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Top Fashion Brands That Fit Your Pocket

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Yes, that’s right. We are actively looking for fashion brands that are accessible for anyone. Surprised? Don’t be. The majority of people in the world are looking for safety, inexpensive things and to have as much money as possible. While we usually advise against that and we suggest that you consider a more hands-on approach, we do understand the need for brands that will enable you buy inexpensive or cost efficient products that will keep you glamorous and satisfied. We all want them.


The perfect clothes and jewels that do not tear us apart and which make us look good. The only difficult thing to do is actually find them. This might occur because of several reasons. One of them is that you might not be an internet bookworm. That’s right. If you are here right now it means that you might fall into this category. We cannot guarantee it 100%, but we will let you know why we take this into consideration. You can literally find anything you want on the internet today. You just have to Google “cheap fashion brands” and you are there. Give it a little bit of time, do some research and you will quickly see that everything you seek is right in front of you.


The second reason why you might have an issue with such brands is because you are unaware of the fact that you are looking for a niche one. What does this mean? It means that you want something that is inexpensive, makes you look great and the brand name is also pretty strong. You can boast with it and you can tell all your friends about it. We usually like to joke about it and call it indirect snobbism. It’s not bad at all. In fact, we all want it. The only issue is that you are most likely not going to get it because you have to sacrifice one of these three for the sake of the other two. But maybe there are such brands and we haven’t figured it out yet. Anything is possible. This is why we suggest that you carefully study the issue. You can always find something that can catch your attention.  



Why Zara Is the Number One Affordable Brand In the World

Girl-has-elegant-clothesYes. You read that right. If you are shopping on a budget, you should go directly to Zara. This is one of the best places you could end up in. Clothes here look very good and they are 100% cost efficient. Not many people take it too seriously for some reason, but you would be fascinated to see the cultural difference between the UK and Eastern European countries, for instance. If you say something about Zara here people kind of lose their interest quickly. If you say something about Zara there people start going wild. You’d think it’s odd, but the truth is that it fits the standard rule that everyone needs to look after if they want to look good: “flatter the important things and keep the other things casual”. Zara could always pride itself on cost-efficient items which are quite good-looking. Its main issue is that people consider it cheap. We understand that it can be seen in that way because of its low prices, but these are actually good-quality clothing pieces. Whatever you do, do not rely on people’s opinions when it comes to this one. Be cool about it, give it a go and you will see that you won’t regret it. Oh and, by the way, make sure that you stick to your budget. If there is one thing Zara is really good at is that it indirectly forces you to buy more. It’s addicting, really. You might say that you are under control now but wait until you get the taste of it.



Is Topman Better Than H&M?

Woman-wears-a-red-elegant-shirt If you are not in the fashion industry or you have no particular interest in it you might not be familiar with this question, but you can find it on any fashion beginner’s lips. So, why is Topman better than H&M? It’s because you can find more love for detail and technology there than you do at H&M. Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying that H&M is bad. It’s just that it has a different approach to mass marketing. The English roots give it a great advantage over other brands, yet it is till perceived around the same position as Zara. Some say that it’s a rip-off, some are quite pleased, but the bottom line is that Topman was always able to provide cutting-edge clothes, fashionable shirts and skinny jeans, everything that is in trend. It is a trustworthy brand that rarely aims off-target. Just like with Zara, you will want to check this one out for yourself. Relying on people’s opinions is usually a lot riskier than making your own mistakes. Most of us fail to realize that, but if you decide that something is worth trying you will gain more valuable information than any other opinion can give you. We know it sounds a little bit counter intuitive, but if you do give it a shot you will understand how important one such experience can be for you.  



Everlane, ASOS and Uniqlo

Woman-has-black-hairAnother three brands that people run away from. Why? We are not exactly sure. ASOS is really known by everyone, so the question of snobbism is risen in this particular case. Maybe people just want something from somewhere else. It’s paradoxical. If everyone is buying things from ASOS they are clearly doing it for a reason, right? The usual reason is low income, so customers start overthinking. “If everyone buys things from here it means that only poor people buy from here.” “I will not buy things that look like everyone else’s.” That’s good. But it’s also wrong at the same time. If everyone buy things from ASOS you should know that there might be good prices there. So you might as well check it out. But do not buy the things that are most wanted or anything like that. Wait patiently for the moment when things start dropping out of the mainstream. Their prices will drop even lower and you are also going to look unique. At the same time, do not be too snobby about it. Some things become popular for greater reasons than money. Everlane is, surprisingly, one of the most affordable brands in the world considering the fact that most of the production occurs in America. You would think that the majority of these clothes would cost a fortune due to production costs, but that is not the case. Their business model is excellent and completely transparent. You know ahead of time how much money everything is going to cost, you have guaranteed satisfaction and you are also comfortable with the idea that things are going to look great. The company has gained popularity in the market fast ever since it was founded back in 2010. Let’s think about it: young, professional, trustworthy and transparent? What is it about it that you would not like? The main reason why this one is under the radar is because of the fact that it is young. It is extremely difficult for a young producer to compete with the titans these days, but this is a classic example of how you can dream big and make things happen. Everlane is definitely a shop that you should have o your favorite list.



Woman-wears-a-black-dress Lastly, Uniqlo is widely known for simplicity. It’s a highly debated subject in the world of fashion. Simplicity is a great thing but… you can also do better, right? Maybe you can, but Uniqlo has chosen the former feature and it looks great. Just like Everlane, it has a rather young look about it, it is fresh and trustworthy. Best thing about them? You get excellent quality for as little as $10. Who wouldn’t want that? Do keep in mind that they are rather season-focused and this is a two-edged situation. Seasonal clothes are good to have on the spot, but they can also be a little bit expensive on release. You think about it. It’s not the equivalent of choosing a £3000 collection, definitely, but maybe you want to save a little something too. So we have 5 fashion brands. Five strong names that you can choose from. Some people avoid them, some have made it their purpose to talk badly about them, we say that you should give them a go. They are not luxurious in any way, but they are great for anyone who wants to look good and save a little money. So if this is why you are here, we warmly recommend them. Keep in mind: Zara and Topman are pretty much the same thing. Positioning is similar, products are different. ASOS is where everybody gets their things from. Use this to your advantage, Everlane and Uniqlo are the two cool kids that not many people know about, but they made a super stand. Look at them, try them, have a proper opinion. Then talk about them. Enjoy.


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