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Top 5 Richest People

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Did you read our Top 3 Richest People in the World guide and you are still here? This means that you are here not only after the top 5 richest people, you are here because of the money. And that is 100% normal. The majority of us are raised from childhood with the idea that being rich means that you have a lot of money. While we believe that this concept is not exactly a good and healthy one, it is completely understandable that you want to pursue this path. This is why we are going to make things a lot more interesting for you and not only explain who they are, but how they made that much money in the first place. The point is that you do not really need a guide to know who these people are.


You can Google them at any time, you can read their stories and you can understand what they are doing, but nobody ever takes the time to explain how they did it and how it works. And, to be fair, they might not even want that in the first place. There are rich people in this world who are concerned with financial education and helping other people become richer, but they all agree on one, very important detail: the large majority of rich people are not concerned for the middle class and the poor. They just show up at some charity events so that people can like them. Is it fair? No, it’s not. So we will structure this guide into two parts: who these people are and how they accumulated the large sums that they have today. If you are interested, it’s time to bring in the popcorn because it is going to be a very fancy ride.  



Who Are the Top 5?

Bill-Gates-wears-an-elegant-suitYou might have heard about some, but others might have slipped your ears. Let’s be clear about something: all these people are billionaires. Since we are looking at money only, we will be looking at the highest scores the world has ever seen. Now, before we go on, we have to mention something very important: if you are going to look at these people, you need some financial education. Why? Because most rich people are very aware that they can give guidance as to how to obtain the amounts of money, they do it for publicity. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that that piece of advice is good. The risks that you are facing are not exactly different from the ones you would have to take if you followed proper financial advice, it’s just that you should be 100% prepared to fail and know that some of these people might want you to fail. We will also teach you how to look for the right clues, but more of that later. Let’s get down to business and actually talk about who these people are. Bill Gates is, officially, the richest man in the world. His net worth is $75 billion as of March 2016 and there is a huge difference between him and the next contestant. You already know what Bill Gates did: he is the founder of Microsoft, his operating system is the most used one throughout the world and it will continue to do so for the following 10 years at least. Gates is extremely careful when it comes to the control he is gaining over the world via Windows. With every passing year, not only does Windows become more and more used, but it also gathers a ton of information about all the people using it. Let’s make things a little more interesting: do you think Bill Gates owns an IT company? For some, that might be true, but the truth is that Gates owns a personal information gathering company. He can know everything he wants to know about anyone at any time.


Amancio-Ortega-wears-a-black-suit Amancio Ortega might be one of the people who skipped by your ears. He is the founder of the Inditex group. If that still doesn’t ring a bell, Zara will. Ortega owns Zara, Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Stradivarius, Bershka and all the other subsidiaries that you might have heard of. In short, this man is at the top of the clothing chain. He practically owns every piece of clothing you might be wearing, at least if you are an Inditex fan. The best part about it? Nobody knows too much about him. And if you did not know about him then you now know how that feels. Isn’t it fantastic how the youngest child of one family who learnt how to make clothes by hand eventually ended up as one of the top five richest people in the world? I might be as fantastic as it is terrifying. Next up we have Warren Buffet. You might know Buffet because of his smarts when it comes to value investing and because he is quite a modest man for the amount of wealth he has. However, he is not very frank about how he makes money work. In fact, he has recommended many times that people should invest in some of his actions because they are “safe”. In the world of business, safe is the alarm word. When someone tells you to invest in something because it is safe, you automatically know that you should not do it. Safe is a word which investors use to blackmail employees. Safety is a very important value for employees, so whenever they will hear the word they will pile up and throw their money at it. People’s profit equals almost 0. Buffet’s profit skyrockets. The 4th and 5th places are occupied by Carlos Slim Helu and Jeff Bezos. The former is worth $50 billion while the latter is worth approximately $46 billion. They are both huge magnates who have an empire at their backs and Helu has actually been ranked the richest man in the world between 2010 and 2013. In the end, it does not even matter who what owns anymore because we are about to get to the interesting part.  


How Did They Do It?

Carlos-Slim-Helu-has-a-blue-tieThere is only one word that these people understand to its fullest potential: networking. The only reason why these people are rich is because they understand how networks work and how they should be using them. This is everything you need to know. We know, shocking isn’t it? The key to owning a world is understanding a word? Precisely. And we will also tell you why this is so important. Networks, by default, mean that more people are working within the same period of time towards a bigger goal. Let’s take the most obvious example: Amancio Ortega owns a lot of super popular clothing brands that you might be wearing right now. Notice that he does not own Zara! He owns more of them! Every step he has ever made from the moment he learnt how to make clothes has led up to him creating a network. Another proper example is Thomas Edison. We all know that he invented the light bulb, right? Well, that’s wrong. He was not the first man to invent it. It’s just that he figured out the right way to make it work. How did he do it? Well, Edison was a businessman ever since he was a child. He worked in a shop, learnt how to sell, he even employed other children to work with him and… he learnt the Morse code. We know what you’re thinking: “what does all of this have to do with inventing the light bulb?” The answer is right in front of you: he learnt that there needed to be a network that could make it work. That’s why Edison will always be remembered and that’s how he became rich. God knows why they don’t teach us these things in school and we are just being told half truths.  



What You Need to Remember

Jeff-Bezos-is-laughing These people’s names are somewhat irrelevant. You can look at each and every one of them and try to see if you are going to spot something. But we will tell you what you are going to see: play it safe, work hard, get a job, work for me and all those kinds of things. These people are not interested in making you rich. They are only interested in having a stronger working hand which they can pay an average salary and get their new networks up and running. So what you do need to remember is that you absolutely have to know how networks work and how to put them together yourself. Who knows? Maybe you will someday end up between the top five richest people in the world. We know, it’s a little bit of a long shot, but nobody says that you cannot do it. IF they do, you should know that you are not in the right company. So, instead of working hard, getting a job and settling for something little, why not work smarter, create your own business and and dream big?


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