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Top 5 Watch Types for Women

There is no denying it. A woman is not only brightened by the addition of a tender accessory, but there is that “something” about a beautiful and gentle hand wearing a watch. Today’s subject is all about grace and we are going to look at the top 5 watch types for women and what are the watches that you should be keeping your eyes open for in 2016.There is a common misconception about watches in general. Whenever someone thinks about watches they automatically think about men, as if watches were specifically designed for them only, but there is something extraordinary about a woman wearing a watch. No matter if it is attached to her hand or within a necklace, a watch on a woman exudes grace and beauty.


The watch types are easy to comprehend and, even though we are doing a top 5, you should always keep in mind that what you desire most is the actual number one. As long as a watch type fits your style, budget and makes you happy, then that is the watch you want to go for without any exception. So let us begin with an introduction to types of watches. The 5 types of watches are as follows: leather, rose tone, stainless steel, gold tone and mechanical. The descriptions are quite self-explanatory, but in order for us to make sure that everything is clear we are going to make a summary for each of them. Girl-having-a-leather-watchLeather watches are most common among women.They are very comfortable, discreet and can fit into any wardrobe provided that colors match. They are affordable and can be used for any occasion be it formal or informal. The rose tone serves almost the same purposes as the leather watch, only that it depends on whether you want to wear it with a metal or a leather bracelet. 



Rose exudes a cute look, works well with brighter skin tones and can also be quite attractive should you use it with a metal bracelet in a formal situation. It obviously works well with whites, reds, pinks, but if you find anything that suits you well and makes you comfortable, feel free to experiment. Stainless steel is the cold, formal only type. You usually go for a metal bracelet with these and, even though you can go for leather, this type’s main characteristic is simplicity. Metal simply works well here. When you think gold tone, you think golden frames. Leather bracelets work exceptionally well with this watch type and they will flatter you if you have a warm skin tone. And if your wardrobe contains colors like brown, green, turquoise or apricot, gold tone watches are just for you. A good recommendation is to keep a simple, golden leather bracelet with this kind of watch and you will look absolutely gorgeous.


Finally we have the mechanical watches. These accessories take a lot of time to be carefully placed together. Every gear needs to be perfectly placed and that is not easy to achieve. The result is worthwhile, however. When your eyes behold a beautiful mechanical piece and follow all its movements it is quite difficult to contain yourself. It is as if you are watching an entire universe congested into 30mm. Great for formal wear, but if you want to show off you should do it. It is totally worth it. The beauty of the 5 types of watches is that they intertwine. Even if they are 5 different styles, you can always mix them and obtain a different type. There is nothing wrong with having a golden metal bracelet with your gold tone and there are plenty mechanical watches which work well with leather bracelets as well.


This is the point where things get interesting. Fashion-girl-with-watch What else would you like with your watch style? Silver? Gold? Perhaps some precious stones? Or maybe you would like some diamonds inside. Everything is possible. The truth is that the best type is the type that makes your imagination run wild. And there are some watches out there which can do just that. Luis Monet’s Meteoris, for instance, are 4 watches which contain rocks found only on the moon. Hublot’s Big Bang also stands out because it is made of diamonds, 1280 diamonds to be exact, and it took one year to assemble. But let us look at some watches that are more than likely to please your eyes and hearts. These are the 5 watches that practically dictate 2016’s style and we have to warn you that when you Google them your soul might just start drooling.


And there is a little bonus as well. First off we have Chopard’s 35mm Esprit de Fleurier Peony. With mother-of-pearl forms engraved on this piece’s front and the extra gold that forms the peony flower, the Esprit de Fleurer Peony is simply remarcable. But it does not stop there. What is more astonishing than a watch on a woman’s hand is the quality of the watch. Should you turn this piece around you will behold its true value: an automatic movement with rose gold bridges. This is not eye candy. This is soul food. Next on our list is the Breguet La Tradition Dame Reference 7038. A breathtaking combination of silver and red, this 37mm’s strong point is given by its 68 diamonds which give both a technical and graceful look. Is it still necessary to mention that this one also has automatic movement? A watch that simply stands out is Fabergé’s Dalliance Lady Levity. Its designed is called “the man in the moon”  and it was the result of a never before performed technique : printing platinum on a domed sapphire crystal.


Finally, the crystal was integrated by white mother of pearl. The sun and moon designs are also fascinating and it would be wise to say that the watchmaker who designed this beauty poured all his feelings into it. Girl-with-a-fashion-watchBulgari’s Serpenti Incantati is a watch that challenges the imagination. Not only does the design represent Bulgari’s snake, but one could imagine how its shape represents a woman holding her right hand over the left, where the watch should be placed. The same conclusion can be drawn from the term “Incantati” which is the Italian term for “enchanting”. Finally we have De Grisogono’s Retro Lady. A rather interesting design, catchy, trendy and flashy. The watch is extremely comfortable and its gemstones make it impossible not to witness its beauty. Also powered by automatic movement, this piece is also something that you should be paying attention to. Fiona Kruger’s Petite Skull is our little surprise addition because of how particular it is. The beautiful design is quite fitting for a woman’s hand, not to mention that the concept of time and mortality is astonishing. The watch’s leather bracelet also gives an interesting vybe to it and it would have been a mistake not to take this watch into consideration.


While these are among 2016’s most desired, there are plenty of other watches you might want to look into such as Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe, Breguet’s Héritage Phase de Lune and Bulgari Bulgary. We should mention that this last piece is promoted as an accessory for men, yet it is impossible not to see that this beauty would fit well on a woman’s hand. And now that we have gone through both general styles and most appreciated watches, let us try and synthesize what the ideal watch types for women would actually be. It appears to be commonly agreed upon that the size for a top watch for women should find itself in between 36 to 42mm, quite interesting since it is not very far away from what men consider to be the ideal size. Although men’s watches sometimes have the tendency to towards 50mm, there are plenty of watch enthuziasts who consider that the average size for men should fit within the same category.



 There is great focus on diamonds, floral shapes and gold when it comes to aestethics and there is also great pride in mechanical watches. This demonstrates that the best types of watches do not only focus on exceptional looks, but on precision and longevivity. Even though technology is moving forward, there seems to be great interes towards the old craft: a watch made with effort and passion will always surpass the need for technology. There also seems to be some phylosophy behind the craft. Relating time to flowers, mortality, diamonds or gold is something that every enthusiast thinks about indirectly. Next time you want to get close to a watch that you like, check out if it fits the way you think about time or life in general. It should prove to be an interesting experiment. Apart from adding to a woman’s beauty, watches require little to no adjustment, precision and, perhaps most importantly, a human touch. There is nothing more enchanting  than something mechanical which can work fully based off human desire. This is, perhaps, the ideal way to describe the best watches for women: stunning, precise, beautiful, graceful, careful. Alive.

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