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Top 5 Necklaces Types We Love



Necklaces are essentials when it comes to a woman’s wardrobe and choosing the best necklace types can sometimes be a challenge. Not to worry. You might find yourself in a moment in which you do not have much inspiration. The only way to refuel your batteries is to give you some ideas and impressions about what seems to be trending at the moment. The main reasons why necklaces can be tricky is because they come in various different shapes, sizes, styles and, above everything else, with a different philosophy behind them. The necklaces we love are those which best define you. They do not have to be complicated in any way, they do not need to come with a certain price tag or with a super name written on them. They simply need to reflect your personality, what you believe in and the style that you would like to display. We are going to be talking about different stones and materials that we find particularly attractive; not just for the looks, but for the feelings they generate. Also, we are not choosing random jewels. These are ongoing trends that you can use to your advantage. Why give you inspiration if it is outdated inspiration, right?  



The Reign of Diamond Necklaces

Girl-is-smilingDiamond necklaces, whether bold or simplistic, are the ideal way if you want to become the night’s main attraction. They are elegant, you can match them with almost any outfit and they will surely give you an advantage over all the other ladies who do not wear diamonds (yes, this includes ladies with golden jewels as well). There are several reasons as to why this effect occurs: diamonds are being given plenty of attention by both the artisans who craft them and the people who will admire them. Their neutral color makes them an excellent addition to anything you decide to wear and they also fit well on any skin tone. Above everything else, owning a diamond necklace is a source of pride for anyone who is passionate about fashion. We are talking about fine jewelry, after all. This is why we have put together a top 5 specifically for these necklaces: so that you get a good idea of what is in trend right now and, in case you decide that something from this section is for you, you will be able to fuel both your pride and get your hands on something exquisite. Let’s begin with designer diamond necklaces. Designer necklaces are the pieces that have a beautiful, yet intricate piece carved as “the main attraction”. These designs boast on a large variety of features: you can choose interesting designs, semi-precious or precious stones that are added to the piece and even framing halos. Some of them are meant to be romantic while others are purely meant to grab one’s attention. They are excellent accessories for formal events and you can also use them as very, very special gifts. Be careful who you are gifting them to, though! Diamond necklaces which are combined with gemstones are always a pleasant sight. Color is something that both attracts and makes us happy. Some say that this combination can be a deadly charmer, so use them well. If you are not exactly sure whether these jewels are for you, we gladly recommend that you you check out Red Carpet events, anything related to fashion and celebrities, really. You will see how sought-after these combinations are.


Woman-is-looking-elegant Being bold is also a great option. Bold necklaces have something to say about you! You know that not many people attempt this style, right? Yes, we might see these people on TV but, statistically speaking, they are quite rare. A bold necklace is a sign of strength of character. This person has great taste, but is also not afraid of showing off something special and out of the ordinary. Designs that imply floral shapes and petals are only worth considering if your style is “natural”. If you really like these designs, then we advise you to not hesitate. However, if you do find it hard to decide between floral shapes and another type of necklace, it is best that you try both of them on and take your pick. There is one specific reason as to why we are hesitant with florals: it’s because they can easily fall into the cliché zone. If someone is ever uncertain about anything, they will most likely go for florals. And you really do not want to look like the rest of the people in the room now, do you? The last diamond necklace style that is worth approaching is the minimalistic style. Amongst all the necklace types, these are the ones that are least risky. You will not fall into the cliché zone with these, they are quite cost-efficient and they are viewed by most people as a stylish and classy accessory. It’s because of the amount of modesty they bring to the table. You know that someone wearing minimalistic necklaces is not looking to steal anyone’s thunder. They simply desire to be beautiful.  



Golden Necklaces

Girl-is-near-a-forestGolden necklaces are always going to be looked up to. The fact that it is a metal that needs to be carefully attended to makes it one of the most precious things in the world. We actually do not see any metal overtaking this beauty, especially given the fact that it comes with great responsibility, let alone the price. Although diamonds are perceived, by the general public, as more precious than gold itself, we would like to speak about some interesting necklace types that are timeless and that will always look good on you. The first of these types is the name tag. The name tag, albeit one of the most common designs when it comes to necklaces, comes with a very distinct feature: the value is not necessarily established by the metal, but by the name. Having your name on your chest is a very brave and personal detail about you. Even though we share our names on a regular basis, we have to understand that our names are quite intimate. Highlighting them via a golden necklace is something that is truly special. Two other golden necklaces that we would love to highlight are the T Tahari Signature and the Rose Quartz & Created White Sapphire Pendant. Both necklaces come with very distinct features, yet we would even dare to say that they are must-haves in anyone’s collection. Tahari is a pendant that stands out for its small and delicate crystal. The chain is rather large, stands out quite well, but the crystal adds the finishing touch of modesty. Simply beautiful. The Rose Quartz & Created White Sapphire Pendant, on the other hand, is a little larger, but the teardrop effect is simply beautiful. Teardrop designs always look well on a woman’s chest and it would be a mistake not to at least give this necklace a good look before making your final decision. We guarantee that you are not going to be wasting your time.  



The Best of the Best

Girl-has-a-white-shirt Let’s see, we talked about diamond necklaces and golden necklaces, in the end. We still have three more types that we need to cover, right? Let’s look at some of the coolest necklaces in the world, then. We are very aware that the Incomparable and the Heart of the Ocean are the two most recognized necklaces on earth, but we would like to take a look at the ones which we personally consider out of this world. Let’s start with the Heart of the Kingdom. The Heart of the Kingdom is, in fact, both a necklace and a tiara. The 40 carat ruby with which the necklace is decorated is actually a Burmese ruby, very valuable and very rare. Even though we are talking about a 155 carat necklace, the most awesome feature about this necklace is the ruby’s color. You can really feel the love and the desire to rule in this one. Next up we have the Briolette Diamond Necklace. What is exquisite about this jewel is its simplicity. In general people would wonder about what makes this necklace so special, but this jewel does not have the same effect on you as any other would. The crafter’s purity was literally poured into this masterpiece and denying this would be a grave mistake. Even though the Briolette does not even come close to other expensive necklaces’ prices, some argue that this is, in fact, the most beautiful jewel in the world. Lastly, we simply have to commend the Zip necklace. Really, hands down for Van Cleef and Arpels for creating this masterpiece. Seriously, who in the world would have ever thought to create a necklace and a bracelet at the same time? And adorn them with baguette and round diamonds? Priceless! This is by far one of the best inventions fashion has even witnessed. These are all the necklace types that we simply do not see the world spinning without.