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Top 5 Neckles for Women

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It’s time to be a little more specific. We have talked about how to look for the actual best neckles for women in our previous guide, but now you want to witness the top 5, the best of the best. Deciding on such a broad subject is never an easy task, so we decided that we should distribute the top 5 on different “layers”. In short, we are going to have a few top 5s from you to choose from. Limiting the best necklaces to only 5 pieces is not hard; it is simply wrong. We have always been pioneers of diversity and beauty. Beauty does not expand if inhibited. It only loses its grace.


First of all, we will be talking about the top 5 cost-efficient necklaces. These are the ones that anybody can purchase for fair prices and they offer great beauty and grace for the price that they are coming with. The next step is looking at the top most desired necklaces out there, those extraordinary pieces that almost no one can get their hands on. As for a final conclusion, we simply cannot take the decision away from you. A top 5 is never meant to just point out the best jewels and leave you with a concrete impression that there is nothing else out there. It is meant to give you a broader perspective in terms of what you might desire. Now, without further delay, let us take a deep dive into this fascinating world.  



Top 5 Cost-Efficient Necklaces

Girl-with-sports-clothesThe neckles for women that you will find in this section are all available on eBay and they literally rock! On a very serious note, we never expected to find such beauties for such convenient prices. As long as you can afford it, know that there is no specific order for these fantastic accessories. Should you desire, you can have them all added to your collection. You would only do yourself a favor, really. There are many women out there who usually have 3 to 4 necklaces and do not know what other designs to rely on, they have no idea what else to buy and how to expand their jewelry box in a convenient way. These are the necklaces that you want. The Daisy Necklace, available for the price of $10, is simply fascinating for its design. Simplistic, beautiful and available in different colors, this necklace is excellent for a regular day out or even a picnic.


What is also very convenient is that it is not the sort of jewel that can be worn in spring only. It’s very accessible and worthy of anyone’s attention. It has also been in the spotlight for a very long period of time. Even if it made its grand entrance on eBay 2 years ago, the Daisy Necklace still finds itself amongst the most popular purchases to this day. The Crystal Necklace takes our second spot and you will immediately see why: it costs 4.50$. This is huge for the design that it has to offer. With plenty of floral decorations around the neck bone and some angel wings on the sides, the Crystal Necklace is definitely a must-buy. What is also cool is that you can easily choose to gift one such accessory to any close friend. Think about it: it looks great, it is durable, it looks quite fancy, so maybe it is not going to be worn at any type of event and it does not even cost 5$. It is way above ideal and, if you give it with love it, you are definitely going to make someone happy.


Girl-holds-the-necklace-in-her-mouth The Pastels Galore Necklace is somewhat similar to the Crystal Necklace. However, you ca easily spot the difference in the stones that are being used and the length which is considerably smaller. This necklace is the right thing for any woman whose inner child is still playing around gracefully. Do not let this one out of sight at any cost. It is also valued at approximately 4$, so there is practically no reason for you not to love it. Coming in strong at number four is the Pale Yellow Necklace. This is a great piece because it literally looks like rose gold, not to mention that it is so carefully crafted and looks good enough to even fool those who are not initiated in the art of fashion. But it’s not about fooling people, of course, it’s all about getting the best look that you can get. The necklace is available for the price of 4.50$, so you had better get your hands on one before everyone else does. It’s chick, it’s fun, it’s attractive. What are you waiting for? Lastly, we would like to talk about the Blue Gems Necklace. Interestingly enough, gems are not blue, but turquoise-ish, yet they are super attractive and can be easily adjusted to almost any outfit or wardrobe style. They, too, can pride themselves with longevity since they remain amongst the top summer picks for two years in a row. And they are cute! Seriously, these are some of the cutest neckles for women that you have ever seen.  



The Top 5 High End Necklaces

Woman-with-an-elegant-hairThis is where the competition gets rough. Not only are we talking about the greatest quality in the world, but about hardcore prices that few fashion enthusiast would dare touch. Needless to say, these are the top necklaces in the world and if you ever, ever find yourself even in the presence of one such jewel, you can consider yourself extremely lucky. L’Incomparable is the most renowned necklace in the world. It is valued at around 55 million dollars. The Gemological Institute of America declared its stone to be “the largest internally flawless diamond” in the world. Needless to say, people would steal this thing and disappear completely. Sell it to the right bidder and you could buy your own island and live there for the rest of your life. No one would know anything about you.


The Heart of the Ocean is most known for Kate Winslet’s performance in Titanic. She wore a replica of the jewel, which was indeed quite fabulous. It is said that the replica alone costs around 10 thousand dollars, but the actual jewel’s value is estimated somewhere around 20 million dollars. The Heart of the ocean is simply astonishing, giving its wearer the impression that they are actually somewhere, on the bottom of the sea, living peacefully among the fishes. This, too, is a jewel that many would just love to get their hands on. And another heart takes the number three spot: the Heart of the Kingdom. Estimated at around 14 million dollars, it is quite surprising that this jewel does not value more in the world’s eyes. We are talking about a Burmese Ruby set in diamonds. And should we mention the attention to detail that this jewel has received when crafted? It is really fascinating to behold what a human hand can achieve if it desires to depict love in the utmost beautiful ways.


Girl-with-beautiful-clothes Next up we have the Briolette Diamond Necklace. The best way to describe this necklace is for what it is: a tear on the chest. It’s quite mesmerizing to behold and its simplicity seems to work wonders for any woman lucky enough to wear it. Its value is estimated around 11 million dollars, but we would definitely give it much, much more. This is the classic example of how to get things done in the right, simple way. William Goldberg, the genius behind the design, crafted this exquisite jewel for 6 months. It looks like his patience was well worth it. Finally, we would like to mention the Zip Necklace. There are plenty of other necklaces that value much above this piece, but its design is exceptional. As you might have guessed, we are actually talking about a zip. You can zip it up and wrap it around your hard as a bracelet or you can decide its length by how much you decide to unzip. Compared to all the other pieces, this one can be viewed as “quite accessible”: only 1.2 million dollars.  



Your Decision

Woman-with-red-dress You have seen the top cost-efficient and the top of the top. This is the moment when you form an impression and decide which your top 5 necklaces are, in fact. They do not have to be in a particular order and it does not matter if you mix the top quality ones with the accessible ones. Our purpose was to give you all the freedom you need to decide what you like most. It is also important to also keep in mind that there is actually no top necklace that you should wear or that you should not. Everything comes down to preference. If you like L’Incomparable, you will surely be able to find convincing replicas to suit your needs. At the same time, if you like the Blue Gems Necklace you can always purchase a few of them with different colors so that you can have variety in your jewelry box. Either way, you have all the freedom you need to find your style.


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