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Top 5 Reasons You Don't Want to Be Famous


Alright, we can think of about every reason why you would like to stay in front of an audience and bathe in your own glory, but are there reasons why you do not want to be famous? Surely. There are a ton of those, in fact. But why would you think about those? In the end, we are talking a ton of money, your name on every magazine, poster and TV in the whole wide world and, above everything else, comfort. Everybody wants to end up working where they desire, or not work at all for that matter. Who would call modelling, acting, anything famous as work? Well, this is where you might get it wrong. You see, the trickiest thing about fame is that everyone only sees the little things: people look good, they smile a lot, they have money, they drive nice cars and everyone loves them.


But this is only 1% of what fame actually means. There is a lot of work behind the curtains, more than you could ever imagine. There is discipline, there is a certain work ethic and you even need to know what you are spending your money on. There is also a great lack of privacy that literally has no justified meaning. Paparazzi have been around for such a long time that we are not even sure if people want to know what celebrities are doing or not anymore. But whether they to or not, news about celebrities always catches up with the people and they eventually start talking. But this is a top 5 “I don’t want to be rich” guide, so it’s time we cut to the chase and specifically talk about what is hard when you are famous. You might not expect some of these things, so we suggest you lay back and thin these things through.  



You Actually Need Financial Education

Girl-is-happyMost people in the world do not even know about financial education. What do we know about money? “Go to school, get a job, pay your taxes and try to live well.” That’s what our parents have been teaching us for generations, right? On top of everything, you should also try and save as much money as you can. In case you did not already know, this way of thinking is not something that can get your famous. And it is also one of the reasons why you do not want to be popular. Financial education is all about sitting down and putting all your costs on a paper. See what you need, what you don’t, what you should stop spending money on and why. The large majority do not do that and they do not even want to do that. Why? We were raised as consumers. Want more, buy more and have more. This practically translates into spending money. If the average person took a second and studied financial education they would quickly realize that getting rich is not actually that hard to do. It just requires practical thinking and a good work ethic.


But instead of sitting down and studying their finances, people prefer to buy a new house on rent, get a new iPhone and pay some extra cash for their monthly plans, and get a car. At the end of the month they are broke, tired of working so much and they are waiting for their next paycheck. Celebrities do not to that. They actually start by knowing that money is an illusion and they are very aware that they should always spend money on what they need and not what they want. We all want everything. But if you settle for what you actually need to survive with in the beginning, you will discover how to build your career in the right way, generate money and not buy everything over time (which, by the way, costs a lot more). They buy everything with cash so that they can actually save. So how does it sound like? It sounds good, but the truth is that you have to change your entire set of beliefs if you want to become famous and rich, something that is very hard and definitely not for everyone.



You Must Understand That Opinions Do Not Matter

Woman-wears-a-long-black-dress This one is a slippery slope as well and it is definitely one of, if not the most, important thing that fame teaches you. People talk. They talk if you are a famous person and they talk if you are a nobody. People need to talk because it makes them feel good. You need to know that, if you are going to become famous, people will talk about how bad what you do is and that they know better. It’s funny when you think about it because you are famous. You are definitely doing something better than what they are. You are better, you learned some things. But they still think that they know better. People talk about nobodies too. What is even more hilarious is that they think the same thing about people beneath them. They are a lot better than them, they know better, they are doing something better. But if you stop for a second and think about it, they are nobodies as well. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that the world is divided into celebrities and nobodies. What we are actually trying to point out is that opinions do not have any impact on reality whatsoever. The fact that nobody trusts you their belief that you cannot make it is only a reflection of their fear. They think they can’t do it. It looks hard, so they don’t want to venture. But why encourage anybody else to be famous? Isn’t it better if we all enjoy the lamentation and be happy with being mediocre? No. That’s not what celebrities think. “If you don’t think I can make it that’s just you. I will move on.” This is how celebrities think. This is how they make it big. The only difference between them and you is that they decided to make it big. You can do it too. Just decide it.  



Some Trickier Things

Girl-wears-a-blue-dressOne particularly important reason why you might not want to make it big is delayed gratification. “What in the world is this thing?” This is your one way rehab ticket to fame and glory. Celebrities, successful people, everyone who you look up to believes in delayed gratification. How does it work? You start working, and you work, and you work, and nothing happens, and you work, you’re still working, nothing happens, you work, you get frustrated, you keep working, you want to quit, you keep going and then it happens. You are starting to fulfill your dreams. And you keep working. This one is crucial. Why? Because everyone, even yourself, tries something that they like, they fail and they stop doing it altogether. That’s not how you do it. You have to embrace failure. “Ok, this is getting out of hand.” Stick with us, this is another super important reason. You go to school all your life and they teach you “how to do things right”. It’s good, isn’t it? Not really. You don’t know how to fail. You are afraid of failure and you are not going to do anything new in your life because you cannot deal with it. Famous people know what failure is. They failed hard. Every success story starts with a failure. Failure has to drive you. You need to learn how to fail and fail fast. This is how you build character. This is how you become an accomplished human being. But are you ready to fail?


The last reason why you do not want to do this is because you have to become a master at emotional intelligence. Oh look! Another subject that they don’t teach us in school! We wonder why… Well, first of all because it’s hard and it’s still being researched. The point is that the world we live in is rarely satisfied. People do not like going to work, they do not like being bossed around and they react to it. Every reaction from someone else creates one within us. You have to master this reaction. And this is extremely difficult. What do you do when someone shouts at you? The instinct is to shout back, right? Master not doing it. Master talking to yourself tenderly. This is what these people have done. Are you willing to learn these things? These are the top 5 reasons why you do not want to be famous. You have to truly know yourself. Curiously, the rest of the world seems to be formed of people who choose to run away from themselves. Our advice is to look at these reasons and try to reverse them. If you truly want to be famous, you need to become a master of all of these. They are hard to learn, not many people can teach you about them, but if you find your way it is totally worth it.