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Top 5 Most Famous Logos


Famous logos? Welcome to the knowledge factory! We also happen to be very passionate about famous logos because they are a very important part of a brand’s identity. In fact, that’s only “smart talk”. The truth is a lot easier to explain: the logo is the image that sticks into people’s brains. Once you get it in there, you can’t get it out. That’s its purpose, after all. So it is always interesting to know a thing or two about logos. So let’s get into the most famous ones, the ones that everybody knows about and the ones that are really difficult to pull out of people’s heads. First of all, what makes them so different? The answer is simplicity. There is actually a very important design rule that is followed by most logos. The interesting thing about this piece of information is that the people who initially followed this rule… did not follow it at all. It was pure ingenuity. Still, the fact that it occurs in every design is a demonstration this is a pattern that people were unconsciously aware of. What is the rule?


You can design any logo with 1 to 4 lines. Can you imagine it? It’s pretty simple: think of the Eiffel Tower as an “A”. Four lines. The Sydney Opera House’s portrait can be drawn with 4 lines. McDonalds’ M are 4 lines which kind of look like 3. Everything is simple and contained within these 4 lines. Now why is this happening? Let’s just say that 4 lines make a square. You perceive a square as being whole because it has 4 lines defining its shape. At the same time, one line makes a circle, or it could make a sphere. You also perceive it as whole and infinite. Isn’t it an exciting game? It’s fascinating to think about things like these and they could really give you insight as to how you could design your own logo. But, as a side note, after we are done presenting the top 5 we will also give you a cool business tip, just so that you understand why the logo is not the most important part of your business. Shall we begin?



The Nike Logo, Coca Cola and Ford

Nike-logoWhat you are looking at are top 3 logos in the world. Everybody knows them, everybody loves them and everybody thinks that their designs are spectacular. But what gives? What’s so special about Ford, for instance? It’s just an oval with some letters in it. That’s true! But you remember the simplicity rule that we talked about just a few seconds ago? It applies here as well. Let’s look at Nike. What do you see? A line? A tick? A poorly drawn line? The point is that it is, to a certain extent, irrelevant. What you see does not matter because if you close your eyes and go do something else you will always remember that Nike logo. It is so simple that it seems frustrating. But that’s how it works. You’ve seen it, now you cannot unsee it. You should also be aware of another interesting trick that marketing uses to its advantage: simple logos are used as a means of educating consumers. You do not only remember the Nike logo because you saw it, you like it because it is so simple and it is easy to put on ever poster, magazine cover, car, anything out there that can promote it. You have seen it for so many times that it is impossible not to remember it.


So simplicity and repeated sightings practically educate you to become a consumer and remember the brand wherever you go. The same rule applies to Coca Cola; only that this logo is a little more interesting than the Nike one. Even at first glance you can see that this one is complicated. The way the letters are written, the great attention to detail, it is just easy to claim that this is one of the greatest logos the world has ever seen. But, again, what gives? Well, there are two major variables that make Coca Cola a great logo: repetition and color. There is almost no difference between the two words: the only different letter in the second word is the “l”, which gives a nice ring to the name and makes it a little bit more “liquid”. Then there is the color. Red is a very daring color and it reflects the soda’s personality. It’s practically everywhere, involved in everything and there is absolutely no place or even where you will not find it.


What is most important, above everything else, is that Coca Cola does not necessarily pride itself with the logo, but with the experience it provides. As we mentioned earlier, it’s everywhere! And now about Ford! As we mentioned before, it’s just an oval with some writing in it. What’s so spectacular about it? The oval shape is not only round, but it also occupies a place in the most famous logos because it symbolizes infinity. When you look at Ford, you know “it is forever”. Think about that. The color is also a key feature in this logo’s design: blue is known as the universally pleasing color. This is why it is most commonly associated with trust. What does everybody want from a car? Safety, trust, quality and a good experience. Does the logo convey this message? It surely does!  



Apple and Mercedes

Apple's-logo Not surprisingly, there is no one in the world who hasn’t seen these two either. The only difference is that we are actually talking about luxury here. None of the previously mentioned logos were luxurious in any way, except for the cars… But Apple and Mercedes? Not everyone wants them because not everyone can afford them. Apple’s logo story is a little bit complicated. It was not exactly easy to remember in the beginning because it featured an image which made you think about Newton discovering gravity. It was educational! But it wasn’t really simple. Not everyone knows that Newton discovered gravity, as hard as that might seem to comprehend, so Apple decided to move a more friendly design in 1984. Even though that logo is very similar to the one that we know today, it was rainbow stripped. It was an interesting idea, only that people associated it with the gay flag and they had to rethink it again. In 1998 the logo went black and in 2010 it became the metallic logo that we all know today. What’s the catch? The apple is a historically acknowledged symbol. Adam and Eve ate it and Newton discovered gravity because of it. Needless to say, the apple pushed humanity forward. It made us who we are. Mercedes, on the other hand, follows the two important line rules that we spoke of. First of all, there are 4 lines. But one of them is actually a circle. Balanced infinity seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? It wasn’t always like this. Back in 1902 when Mercedes released its first logo it was quite dull. It was very similar to the Ford one, just that Mercedes is a very long word and it is the sort of word that requires straight lines. It doesn’t look too good within an oval. But if you take the name away and think of the three lines as a plane… you might understand what designers were aiming for: a ground vehicle that aims to take you to the sky! Pretty impressive, right?  



Why You Should Not Care for the Logo Too Much?

Mercedes-logoSupposing that you are here from some logo pro tips, it’s time we got to the basics: your logo is not the most important part of your business. It’s always good to remember that because there are plenty of people who want to start a business and they think about the name and the logo first. They are already blocked because of their way of thinking. If you want to launch a successful business, you want to think about your product and the system which you are going to use to design it. It’s that simple. The name and the logo can come later. Now why is the reason as to why you want to do this? It’s because this is the main difference between an entrepreneur and a seller! A seller will always be focused on the product while an entrepreneur will want to create a system that sells and makes people happy. At the same time, you want to create a product which is actually useful. The logo is part of your identity, not the identity itself! And now that you have a little bit of insight on what the most famous logos are and why, you can start thinking about ideas that would benefit your product as well (if you have one). Remember: do not rush at the logo. Let this one breathe. First determine what your product needs in order to be successful. Then give it a helping hand with a good logo.