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Top Womens Clothing Stores In the UK

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We talked about men’s stores last week, so why shouldn’t the ladies have their share of the fun?  Now that we are talking about top womens clothing shops, we have to make it clear that the ladies have some exceptional options to choose from. The United Kingdom is actually one of the best countries you can find yourself in if you are interested in fashion. Today we are going to be looking at some of the best, most reliable shops in our country. Before we move on, we have to mention that choosing the top shops in the country is always a matter of opinion. Some shops might cater to your needs while others might not. While we always provide you with the best information that you can find, this never changes the fact that shopping, fashion and your final decisions are always based on what you like and not what others suggest. Treat these shops as a sort of guideline rather than pure truth. The only thing that is entirely true is that the shop you like most is, in fact, the best shop you can find. Now, without further delay, let us dive into the world of womens clothing shops and see what you can look forward to.  



House of Fraser

Woman-wears-a-white-skirtHouse of Fraser is by far one of the most esteemed and trustworthiest shops in England when it comes to clothing. Not only will you find top quality goods all the time, but you will notice that House of Fraser treats all their customers equally and with utmost respect. The fact that this shop offers such high quality accesories and services, that you are treated with respect, both instore and online and that you end any interaction in a positive manner makes it our top pick. We can guarantee that, if you visit House of Fraser, you will never be disappointed. There is a huge variety of clothes that you can choose from, way larger than what you would expect from a regular shop. You can choose anything starting from dresses, jackets, handbags, wardrobe essentials, all the way to the newest arrivals and women’s offers. To make the shopping experience even more satisfying, you can check out the shop’s site and witness how carefully it is crafted to suit your needs. The interface is very friendly, allowing anybody to carefully study all available options. The customer support option is also carefully structured so that you will always know exactly what challenge to access and how to solve it in case you should ever have any. You are not sure how you can pay for the purchased goods? Payment methods are always at your disposal. Have questions about delivery and collection? You will find anwers to them as well. Although it rarely happens, you can also find out how to deal with the situation of having your order misplaced. You can even look for local stores in case you want to keep the shopping experience live and exciting. All in all, if you have an issue, House of Fraser will solve it. And now for the clothes. Since there are literally hundreds of pieces and accessories that you can choose from, we are going to focus on the newest and most beautiful clothes that you can add to your collection. One of these astonishing beauties is the Ted Baker Dervla Hanging Gardens Cami Top. As you might have already noticed, it is a cami top with great features: bouquet print, adjustable straps, a great womenswear piece overall. Another breathtaking piece is the Wallis Bloom Maxi Dress. This is the ideal dress if you want to spend a night at a party. With a chick floral design and a mysterious black, this one of the dresses that you simply have to add to your wardrobe this summer. Needless to say, these are not all the features that House of Fraser can boast with, yet they are more than enough to get you spoilt and prepare you for the great shopping journey ahead.  




Girl-has-a-gorgeous-blonde-hair If you are trying to stay away from “the place everyone shops from” and want to pick something a little less known, but also with exceptional quality standards, then Zalando is just what you are looking for. Although the number of options that Zalando provides you with in terms of clothing is quite limited compared to House of Fraser, it is the atmosphere that this shop creates that really draws people in. Let’s take a look back at House of Fraser’s site and then we will move to Zalando. House of Fraser looks a little more professional, doesn’t it? The black at the top, the “since 1849” below the brand’s name, they are all indicators of professionalism and respect. These are by no means qualities that Zalando lacks, but the shop’s main focus is on creating a friendly and loving atmosphere. Take a look at the shades of green and the purple in the shop’s logo. Green, whatever shade it may come in, is a color that promotes peace of mind. Orange is a color for learning so, even if you are not aware of color significance, you still perceive that Zalando is a place you can learn from and you automatically relate to it. A clothing shop is not only about going there, seeing some clothes, buying them and leaving. It’s about having a positive experience, meeting someone who cares for your needs and showing you the way to achieve the style and confidence that you desire. Zalando is the place where you can experience this at its highest level. When it comes to women’s clothing, rest assured that you can choose from more than 42,000 products. Whether you are looking for a casual style, something comfortable to go out with, young or trending styles, you can rely on Zalando for some of the best clothes in the UK. Do take some time to at least check out their site. It would be a great pitty if you let this opportunity go to waste.  



Pretty Little Thing

Cute-girl-admires-the-flowersAlthough this is the last shop on our list it is definitely not the least appealing of all. On the contrary, if the two shops mentioned above are not what youa re looking for, this might fulfill a criteria that is one everyone’s list: leisure. Pretty Little Thing is the sort of shop that takes you away from your ordinary life into a completely different exotic paradise. Forget that you have a job, that you have to pay bills or that you have things to worry about back at home. It’s time to go shop and enter a world of your own. What is so fascinating about Pretty Little Thing is that it seems to be able to speak a certain fashion language that everyone can understand: an explosion of colors, design diversity and, might we add, some really gorgeous ladies who were practically born to wear the clothes that they walk in so elegantly. So if you want to take a vacation, but not really, but you still want to take a vacation, Pretty Little Thing is exactly the shop you need. While, just as previously mentioned, there is no lack of professionalism and learning, you can surely take your time and discover yourself in this parallel universe. This summer’s most wanted collections are “Dresses that slay”, “Just beachy” and “Killer Crops”, What’s so fascinating about them? Despite the fact that they are super collections you can start purchasing clothing pieces and accessories for as little as £4.


And these are not your average clothes and accessories! They are actually top notch goodies that many women would love to get their hands on. Why we do not see some of these astonishing pieces more often we do not know, but it’s high time we got the word out there because it is not the sort of opportunity you would want to miss. So we talked about House of Fraser, Zolando and Pretty Little Thing. All shops have specific target audiences and all shops have exceptional services and clothing pieces that any woman would adore. We definitely need to have criteria when it comes to top womens clothing stores, so if you need to know what fits best for you remember the following correlations: House of Fraser – professionalism, Zolando – friendliness and learning and Pretty Little Thing – leisure. From our personal point of view, we feel that these are the top womens clothing stores because at least one of them will satisfy your fashion desires. Yet, as we mentioned in the beginning, these are only our thoughts, our analysis, our way of seeing things. There are plenty of other shops out there in the UK where you can find clothes or jewels that you only dreamt of. It is only a matter of patience and research. Even if none of these shops speak to you in the right way, you now at least know what you are looking at should you decide to visit or purchase from either one of them.


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