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Types of Celebrity Bracelets


Celebrity bracelets are just as tricky as the celebrity pendants. You most likely have the tendency to look at all your favorite celebs and try to identify who what wears. How about we make things a little bit more interesting for you and just hand them all on a plate? You might be wondering why we are doing this and the reasons are quite a few. Simplicity is one of them. How awesome is to know that you can come to one place and be sure that you can find what you are looking for? It’s quite a rare feature that most seem to ignore. Why? We are not exactly sure, but as long as we can make things comfortable for you… why not? The second reason is the one that we mentioned yesterday in our previous celebrity pendant guide: you need to train your eye to look for already existent patterns. Even celebrities play the imitation game. They like it and they also get paid for doing it. But when they don’t, they are just trend setters that create new opportunities for various jewelry makers.


And the market itself works by the principle of repetition. Whatever “new” jewel you might see, it’s always something that has been invented before and has a little tweak. The last, but not the least important feature, is to give you confidence. If you are a master in a subject and you know that you are passionate about it, you know the difference between talking about a random subject and talking about that one specific thing that you like. It’s as if a different part of you takes control of the conversation, of how you react and how you get things done. This is the same feature that we want you to attain by looking at these bracelets today. Know what you are talking about, master the subject and become a little fashion expert. Bracelets are accessories that draw attention to the hands. That’s what everybody is going to tell you, but the truth is that they create harmony based on what you decide to match them with and where you decide to have them placed on your wrists. Your overall image benefits a lot from bracelets, so if you decided to ignore them until now for whatever reason, it’s high time you forgot about it and dive into their world.  



Bangle, Cuffs and Pearls

Woman-has-a-white-featherIf you ever take the time to look at the red carpet or any other festive event during which glamorous ladies get to show off their fancy wardrobe, you will notice that there is always one of these bracelets out there. Bangle bracelets, to begin with, are the rigid bracelets that slide through the wrist and onto your hand. They are very comfortable and you can always rely on diversity with them. Copper? Silver? Gold? Leather or beads? There is nothing you cannot have with these beauties. It is one of the main reasons why they appeal to everyone. Apart from that, we do not know what to tell you than than which you already know: comfortable, easy to store, diverse and sexy, bangles are always going to be the sort of accessory you want to wear no matter where you go. When you think about cuffs, you automatically think statement jewelry. Opposite to bangles, these do have an opening that allows it to stay on your hand more firmly. Design is quite variant with these ones, but since they are statement jewels you might want to work on that first impression. Always feel free to give yourself some time when choosing one of these. The end results are truly worth the effort. Ah, pearls. These are the most timeless of them all. If you are a pearl fan you already know that they have been around since ancient times and we cannot really think of any celebrity bracelets that could hold them down. Of course, anybody can attempt to come up with interesting designs, but this does not take them down from their well-established position. Let’s put it this way: you want great elegance – wear pearls; you are not really sure about what you should wear during an event – wear pearls. The flexibility which they offer is beyond spectacular. So even if you are not the biggest pearl fan in the world, at least have one pearl bracelet in your jewelry box. You will never regret it.  



Precious Gems, Beads and Wristwatches

Woman-wears-an-elegant-dress These are for the celebs who really take their looks seriously. Not to think that the others are not, but there is a major difference between people who wear bangles and those who wear wristwatch bracelets. It goes without saying that they appreciate style in a very different way, while the others might be more into simplicity than anything else. Still, we have to accentuate that wearing different bracelets is not a bad thing. You do not need to think of the subject as though there is more money involved or that celebs like to show off to the rest of the world. On the contrary, some of these are quite modest people, but wearing something different is often equivalent to having different values. Precious gem bracelets are a very interesting subject, especially if you think about the fact that each and every one of them has a specific meaning. But apart from the meaning you also have plenty of colors you can play with, specific designs and the way you decide to wear them depends on what kind of vibe you would like to exude. Wearing a precious gem bracelet at your wrist says something and wearing it above your elbow is something else entirely. While most consider the former a classical, down-to-earth approach, wearing the bracelet above your elbow is somewhat of a royal thing. Haters call it “being a snob”, but the people who truly appreciate the style know that it’s chic and interesting. You should try it sometime and notice what cool feelings it awakens within. There is a misconception about beads, in general. People say that they are cheap. Sure, they are cost-efficient, but that does not mean that they should be neglected from fashion completely. Not to mention that beads, when worn the right way, are exquisite and beautiful beyond comparison. We often talked about them in previous guides: how the round shapes are always fascinating to look at and how it’s impossible not to notice them.


They are quite mesmerizing. So instead of wondering how cheap they are, why not wonder about how much greatness you can achieve with such cost-efficient items? It’s only a matter of perception. Oh, and to make things really interesting, imagine that there are many people who start their fashion careers like this: they create some beads that they sell on the market. Can you imagine how someone feels if they see their beads on some celebrity’s hand? You’ll probably be seeing them during Fashion Week next year. Lastly, we are going to talk about wristwatch bracelets. Well, to be fair, wristwatches are bracelets. Every watch is a bracelet that also shows you the time. The watches that do stand out, however, are the ones which are specifically designed to look like bangles or cuffs. It’s what many call hybrid jewelry. The idea behind watches, in general, is to have a relatively simplistic design so that the mechanism can stand out. This same rule does not apply with wristwatch bracelets. In this particular scenario, the adornment itself, how it’s made, the design, to make things short, is what is truly important about that bracelet. The fact that you can also check the time gives it the extra “oh, wow” feature, but do not think that the watch mechanisms are complicated or fancy in any way. There are celebrities who also prefer that detail, but they are too few and too rare.  



Things Worth Remembering

Girl-with-dress-is-in-the-woodsAn important detail is that bracelets are not as uncool as they are often perceived. We all know that necklaces and rings usually pride themselves with a little more glamour, but this is not a reason for bracelets to back down. They actually serve towards tailoring the big picture. Earrings and rings are often just a little bit more difficult to notice, but you cannot say that about a bracelet, can you? Most people do not believe in the same principle, but if you really want to convince yourself that it is true, you just need to look at a picture with someone wearing a bracelet and someone not wearing one. See the difference. All in all, even if we are talking about celebrity bracelets you can notice that there is not much of a difference compared to what anyone else is wearing. Well, maybe the wristwatch bracelet is a little harder to find among non-celebs, but the rest of the game’s rules still apply. So what are you waiting for? You can pretty much pick up any of these beauties and you already know that you look like a super star!