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Types of Modern Jewlery

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Modern jewelry is a rather highly debated subject nowadays, especially given the fact that there is no actual definition or style that has been widely accepted by experts around the world. When thinking about the concept of modern, we are naturally thinking about something that has been nowadays, yet modern jewels do not allow this type of luxury. Some modern jewels date back to the 19th century and they come in different shapes and styles. As usual, we will attempt to shed some light onto this matter and make it easy for all readers to understand modern jewels as best as possible, while also involving styles as proper examples.  


What Exactly Do We Understand by Modern Jewelry?

Girl-has-a-red-dressTo begin with, when we speak of this subject we do not refer to some specific jewels, but to a means of expression. This notion was first introduced by Georg Jensen, who claimed that wearing a modern piece is more than adorning yourself with a jewel, but a way of expressing who you are. Yet this does not make things clearer than what we already knew. People have been wearing jewels since the dawn of time so that they could show what kind of people they were to those around them: more civilized, with greater taste and with a different social and economic status. What is it about modern jewels that differentiate them from the jewels that used to be worn thousands of years ago? The first thing that comes to mind is the philosophy behind them. There are plenty of people nowadays who dress nicely and who wear rugged jewels. Are those rugged jewels low quality materials only fit for a garbage can? Definitely not. Modern jewels are a way of expressing your beliefs and artistic feelings. This is something that goes way beyond social status and good taste. This is about respecting, appreciating and sometimes even mocking human nature. It is quite obvious that a person who is wearing excellent clothes has a different social status, isn’t it? But pairing it with rugged cuffs makes things far more interesting. Maybe it is the appreciation of the duality of man: both beautiful and ugly.


Or maybe it is a simple way to mock fashion: I dress nicely but I can add something rugged as well. Another way of looking at modern jewels is based on what kind of market they are forming. You would be quite surprised to find out that not many people are attracted to modern pieces, but to the classical ones instead. While modern jewelry attempts to combine both classical and newer designs, it is often viewed as a niche market that not many people are interested in. It can also be quite difficult to make a stand on this market nowadays considering the fact that every jeweler is supposed to have at least a few good designs and a few shops supporting them.


Nonetheless, this market has survived for more than two centuries and it is most likely not going to fail any time soon. Lastly, modern jewels can be understood through the people who are promoting it. We already spoke about the type of mentality they have in a previous paragraph, illustrating how they can choose to mock or toy with fashion. One must understand that these people know they are in the niche zone. They know that there is some sort of “danger” to wearing “inappropriate” or special jewels. These are the people who are actually taking fashion to the next level. And while the majority of the world ravels in classic designs (most likely to be accepted by others), these people decided to push their limits. And it seems to be working out quite nicely.  



Designs and Styles

Girl-with-black-shirt When it comes to designs and styles, modern jewels tend to push the limits a little bit. While not aiming extremely far from classical jewels, they tend to celebrate imperfection and being different from the rest. The best way to illustrate modern designs and styles is through examples, so we are going to briefly go through some of them and explain the logic behind each and every one. The rugged style is this sort old feeling that jewels exude. The jewels have plenty of irregular shapes and even come with intentional imperfections. We talked about cuffs, so we could also speak about cracked stones, for instance. Cracked stones are either intentional, or stones that were found touched by time and the artisans decided that they would be used in that way. The point is that time has its impact on all of us. Our experiences also shape who we are. People are not perfect, no matter how much we try to run from it, no matter how much we try to hide from it and no matter how far we are willing to go in order to leave our humanity behind, we simply cannot. We have our own presumptions that some of the people who are wearing the rugged style are practically wearing their scars with pride. They know they are not perfect, they might have had experiences that made them weaker, or even broke them inside, but they managed to fix themselves, put the pieces back together and moved on.


Don’t get us wrong, we are not generalizing. We are very aware that some people might be wearing a broken gemstone because it is a very precious gift from someone else and they do not care if it is broken or not. Jewels have their own significance and that significance is different for anyone. But, as a fun fact, you might notice that the people wearing these kinds of jewels are, usually, very wise. The tech style is yet another approach on modern jewels. You must have seen people wearing bracelets or necklaces that look like pixels. This style is rather interesting because most people often find it ugly. This is not the case; it is only related to the fact that it uses either rectangular shapes or irregular ones and our “fashion eyes” have been used to round shapes for centuries. Although this style falls as an unpleasant surprise for the majority who behold it, we mostly consider it as a sign of rebellious fashion or tech pride. It’s all about the perspective, you see. Where some see beauty and pride, others see something ugly. Needless to say, there is a modern jewel trend that prides itself on beauty and seeking out perfection. These illustrations can be found amongst Georg Jensen’s designs. You will see that a large number of jewels that are worn nowadays follow some of these designs, yet people still claim that they are wearing classic jewelry. Some of these marvelous pieces include top flat rings and earrings, some pieces that contain both a perfectly round shape and an irregular one (the sort of rings that have an atom design) and, if you are interested in other irregular accessories, we gladly invite you to check out Georg Jensen.


This latter movement, contrary to the others, prides itself on seeking perfection. It is a rather interesting concept to start a jewel with a seemingly uninteresting design and then gradually turn it into a round shape isn’t it? These jewels are the sole embodiment of jewelry art and they are the legacy that Jensen has left behind. Should you ever find yourself in doubt of whether you should wear styles such as the ones mentioned above or that of Georg Jensen, it would be an appropriate move to try on all of them. However, if you desire to wear more modern pieces, but you are still drawn to classic shapes, this style would be the most suitable one for you, in our opinion. Remember to have a broader perspective! As long as you see yourself wearing more designs and styles, you will be able to make the appropriate decision.  



A Sum-Up Regarding Modern Jewels

Girl-holds-her-sunglasses-in-her-mouthAs you can see, modern jewels are a rather fragile subject given the fact that they are entirely related to style. They are not just simple jewels that you put on parts of your body and consider as mere accessories, but they are extensions of your beliefs, your personality and sometimes even your humor. They are also not the kind of jewels that are appreciated by everyone, but they are much more of a niche than a “cool trend”. The people who are wearing them, and are aware of the fact that they are wearing modern jewel, wear them with pride and knowing that they are helping fashion push the boundaries into the next century. The most often seen styles are the rugged style, tech style and the Georg Jensen approach. The former is supposed to give that “old feeling” of dusty objects filled with great stories, the second is way of expressing acceptance or pride in terms of modern technology and the latter often caters to those who are not sure (or sometimes even unaware) if they should move to modern jewels or not. Either way, it is safe to assume that modern jewels cover everyone’s needs. They just haven’t finished their journey yet.


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