an experimented belieber. For only $5 we say that this is a must-have.



Man-wears-a-white-t-shirt If you truly want to up your game, you can go for the chains that Justin is using. Albeit a little bit expensive, supposing that you desire the golden ones, at least, they are a true trend-setter and will equip you with the confidence that you need through your tough times. Imitation is a really important factor as we grow up. Some people believe that if we wear what our idols wore through their most difficult times we will be able to get past ours as well. It is an experiment worth trying. Lastly, you too can attempt to wear those stylish earrings. Of course, we are talking with the boys here. Ensure that wearing earrings is a matter of personal style and not simple imitation, however, getting those things into your ears can hurt, you know. As long as you feel as though these are part of your way of being, then by all means wear them. So, dear beliebers, this is the cool justin bieber jewellery that you should always keep your eyes opened for.