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Top 5 Necklace Clasp Types

Have you ever wondered whether there is something more to clasps than just a simple utility? While some are there just to ensure that you put your necklace on without too much trouble, there are other clasps which bring more significance to the piece overall. There are pieces out there which get much attention only because of necklace clasp types. But what are the criteria based on which we categorize them? The best way to make a list is to judge clasps on whether they are both adding to the necklace’s design in any way and if they are comfortable enough for one person to put on or take off. The number one spot should be taken by decorative clasps. There is logic behind this: supposing that a clasp is easy to work with, it only requires making a necklace more beautiful in order for it to achieve first place. Imagine an accessory made of a simple chain with a heart toggle-like clasp. Very simple to use and you can also play with where you want your heart to be. Wear it graciously on your chest or leave it on the back of your neck so that you can leave a cute first impression after you’ve spoken to that sweet gentleman.


Background-with-elegant-pendantThe second candidate feels like the toggle clasp. Usually coming in the form of a “T”, the toggle clasp is most used with heavy jewelry. Anybody who is interested in appearing more refined can safely use the toggle clasp and it seems to be widely preferred among artsy people. If you are worried about sizes and models, you can stop now. This type has seen so much love that there are thousands of people out there always trying to come up with a new form, a new shame and a new feel. The only reason why magnetic clasps are on the third place is because they cannot replace the toggle sensation. Sure, they are easy to use and will actually feel nice when the two magnets unite, but nothing compares to that tick of success, right? The fun thing about magnetic clasps is that, whether you are into this sort of fashion or not, they will always feel fun.


If anybody wants to get in touch with their inner child, pick up any jewelry that has these things. You will not regret it. The S hook clasp is one of the oldest types around. It is practically a legacy of grace and simplicity. The S hook can be assembled simply by putting the two parts of the S together, forming the beautiful serpent shape. Although commonly overlooked by those who are not aware of its beauty, this clasp has the power to stand out from the other more complicated or simplistic ones. In truth, it seems more beautiful to look upon an S shape than a tiny little circle that requires two people to put on, right? Finally, we have the lobster claw. Unlike its pesky spring ring sibling, the lobster claw is way more comfortable to use than the former, even though it is not exactly ideal. What is impressive about the lobster claw is that it is a subtle shape and provides an interesting experience when put on. It is as if, when you pull the lever to open it and carefully place the ring inside, you feel as if one hand is grabbing another. It takes some imagination, it’s true, but if you ever have the time to think about it, do it. You will experience the pleasure of simplicity as it should be experienced.


Black-emerald-pendant Now even though we have established what the top clasps are, the necklace clasp types do not stop here. In fact, there are many other types that can be found out there. There is a great number of them that are either too complicated to use and others are simply not familiar to everyone. Sometimes it can depend on what kind of chain we are dealing with, since there is great comfort in using the right chain with the right kind of clasp. Snake chains, for example, are best used with lobster claws or even screw clasps. The latter are also fairly easy to use, but they are perceived to be meant for specific types of necklaces. It would be quite awkward to show up at a ball with a golden screw clasp necklace now, would it? The rolo chain demands lobster claws as well. With its oval links put together, a lobster only adds to the eternal circle.


The rolo chain also works well with the spring ring clasp, but as mentioned before it is as if this clasp takes pleasure in making matters difficult for its wearer. The box jewelry clasp is suitable for this chain. Although not the ideal match, pushing two different centers to open a lock seems easy enough and quite fitting for this style. Moving on to the bead chain, this one calls out for the magnetic clasps. Imagine how easy it is to put your necklace on and be done with it. Crab and spring ring are most often used for this chain style. The Venetian and wheat chain are the final chains on the list. One is rare and slender while the other is very similar to the snake chain, only more robust. These two are, once again, best fitted with crab and spring ring. It is also worth mentioning that there are exotic clasps that you might be interested in. One of them is the barrel. It resembles the screw clasp and it provides for a discrete piece of jewelry into your necklace. The fishhook is yet another that is not too different from the S hook. If you are passionate or drawn to the water, then this particular accessory might interest you.


Classic-pendant-on-a-floral-backgroundThe slide lock is particularly designed to accommodate multi-strand necklaces. Should you ever with to try multi-strand chokers, this is what you will be dealing with. They seem scary in the beginning and there are many people who want to run away from them, but slide locks are actually pretty nice once you get the hang of them. Plus the necklaces they come with are a great investment. Barrel clasps are, in fact, some of the most comfortable among the not so spectacular ones. Just like the screw clasps, barrels work in the same way, only that they come with a more refined design. They are in fact a very good addition to a wheat chain. The most complicated of necklace clasp types are, after the spring ring, the button clasps.


They are not exactly complicated, but the sensation that they offer is one of struggle and applying pressure to something that does not necessarily need it. Button toggles come with a cord loop and a special set of matched buttons. If you want to close it, you need to loop the chord around the other button. The snap and button kind are exactly what the name suggest. Snap them. Wear them. They are a low-profile clasp and shall forever go unnoticed. Now we are going to share something fascinating about clasps and fashion with you. Your perception of fashion is correct, no matter how you consider it, but there are certain fashion variables and characteristics that cannot be overlooked. One such characteristic is power. Fashion does not only represent beauty, grace and looks. Fashion is about power and how you feel. The part about how others view you represent a small fraction of what fashion actually is. Power comes from how you feel and how you dress and clasps have an extraordinary role in how you experience power. Notice that apart from the first clasps in your top 5, all the others involve twisting and pulling. The twists and pulls excite certain power points in your body. The best power point to play with, when your hands are involved, is the flexor carpi radialis, the muscle covering the middle part of your radial bone.


Brown-emeralds-pendant Twisting is an essential part of putting on a necklace, not to mention that you will most likely stand straight when you put it on and you will feel the same sensation of power in your back. If you have yet to experience these feelings, it’s high time you did it and notice how your feel when you put an important piece of jewelry on you. It is true that clasps are meant to make an accessory shine, give it a good form and be comfortable all in one, but the true power of a clasp lies in how it makes the wearer feel. If you want to completely change your perception about them, think of clasps as a trailer to your well-tailored image. You need your inner voice to confirm it to you. “Yes, you are gorgeous and you will walk into that room and shine brighter than anyone else. And nobody can stop it.”