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Top Tricks for Bracelet Designs


Today’s article is going to benefit two types of readers in particular: those who are looking for a specific bracelet design and those who are interested in crafting their own jewels. Not only are we going present some really interesting ideas that you might want to try at home, but you will also be able to look and appreciate certain designs that you know are valuable. Let’s be honest: there are so many jewels out there which look the same that you sometimes wonder whether it is necessary to buy them anymore, but a trained eye will always know the difference between something that is mass produced and something someone made with love. We are going to be looking at some of the most interesting designs out there and the secrets they use to stand out in such a great way. So, without further delay, let’s have a look at the world’s greatest tricks to making and attracting with an awesome bracelet design.  



Designs & The Tricks Behind Them

Few-bracelets Coming in first, we would like to talk about the wrap bangle. This simple, yet very elegant design is something that you can do within the comfort of your house without putting in any effort at all. All you need is a couple of bangles, some jump rings, charms, scissors and some glue. The trick actually relies in the fact that this type of design is easy to make and takes little to no time to produce. The result is a bohemian pair of bracelets that will add to your gorgeous colorful look. You have all the freedom in the world when it comes to choosing charms and colors and this is definitely something that you should be looking forward to when searching for a young, stylish addition. If you are looking for something a little more statement-oriented, definitely give the paracord bracelet a go. Obviously, you need paracord for this design and what is great is that this material offers a lot of “visual mass” to your jewel. Do not understand this in the wrong way, paracord is quite light and you won’t feel it on your hand, but it is big enough to cover a large portion of your wrist. Simply decorate it with a brooch or an earring for an exceptional final touch. What’s the trick in this one, you might wonder? It’s super easy to make and it can be worn as statement jewelry. Who would have thought that you can make such a great first impression with cord and a little jewel, right? How do you make something handmade that is very discrete at the same time? You know you’d have to use a lot of colors, right? Not with a braided cuff you wouldn’t. You need a fine golden cuff, which you can purchase for very good, cost-efficient prices if you go for 10K or 14K, and some embroidery thread. You can put together a light blue crafted bracelet, connect it to the golden cuff, add 2 more very slim golden, or golden looking bracelets, one on each side, and you will have made one of the greatest designs around. The trick behind this one is combining two simple colors, such as light blue and gold, for an exquisite look.


If you want to know the trick behind this next design, we will just spill it out for you right now: it’s using something that you do not use every day. Have you ever used hex nuts? Yes, you can make quite some original pieces by using hex nuts to your advantage. Their shapes provides excellent context for them to be placed together, one by one, in any shape you desire. What is also very cool is that you do not need any sort of drawing talent to come up with a good shape. Just keep putting them together until you find something that you like. Bind them with jump rings and add a rat tail cord for hand binding. If you are not sure if these design fit your needs, at least try and look for them in local markets. They give off a cool, mechanical vibe and will add a lot to your overall image. They are modern and not many people are wearing them. They make an excellent addition to your collection. Are there any bracelet designs for the geeky type out there too? You bet! Morse code might be just the thing you are looking for. The trick here is that, well, you do not really need to know Morse code to make a good bracelet of this sort. As long as you have good color sense, anything will work out just fine. However, actually knowing Morse code could be a big plus for you. That’s going full geek, all the way. And no, we do not judge that. We actually think that it’s really, really cool!


Bracelet-with-precious-stonesAlright, you have probably heard about the finger fishtail design. It’s quite simplistic: differently colored fishtails pointing in the same direction over and over again. Main advantage: can be adjusted to both formal and informal events. Drawback: you will need other jewels that easily match with it because having a fishtail alone is a little too simplistic. At least that’s what we think. You could settle for fishtail only if you go to the beach. But if you want to go to a picnic party you might want to add it to some gold and a bright blue dress for that final touch. The trick is to add it accordingly to whatever you are wearing, whenever you are wearing. In the end, the fishtail is a cutie. Ok, let’s try to up our game a little and look at some designs that are a little harder to make yourself, but they pay off to the max. The turquoise beaded ring bracelet is one of the finest and most elegant pieces you could ever create or get your hands on. This is a summer accessory and looks fabulous with any loose dress. Try simplistic outfits with this accessory because it will only add to your mesmerizing beauty. The process is a little difficult because you need to put some work in creating a ring, a bracelet and then connecting them each with turquoise beads. Note that pearls also work well in this design, although they can be a little more expensive to purchase at times. Patience is the key.


One really needs to take their time with this piece, but if you do not want to, look to purchase one. There is no reason for you not to. Leather bows also make for exceptional bracelet designs. This one, however, also comes with its own set of good and bad news. The good news is that they are as versatile as you can find. You can wear them as bracelets, as a brooch, on your shoes, in your hair, play with them however you want. It is impossible not to get it right. The bad news, however, is that you sort of need to know how to work with leather if you’re setting out to make such accessories. Should you need help, do not hesitate to ask someone you know for it. If not, buying is always an option. They are also quite cost efficient and, if you can buy a bracelet that can be worn in 20 other ways, it’s worth the investment. We are going to take our last look on chain designs. These get complicated if you are set on making the chain design yourself. If you only want to put rings together, on the other hand, that should be no problem. If you are the hardcore punk type, you will appreciate this style. Depending on the chain material, you want to make sure that you are wearing the bracelet accordingly, but the only metal you really want to worry about is gold, and not even that if it’s 10K.  



The Recap

Panther-bracelet Those are a lot of designs, right? Don’t worry, our article is going to be here, at your disposal, whenever you need it. We are just going to sum up all of them here so that you know exactly what to look for whenever you come back. A very important detail that you should notice is that all of these designs actually rotate around a few simple tricks: simplicity, they are really easy to make, they are easy to match with a large variety of outfits and they are great options to add to your jewelry collection whether you want to make them yourself or simply buy them. The most interesting designs are as follows: the wrap bangle, the paracord bracelet, the braided cuff, the hex nut bracelet, Morse code, finger fishtail, the turquoise beaded ring bracelet, leather bows and chain designs. The last three are a little more difficult to make on your own, but you can make miracles happen if you put a little soul into them. If not, do not be afraid to ask for help. Anyone who can will appreciate your desire to make high quality jewelry.