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Top 5 Types of Necklace Chain Lengths

If we want to talk about necklace chain lengths, we need to first be aware of each style for each sex. You are probably here trying to find out what necklace would best fit you and why. The good news is that women have a variety of lengths to choose from, so we will try to cover each style with proper argumentations and examples. The funny news is that men only have four necklace lengths, so they will get a top four and an extra space for the taking. So let us make a quick introduction into necklace chain lengths for both men and women.


Let’s start with the simple things. As mentioned before, men only have four necklace lengths. We will start with the 20 inch necklace simply because this is the most common length chosen by men. The 20 inch is supposed to reach your collarbone and you can consider it a rather playful style. Depending on the size of shirt you are wearing, this accessory can be both secluded and exposed at the same time. There are practically two ways you can play with this necklace: you either add an interesting symbol to it, or you can focus on the chain completely. Just for general knowledge, the chain is always more important that the actual symbol you are wearing, but fashion is, in the end, something about self-expression.


And what is a better way to express yourself than being a little playful? Long-silver-chainThen there is the 18 inch necklace, which sits just at the base of your neck, ideal for the crew neck shirt. The reason why the 18 inch falls on second place is purely because of choice. A lot more men go for the 20 inch instead of the 18 one, but this does not mean that the former is not just as stylish as the latter. Since this is the shortest type of necklace, you will want to match it with the rest of your outfit in such way that will either attract eyes on it or your clothes. The third place is occupied by the 22 inch necklaces. When 22 inch necklaces come to mind, they are mostly chains, with very few exceptions. Do not be fooled by the first thought that chains should be the usual bling-blings that you see on TV. Chains are meant to be simple and elegant. They are not supposed to make people turn around and look after you, but merely add to the beauty of your outfit. Certainly, you can imagine people with huge chains on their necks trying to look all cool and important, but imagine it only for the fun that it involves. Remember to looks classy, not funny. And finally, the 24 inch necklaces: these are mostly religious pendants. This length ensures that whatever you are wearing goes deep underneath your shirt.


Located somewhere in between taboo and complete discretion, these lengths have the purpose of keeping things intimate. Let’s just say that if you are hanging out at a bar looking for some company you do not want people to first notice your faith, do you? It would also be wise of you to take interest in necklace styles and chain materials for men. This way you can figure your own preferences when it comes to necklace lengths. Chokers, for instance, mostly fall in the 18 inch length while the 20 inch involves certain chains, dog tags and pendants. The 24 inch always remains religious, so to speak. When it comes to chain material, do not get sloppy. Keep things interesting by choosing materials such as silver, gold or platinum. As previously mentioned, the chain is the most important part of your necklace. The symbol can be anything, literally anything. But the chain is a key part in your necklace and you should keep it that way.


Silver-watch-pendant And now that we sorted out the men, it is time to focus on women. With a wider arsenal at their disposal, women have access to necklace lengths from 14 inches up to 36. While it is important to note that all lengths make women look divine, our top 5 necklace chain lengths obviously forces us to pick the best of the best. It is also worth mentioning that even if your desired length does not make it in the top, you are beautiful because you chose to non-top and feel beautiful with it. At number one we have the 18 inch necklaces for the same reason as men’s number one: this is the most worn length by women all around the world. It is also called the princess, for obvious reasons. The 18 inch will always fall on your collarbone, just below your throat. This length literally goes with anything: any piece of your wardrobe that you want to wear, any color and any environment. Things do get a little interesting when you start thinking about your face shape, neck shape and your skin tone, but these are all the little things that we will settle in due time.


We would like to award second place to the choker. This is the 14 inch length and the smallest one. Ladies, a word of advice: if you are wearing short hair, are attending a ball and wearing a superb dress, pearl chokers and pearl earrings will suffice to have the entire room drooling. There is literally nothing that can stand in the way of a woman wearing a choker. We can try to describe it as best as we can: sublime, divine, exquisite, but the truth is that humanity has failed to invent a word that could perfectly describe such beauty. Next up we have the collar. This is the 16 inch, just as playful as men’s average length only that it does not have much to do with the symbol as much as it has to with the shape of your body. The 16 inch necklace will behave like a princess if you are a petite and if you are plus sized it might as well behave like a choker. Choose your sexiness wisely. Fourth place is taken by the rope (or the lariat), the longest of lengths. The name is quite self-explanatory. This style can be perfectly worn during a social meeting. The greater the scale the better, especially since this length plays with everyone’s mind. The rope is long, quite formal, but extremely sexy, flirty and it cannot fail. It is often said that men rule the world, but when men stop anything they are doing just to look after a woman, you know exactly who it is that rules the world.


Golden-necklace-with-emeraldsLast but not least, we will look upon the opera. The style is quite similar to the rope, only that it is shorter. While it does maintain similar characteristics to the rope, the opera’s secret role is to narrow the area that focuses on the center of your body. Feel free to experiment outside formal events with this size as it can provide plenty of interesting and sexy experiences during a normal day out or a picnic. Now let’s talk about the little things: body shape, skin tone and the clothes that you are wearing. Necklaces are flexible accessories by default, but if you do not take all the above variables into account you might not succeed in either attracting attention or feeling 100% beautiful. So we will take you through all the necklace basics you need to know when adjusting. First of all, you need to know what type of necklace you are going to use. Is it going to be silver? Handmade? Perhaps you would like to go with pearls or golden ones? Let’s keep things simple: pearls never fail. Ever.


Pearls are perhaps the easiest way you can craft your image elegantly. They are associated with happiness, so any celebration will do. They work well on any skin tone and you can match them with anything. You can also feel free to wear them at work or at a picnic, but make sure that pearl sizes at work are not too big. The key to wearing pearls is also wearing a great attitude. Golden necklaces are perhaps the hardest to match since if you do not have a warm skin tone. Brown, green, apricot or turquoise are also good colors to match gold with. What is always important to remember that the golden necklace chain cannot be too big. If you have two or more golden chains you can wear them confidently. That works like a charm. As for handmade and silver, these two work on absolutely any occasion, although handmade is socially associated with a very young “go out a lot” style. What you need to know about silver is that you simply cannot ever match it with gold no matter the circumstances. The outfit looks “too full”. Silver works with dark colors, egg-shell, whites and an extra bracelet. Be discrete, keeping it casual with silver is always the way to go. And now that we have equipped both men and women with the knowledge, there is one more thing that you need to do: go out there and shine!

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