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Types of Popular Cufflinks In London

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If you have given read to our previous cufflink guides, you might have also started checking out what people are wearing on the streets of London, or at the metro station, or in any coffee shop where you can see gentlemen enjoying their cup while reading a newspaper. Given the fact that cufflinks london are a high standard, it is only natural that you start looking for the most popular pieces out there. You already know about types of cufflinks if you read our Cufflinks - What You Must Know guide, but if we want to identify what’s in the trend, we must first look at what cufflinks are worn on a regular basis and establish which the most popular ones are. We will explore a wide number of super popular cufflink choices in London, see what makes them so appealing in the first place and then we will see who the winner is. Bear in mind, however, that these are our observations based on some quick sights in London. You might also find some other cufflinks and their trends out there that we might have not noticed yet. So even after you will have read this, keep your eyes peeled for extra goodies that we might have missed. Now let’s get down to real business.  



Super Accessible Cufflinks

Black-shoesThe cufflinks london displays are amongst the most accessible you can find. Not only are they super chick and sexy, but a lot of people can safely make that one time purchase that they need from time to time. The Simon Carter onyx Diamond Turtle cufflinks are one such great example. Valued at only £75, these exquisite accessories are just what you need for any type of event. They are regular toggle cufflinks, turtle shaped and the two little red diamonds that are, in fact, the turtle’s eyes, allow them to be easily matched with a red or black tie or bow tie. You can afford getting original and try a both colors on your ties for the extra stylish look. Next in line we have the Mulberry Rectangular rose-gold metal cufflinks, which come with the great price of £115. These are known as whale back closure cufflinks: they have a closure flip at the back that allows you to pin them without worrying about losing them at all. Although not the most stylish or special accessories, it seems that these Mulberry cufflinks often find themselves amongst the most preferred choices when it comes to Londoners. Coming back at the £75 price zone, the Paul Smith black Scarab Beetle cufflinks are an exotic choice which you cannot help but notice. There is not much to say about this design: the cufflinks come in scarab shapes and give off a metallic feeling. They exude a rather interesting and complex mixture of finesse, grandeur, but also a little bit of fear.


After all, scarabs were feared for being some of the deadliest creatures in the desert. We are not exactly sure about why these designs are so sought after, but we do happen to know that around 7 out of 10 men succeed in business affairs if they wear cufflinks. Perhaps the scarab cuffs do have their way of saying that partnerships with their owners can be quite successful. It’s quite interesting to see that there are some golden designs that are preferred by gentlemen, especially given the fact that gold is a little hard to take care of. The Lanvin gold-tone knot cufflinks are one such popular choice. What is also cool is that they are a mixture of toggle and knot cufflinks, so you basically get the extra style that a knot offers you, but you also add the extra safety of a toggle. The reason why we mentioned that this choice is interesting is because it appears that plenty of the gentlemen in London wear 18K pieces, which are 75% gold and require extra care. They can scratch easily, can only be worn with special occasions (given that they require the care that they do) and it would seem normal for someone not to use them on a regular basis. However, gentlemen in our capital do not seem to mind and wear them with great confidence. Note that the Lanvin gold-tone is only the model. It is valued at around £105, but given the color of the pieces that we have seen, it is quite difficult for us to believe that these pieces only value £100. You can resort to these if you are limited by your budget, though. Lastly, there are two types of studs that manage to attract both the attention and money of Londoners: the Hugo Boss round Mop Logos and the Paul Smith skull cameos. The average price for both pairs is somewhere around £120 and they can mostly be sighted during informal events and meetings. The Hugo Boss choice is a very classy one because of the burgundy color it comes with, while the skull represents a very young and rockish style.  



Cufflinks London: More Out of the Ordinary

shirt-with-brown-shoes Needless to say, there are plenty of other, more expensive pieces that make a stand on London’s streets and in its offices. In this situation, however, it seems that preferences shift towards studs and combinations with silk knots. Purchasable from Links London, Sterling Silver London City Chain cufflinks are the perfect example of a popular three cufflink type combination: stud, chain and silk. While the silk is not exactly silk, but a metallic interpretation, one can easily see why this £150 pair is making a stand. But prices for these beauties does not stop here, depending on the material of your desire. But let’s up our game a little bit and look at the 18K Yellow Gold Classic Oval cufflinks. Available for the not so modest price of £1,500, one can engrave anything they desire on these extraordinary oval shapes, provided that the message, mark or emblem fits within the area, of course. Although not exactly the most accessible pair, you would be surprised to find out how many people are wearing pairs like this one on a daily basis. Jenny Knott crafted Pearl cufflinks are also an excellent £1,200 pair most cherished by plenty of gentlemen London-wide.


Sadly, these jewels are not ungradable in any way, but they do come in a set of two pairs. Above everything else, they impress through their interesting bass design, perfect if you can sort out a great formal club outfit. You might want to be careful, though. You would not like losing these precious things during a random dance, even if your momentary top priority is to attract some ladies’ eyes. There are actually plenty of super brands that are just begging for your eyes to witness (at least) and London is one of the cities in the world which prides itself very much with hosting them, but we are going to leave the goodies for our next Top Cufflink Brands - Quick Guide, just so that we do not spoil the fun for you. Suffice it to say that, when it comes to more expensive jewels, men prefer studs above anything else. And why wouldn’t they? They are very easy to use and quite reliable.



So Which Type Is the Winner?

Red-cufflinksThere seems to be somewhat of a draw here. When it comes to accessible cufflinks in London, the toggles are more preferable. But as prices tend to go up, so does the desire shift to studs. There is also great appreciation for the silk type, although not many people use actual silk, but precious metal interpretations that give them the extra stylish glitter. In case you are wondering which cufflinks would suit you best, you should remember that there is no right answer to this question. It all depends on how you adjust cufflinks to your style and wardrobe. In case you are not exactly sure about how you are supposed to buy them, we have given you some indications in our Beginners Guide to Cufflinks. It is always a good idea to start by checking out your wardrobe and deciding what dominant colors you are using. You will then understand what cufflink colors you have to wear.


The shapes come in based on the type of event you are attending and the type of cufflink honestly depends on how you feel with it and how comfortable it is for you to put them on. Maybe whale backs or fabric cufflinks are just the things you are looking for. They are pretty niche as well, since not many people wear them to begin with. All in all, we hope that by stating which the most popular types of cufflinks in London are will give you a good overall impression as to what you should be looking after. As we mentioned in the beginning of this guide, this is purely based on our observations and what we could notice by simply observing. It would also be great if you did this yourself. Maybe you could discover the style that you always wanted.


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