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Types of Accessories

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So you want to find out about types of accessories, or maybe you have doubts about what they are and how you could use them appropriately. You have come to the right place. And there is only good news: things are a lot easier than you have been told or than you might think.  Plenty of people get confused or scared when they attempt to learn about accessories for the first time and, although this seems strange to others, we totally understand where you are coming from and where these fears bloom from. You are probably new to the fashion industry, recently developed a hobby or maybe you are just looking to buy the right accessory for a friend and you do not know where to start. Rest assured that everybody started exactly from the same point you are starting now: they did not know anything, they did not know where the path would lead them and everything started with either passion or curiosity. So you might be happy to realize that there lies a great world ahead of you, if you only decide to give it a chance. Now let’s quit all this chit chat and get to the real business.  



So What Kind of Accessories Can We Find?

Woman-has-blonde-curly-hairWe told you that things were extremely simple. There are two types of accessories: those that you wear and those that you carry. Among the most known carriables you most certainly know about eyewear, handbags, umbrellas, canes, wallets and parasols. As of the things that you wear, surely you have already acquainted yourself with boots, jackets, bonnets, hats, belts, gloves, jewels, watches and many others. The list can keep going on and on because there have been so many jewels invented that it’s sometimes difficult to even take a moment and think about them all. The point is that there are two major types and that is everything you need to know. Needless to say, we are going to take a look at details and try to see which has what to offer, with a little fashion insight here and there. We are also going to to tell you a little something interesting here and there if the accessory either has some interesting history or if it can be used in any special ways, so keep your eyes open for cool “little things” that might pop up here and there.  



Accessories That You Carry

Woman-has-a-pair-of-gray-jeans Ok, so we have already established what they are, but are we aware of everything that they can do? Eyewear is all about protecting yourself from the sun and monitors nowadays, but it is also a great fashion statement that many fi us use on a regular basis. Actually, you would be surprised to find out that around 25% of the world’s population is in need of wearing glasses. Although there is no scientific correlation between the two, sailors used to believe that wearing a golden ring would greatly improve eyesight compared to wearing glasses. But science has advanced for long enough to determine that there is no such thing. There is one modern myth about them, however: people believe that the more you wear glasses the more dependent you will be on them. But that is not at all the case. In fact, the purpose that glasses have is to get you accustomed to seeing better. Handbags are among women’s most preferred accessories nowadays. Why? Because you can literally fit a world into them. Not only are they super stylish and give you a good indicator of what someone’s style involves, but you can actually place a lot of things into them starting from regular makeup o objects of important value. Umbrellas and parasols also have an interesting story. Did you know that they have been around for around three thousand years? Yes, we have been using umbrellas for that long and they were initially used only by the richest people in the world. In time they became a tool accepted by the majority of the public. Wallets have not been around for too long, contrary to popular belief. In fact, wallets were only introduced in the 17th century and they have become a rather interesting fashion piece in everyone’s wardrobe. These types of accessories are quite interesting not necessarily because of their purpose, but because of the way people think about it. If you are carrying your money and your most precious documents in a wallet that is not stylish in any way you can get severely judged for it. Needless to say, you should never be too hard on yourself for having a common wallet, but this does give us an interesting perspective as to how much this piece evolved over the years. These are only a few of carriables, but this should give you a good idea about how useful they are, the interesting stories behind them and why people view them as they do today.



Accessories That You Wear

Girl-wears-a-cute-red-dressThese are the fun ones because you literally do not have to worry about them too much. This is perhaps why they are the most common gifts as well. You have to carry an umbrella, you need to always check your wallet to see if it’s there and a purse, even though you can carry plenty of cool things in it, you still have to carry it! Jackets are perhaps the sexiest things on earth! Ok, perhaps we got a little bit ahead of ourselves there, but we can all definitely agree that jackets are some of the sexiest things that anybody can wear. Match them with your pants, boots and a great haircut for the ultimate look. And they are so easy to match! While some accessories or even clothes are difficult to match or to decide upon when it comes to the “does it suit me or not” part, jackets are super easy when it comes down to a yes or no. They flatter you well, they are catchy and they always good if you want to make a good first impression. Did you know that both men and women wear bonnets? Yes, the design is different and it is used for totally different purposes. While the old school bonnets that covered most of the head are, well, gone, there are still some accessories left around which are considered bonnets, but they are quite rare. As for men, you might have seen that golfers wear those little hats on their heads. Those are bonnets for men and they are still being used as a part of cultural environment. If you have a friend who happens to enjoy golf this might be one of the most thoughtful gifts you could ever give them. Jewels are officially the most common accessories that are being used nowadays. Rings, earrings, lockets, necklaces, brooches, watches, anything you can think of and anything that you can find in almost any shop that you enter. Jewels are also the most convenient accessories because you put them on and you can totally forget about them. You already know that you look great in them and as long as you have no need to worry it simply makes them the best choice ever.   We need to give watches some credit here, even though we did mention them in our jewels section above. Watches are perhaps some of the most stylish additions that anybody can adorn themselves with. They are casual, professional and useful at the same time, a quality that few jewels can accomplish. Purchasing a watch for someone is a very thoughtful act, as well as receiving one. We recommend that everyone buys at least one watch that they will grow deeply fond of. It is well worth the investment, it will allow you to feel a lot more confident and, even if you think you’re faking it in the beginning, you will be pleased to find out that you can fake it ‘till you make it.


Girl-with-dress-sits-on-grass Now that wasn’t too hard now, was it? Accessories are not at all a hard subject, but we will admit that they require way more research than what you have witnessed here. Each and every accessory comes with their own story, their own way of being worn and mixed with other accessories and clothes and it takes time to compile all the information one needs. Not to mention that every human being is different and that everyone has their own style that they relate to. In the end, accessories are creative ways in which you can express yourself. Nobody can teach you how to properly wear them because the only viable “proper” way is to wear them as you please. Yes, you can find out anything about them and what they represent, but at the end of the day it is you who is going to wear them and not anybody else. The incursion into types of accessories has opened the door for you should you wish to proceed and we definitely encourage you. It is a long and beautiful journey.


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