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Types of Necklaces and Pendants


Very well, we spoke about the philosophy behind the most wanted pendants for women. Now it’s time to talk about types of necklaces and pendants. It is always good to begin your search for such objects knowing that there is an abundance of objects that you can choose from and if diversity is one of your concerns, this is a good moment to stop. There are thousands of combinations of shapes, designs, functions and colors for pendants, and the best piece of advice that you can listen to is to jot down all your options before deciding what to purchase. First things first, we need to understand the purpose of pendants and necklaces to begin with. Many people agree on the fact that they first appeared in the Neolithic and Paleolithic eras and they are some of the oldest forms of adornment to have been used by mankind. They can be used in a variety of uses: pendants and necklaces can be combined in extraordinary pieces, they can be used as brooches and even for earrings and bracelets. One of their greatest features is that they are not entirely limited to jewelry. There are thousands of people all around the world who find great sue for them in many situations.  



The Union Between Necklaces and Pendants

Girl-with-casual-shirtAs you might be aware of, the union of a necklace and a pendant results in the traditional pendant necklace. Pendants can be attached to any kind of necklace and this results in some extraordinary combinations. The choker is a type of necklace that is very well known for the beauty that it provides. Chokers are the necklaces that were designed to be used above the collarbone. They are tight, having a 14 inch measure and provide an excellent look for petite or short haired women. When shopping for these outstanding jewels, ensure that you look for materials that will not irritate your skin. It is also wise to take your body size into consideration. This necklace is exceptionally sexy, so you want to make it flatter you entirely. Next up we have the princess. This is the standard 18 inch necklace, really comfortable for all women. It is meant to fall just beneath the collarbone, it is extremely comfortable and it is also the necklace that fits best with a pendant. If you are able to achieve an excellent combination, do use it. This is a proven recipe for success when it comes to attraction. Opinions vary when it comes to the opera, however. Since this necklace is rather long, there are numerous people who are not entirely sure if this is a length that could be suitable for a pendant anymore. Nonetheless, some women have tried and succeeded, so it would be a huge mistake to neglect the movement entirely. Since these chains usually measure 24 inches, it would be best suited for a shirt or a blouse. Do not be afraid to get original, though. As long as your wardrobe allows it, attempting to impress successfully is never a bad thing. Lastly, we have to mention the rope. As with the opera, there are many in the fashion industry who doubt the use of any pendant on this extremely long chain. We are talking about 30 inch measurements or even more, so there are two ways in which you can get this right: you can either add one pendant at the very bottom of your chain (since the rope usually falls over your clothing) or you simply adorn the chain with multiple pendants for a rich overview. The truth is that, as long as you want to make things look interesting, you will always have a chance at impressing people.  



Pendants and Materials

Girl-with-casual-clothes-and-glasses When shopping for pendants, it is always important that you consider three very important variables: function, material and shape. Without these you might find yourself in some trouble. Each and every one of these variables has a part to play in the jewel of your dreams and neglecting them will not necessarily take away from your beauty, but they will take away from your confidence. And that certainly isn’t something that we want to allow. When speaking about pendant function, we refer to a function that serves another purpose than ornamentation and decoration. Necklaces and pendants can be quite versatile. The best way to recognize a pendant with a function is by identifying it as a locket. Lockets are very personal and intimate object, secluding some of the wearer’s most precious belongings. Any image, any picture or small object that is carried in one such jewel carries deep meanings that only the wearer may choose whether to share with the others or not. But do not think that these pendants are only meant to store such belongings.


There are other, larger ones that can be used as a deposit for cushions for example. Research these features if you find them interesting, you will discover things that might totally surprise you. In terms of materials, there are four major ones that are being used most of the time. These are metals, wood, gems and fibers. The most common metals that you will identify are going to be silver, gold and platinum. They are also the most often used pendants since they have longevity. As for wooden pendants, these usually have the purpose of signifying a work of art. The key to purchasing one such great necklace is to look for finished wood. Why? Because if the wood is unfinished it might prove quite irritating to your skin. Does it really matter how artistic it is if it proves to be a total pain when wearing it? Gemstone pendants are very common. Some even debate whether these pendants appear more often than metal ones. You are certainly very familiar with them. They incorporate everything from diamonds to the most common gemstone you have ever heard of. With traditional styles and a look that can be easily accustomed to any wardrobe, rest assured that these are amongst the safest picks and the most rewarding ones. And yes, the fibers. Fibers are tricky little things. It has never been an issue about beauty with fibers, but more of a durability challenge.


They are commonly known not to be the most long term reliable material, but with proper care they can easily turn into your best friends. Concerning shape, there are 5 major shapes that you should be aware of. Each and every one of them comes with exotic looks and bring a lot of variety to your “looks table”. The shapes are solitaire, three-stone, heart stone, flat and cross-stone. Solitaire is the most common, oval shaped design. The tri-stone is either a pyramid or some sort of vertical arrangement. Flats are those pendants that have a flat surface and are shaped in some particular way. The cross stone pendant is a round stone with the usual prong setting. And finally the heart stone is the heart shape with several embedded tinier stones. As you can see, there are enough details here for a lifetime, but choosing them is extremely important for the wearer’s happiness. Whether you are buying this for yourself or your girlfriend, always remember to do a little bit of research so that you find the piece that you need.  



A Sum-Up of All the Little Things

Girl-with-parka-sits-on-the-groundPendants and necklaces can be quite a challenge, at least if you are just starting to research them and find your place in their world (or make a place for them in yours), yet there are so many options for you to choose from that it is literally impossible not to find what you like. There are plenty of reasons as to why you would want to shop for these jewels and the market is always paying attention so that it can cater to everyone’s needs. If you want to make things a lot easier for you, we simply suggest that you narrow it all down to the pendant’s purpose. Carefully consider the shape, style and material that you are looking for and you will find the exact type you need. Now let’s run through the necklaces one more time: the choker (tight, very sexy), the princess (standard size, 18 inch), the opera (very large, 24 inches) and the rope (which can be as long as 48 inches). They are all meant to stimulate and communicate your mood. You might want to check the lengths out in a local store just to make sure that you get the one you need. As for pendants, remember the three variables: function, material and shape. Maybe she wants to hold a picture of you two or maybe she wants to have a cushion to spray herself up and lighten up the atmosphere a bit. Does she like wearing metals or could you go a little more “natural” and gift her a wooden pendant? These are all answers to your research. Do it well, do it thoroughly and you will not only become a master in pendants and necklaces, but you will also make her really, really happy.