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Turquoise Pendants - Ultimate Tips

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Turquoise pendants are some of the most daring and timeless pieces of jewelry anybody could get their hands on. Because turquoise is such a daring color some find it very difficult to wear or to match with appropriate colors. This is why we are here. We have made it our priority to accustom you to these turquoise beauties and give you the best possible tips so that you can wear them confidently and look astonishing. Bear in mind that, in case you are afraid of wearing this color in general, you simply need to step out of the darkness for a little bit. Turquoise is one of the most appreciated colors out there, even you are appreciating it since you are here. It is not at all hard to wear, it is adjustable to many outfits and it really makes anyone look nice. So if you ever had doubts, this is the perfect moment for you to put your fears aside and dive into the beautiful world that this color creates.  



Turquoise Pendants: Styles

Country-girlWhen we are talking about styles, we are actually referring to what kind of pendants you should use for what situations. As mentioned previously, this is not at all hard to achieve and you can literally adjust your pendant to your personality. One of the catchiest and unique ways to wear a pendant of this type is to make it really, really small. You might have also heard about this concept if anyone ever suggested using “quiet pieces”. A quiet piece is basically a little pendant that is somewhat difficult to notice. The role it plays is that of discretion and beauty. Simply because you cannot distinguish its shape and make out the color does not make it an unwearable accessory. In fact, the smaller it is, the more attention it is going to draw. People will start wondering what the shape is or if that is truly turquoise. Summing things up, quiet pieces spark mystery and mystery is a great way of attracting people’s attention and feeling confident at the same time. When can you wear quiet pieces? There are two instances in which you can wear these fine accessories: when you want to make a statement and whenever you want to be yourself in a rather different environment. Here are two basic examples: if you want to make a statement about yourself (such as highlighting your taste or willingness to keep things simple), you ca wear a turquoise necklace during any formal event. It will spark the attention of anyone who meets you.


As for maintaining your usual style, you can safely wear these accessories at work. Most of us work in formal environments, so formal jewels are often expected. But not quiet pieces. They are right at the edge between formality and informality. They are cute, but nobody can say that they are inappropriate in any way. Use them as your own way of defying the system. You will conclude that it was a worthwhile experience. The next style that you might be interested in is the black-white-blue one. Well, this is not exactly a style, but a combination of colors that you can always use to your advantage should you decide to wear a turquoise necklace. This color looks exceptionally well on anything that is black, white and even denim. The combination of colors is also suitable for formal and informal occasions. If you have to attend a ball with a black dress, turquoise will do. White dress? Just as good. Should you desire to wear black or white jeans paired with shoes and a shirt, it works just as well. Black-white-blue gives you all the freedom you need, so you can confidently wear turquoise with them and rest assured that your style is above impeccable.


Girl-sits-inside-the-cave Anything neutral will also do. This twist of events is not exactly expected by many, but you would be surprised and fascinated to see how well turquoise works with anything neutral. The majority of people do not understand what the point of this is: why would you ever pair such a powerful color with something that seemingly takes the life out of the picture. Trust us: a classic camel coat paired with a white blouse can work wonders. Beige slacks also rock. If you are going to wear turquoise pendants with these sorts of combinations it is always wise to pair them with another accessory of the same color. Try pendant with earrings if you want all the attention focused on your face or you could go for a pendant-bracelet or a pendant-belt brooch combination if you want to highlight your entire figure. It is best that you experiment with neutral colors as much as possible since they might prove to be one of your most reliable allies in fashion. But what do you do if you want your pendant to stand out above all else? It would be the perfect moment to throw it over a contrast color. This is where the contrast wheel comes in handy. Consult it to find out which colors are best suited to fit with turquoise, but take your skin toe into consideration as well. There are some combinations that fit well with any skin tone (neon yellow with turquoise, for instance), but some combinations are particularly good for a bright skin tone or a summerish warm skin tone.


The best way for you to see which combinations work well on you is the good old-fashioned trial and error. See the colors, try them on in a shop and say yes or no. Next we have the boho glam style. Well, it’s more of the glam style for this one. Stay away from the boho part as much as possible. If you are not familiar with the terms, simply try not to wear anything too western. Some skinny jeans and a bootie will do just fine. Adding turquoise to this combination is simply a blast. Just remember: nothing too western, keep it simple and divide these two styles. And, as a pro tip if you really want to, you can go with the boho style and add turquoise onto that too. There’s nothing wrong with it. Lastly, we need to talk about the gown. Yes, if you are a gown fan you are so in the right place. Turquoise looks fantastic on any minimalistic gown. If you want great examples you can always look at Sofia Vergara, Cate Blanchet or Eva Mendez. These are some of the many celebrities that have rocked the red carpet with turquoise statement pendants. This is another reason for you to lose all your fears related to this color.  



Why Is the Turquoise Pendant so Popular?

Girl-with-the-notepadEverything has to do with the blue-green hue. Simply put, it’s the sort of color that you cannot take your eyes off. At the same time, it is really difficult not to notice it. Even if you are going to wear a quiet piece, it will still trigger the “what color is that” effect. But turquoise is also a color that has a great story behind it. The stone has its origin in Native American Indian tradition. It is said that those before us, who were spiritual beings and who cherished nature in all its glory, called turquoise “the fallen sky stone”. These were the old times. If we speak of turquoise nowadays, you will notice that those who do not know about the sky stone will at least know about its correlation with the hippie culture and with Jimi Hendrix respectively. Summing it all up, this is a stone that not only is impossible not to witness, but also carries deep spiritual and cultural meanings. Not wearing it would mean stripping it of its glorious history and we cannot let such things happen.  



What to Remember

Girl-sits-in-front-of-the-street You know about the styles, you know about social perception and you know about turquoise’s culture, so let us sum everything up here so you can refresh your info when you come back. There are six major ways in which you can wear turquoise necklaces without having to worry about them at all: wear them as quiet pieces (something small, yet very attractive), adapt them to the black-white-blue style, pair them with neutrals for some fantastic effects, match them with a contrast color of your choosing, keep it glam or boho (as you please) and you can always know that a gown is 100% reliable. But this doesn’t stop here. These are only the basic ways in which you can turquoise. They are very effective if you are only beginning to wear this color and you would do well to try these styles out and see which one works best for you. Once you get accustomed to at least one or two of these styles, it’s time to experiment and see if you can find anything else that you like. The purpose behind this entire process is to find out what you like most. These are only guidelines. Your journey into the turquoise universe has just begun.


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