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Top 5 Most Loved Women Fashion Styles

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The year 2016 is quite revolutionary one in terms of women fashion styles. You can read all the pessimistic gossip or the lack of vision that others might expose, but the truth is that the most loved fashion styles of these year are inspiring, gorgerous and, even if retaken from previous years, they fit our period quite well. They give us the sort of satisfaction and confidence that we are looking for in the hot summer days and the surely make us look pretty. So here at the top 5 most loved women’s styles that we adore so much and which we are always eager to adopt.  



The Off-The-Shoulder Top

Girl-wears-braceletsThe off-the-shoulder has been quite a persisstent trend in the past summers. It is pretty much the go-to style that every woman adopts as soon as the first drops of sweat start to break. It is true that it has been around for long enough to have developed a competition, yet the fact that it is still here is a bold statement that it is strong enough to walk through the ages. It all started a few years back with a few street style artists who saw that this was going to become a thing. We saw it at Coachella and we keep seeing it over and over again. What is peculiarly interesting about this style is that it somewhat forced women to resort to it in many situations. Showing off shoulders has never been a bad thing, yet ladies have such slender and beautiful bodies that it would be impossible to admit that the shoulders are the only parts that we could pride ourselves with. Nonetheless, this style draws its fame from the fact that it is extremely easy to wear for both ladies who want to dip their toes into fashion and those who can already consider themselves pros. If you want to start showing off with a little exposure, then shoulders are definitely a good place to start. Needless to say, showing off a bit of shoulder has always been sexy, let alone if you show a little bit of your back. The effect that any off-the-shoulder creates is a very luxurious one: it is as if the clothes act like a gift wrap. Let’s face it: no matter how beautiful the clothes are, there is nothing more attractive than the round shoulders that show at the top. Versatility is also one of their strongest points. It is up to you whether you want to adopt a romantic look or if you want to go full canvas. The whole point of it is that it draws the attention you so crave to your face. From there, you can either try to play with jewelry or you could even pick a metallic lipstick if you prefer to keep things nice and easy. Now, after having read all these, take a moment and be 100% honest with yourself: do you really need any other sort of reason for wearing an off-the-top? Thought so.  



White Shirts and Spaghetti Straps

Woman-wears-an-elegant-long-dress Remember when we were talking about styles brought back from the past? Well, you are looking at one. White shirts and spaghetti straps are practically the 90s reborn in 2016. We do not know exactly what it was about the 90s, but this peculiar period keeps looming back over and over. The good news is that it’s not a creepy kind of looming, but the sort that we welcome and we are eager to get in touch with. Some believe that the economic boom that made everyone get out of their houses and start shopping is responsible for us being so happy when we get reexperience this period while others think that the ads featuring Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer are responsible for it all. Either way, this style has always been loved and to say that we expected it to make a comback is an understatement. But things are not exactly what they used to be.


If you want to know exactly what changed, suffice it to say that the 90s trend and the all-too-well-known lingerie trend are practically one now (well, they have always been this way, but people simply wanted to believe that they are two entirely different things). If you want a good example of how it’s done you simply have to watch kendall Jenner in her almost nude Coachella outfit. The reason why we love this style is because it broadens our horizons a lot, especially if we are talking sleepwear. They are also very useful if the weather outside is not interested in you wearing jackets. Play your card well and you beat both weather and common looks. An accented bustier, boyish bottoms and some bold accessories should be more than suffice to let the world know that you are not the sort of person they can mess with. And trust us: if the weather got the idea, so will everyone else. If being bold is not your thing. minimalism should do the trick, right? There’s a way to wrap your head around that as well. Try a tailored silk tank paired with the cropped take on the Hanes that you are usually wearing. If you want a great finishing touch, a choker might be your best friend. That’s some serious 90s energy right there. Not only will this improve your style a lot, but your outfit will be literally screaming “sexy” wherever you go.  



Prints, Swimwear and... a Little Bit of Plus-Size Fashion?

Woman-has-a-purple-dressLet’s take these beauties one by one. Summer is all about vivid patterns: polka dots, paisley, plaid and floral patterns. No matter how hard you might want to look away from prints, you always come back. Among women fashion styles, prints occupy a very special place. We never actually understood how a style such as this one could be persistent for so many years and not be completely overwhelmed by others. The best explanation we could come up with is that this style actually brings you close to nature. It’s that instinct to always go back to where everything began. You cannot stop it. None of us can. So there is no point in eliminating it. The best thing we can do is jsut go with the flow. Here is the best thing about patterns: they can easily take you out of a mundane wardrobe if you allow them to. Supposing that you are a parson who wears black most of the time, moving to patters can be quite a challgenging thought. But what if you move with white and patterns instead? If you look good in white you will also look good in white. It’s a given. So you swap the color for a brighter summer mood and you add a little bit of color, which never ceases to amaze. Swimwear is also something that we naturally levitate towards when summer kicks in. It is also the perfect time whether two pices or one piece fit you better. Take a loot at your wardrobe. You only have those two pieces that you need to match because that’s how you got used to it when you were younger? It’s time to up your game a little and look towards one-piece swimsuits. Again, among women fashion styles, the one-piece swimsuit is an exceptional choice because it covers a lot of “areas” of interest.: it is comfortable, it is easy to wear and you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to deciding what part of your body you would like to expose or highlight better. In the end, one-pieces are also a great style indicator.


Girl-has-a-cute-dress As for plus-size fashion, this is perhaps one of the most positive styles that we have seen in a while. What’s the catch? Women all around the world have come to the conclusion that “plus-size” has never been properly defined (see the Kalvin Klein scandal, for instance). The best way to define “plus-size” is for women arund the world to take matters into their own hands. Thus, plenty of models have emerged with cute, formal and stylish outfits that show the world how it’s really done. And it works! No matter how much badmouthing or negativity occurs, these ladies know how to deal with it in the most appropriate way and we have always encouraged this sort of behaviour. Beauty has nothing to do with size. It’s all about who you are on the inside. These are by far the 5 most loved fashion styles that women look up to and the impact that they have have transformed them into forces to be reckoned with. Off-the-shoulder is all about exposing a little bit of your round shapes and and drawing attention towards your face, white shirts and spaghetti straps are a reenlightment of the 90s, prints represent the yearning towards nature, swimwear is an expression of sexiness and class at your local pool party and plus-size fashion is showing the world how beauty should really be perceived.


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