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Ultimate Guide: Jewelry USA


American jewelry has its own pride. While plenty of people comment on the fact that jewelry usa is just well promoted and does not have the same quality of other European jewelers, you should keep in mind that these are only false accusations. The United States are very famous for delivering some of the greatest standards in the world of jewels and today we are going to present the ultimate guide on the jewelry that Americans wear and pride themselves with. It is wise to bear in mind, however, that even though we are going to go through some of the most renowned and esteemed brands in the United States, they are not the only ones who have exceptional jewels and services.


There are new entrepreneurs every day who attempt to start shops and build empires based on the exceptional jewels that they can craft. There might even be shops and jewelers that we are not yet aware of who are going to make an impact in the years to come. It is also important to notice the mindset with which this nation is crafting: everyone has a dream. It does not matter how hard things become, it does not matter how many obstacles you will face and how difficult it is going to be when you try to craft a perfect jewel or how painful it will feel when someone will tell you that your business will not work. If you want to get something done, you will get it done. And that’s how jewelry usa is done the right way.  



Tiffany & Co.: An American Legend

Girl-with-white-shirt-watches-the-seaSurprise! It’s Tiffany! If we want to talk American jewelry, we absolutely need to talk about Tiffany’s. Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been one of the very few jewelry shops that has withstood the test of time. Above everything else, it has established many trends over the years which, in turn, dictated the way people wore their accessories. This brand is very well appreciated when it comes to diamonds and often appeals to our “natural side”. Some of the greatest Tiffany collections of all times featured animals. You will notice that the Tiffany Yellow Diamond (1878), the Great Gatsby Collection (2013) and even today’s Paloma Picasso collection all feature nature in one way or another. Be it by crafting jewels that resemble animals of floral decorations, Tiffany & Co. have always managed to create some of the most astonishing pieces in America. This long lasting legacy will not end anytime soon either. Rest assured that this company will always look for the best crafters and services that they can provide so that the dream will always remain alive. Feel free to check their site at any given time or, if you want to actually experience the true life of a jewel, you can always visit their shop at the corner of 5th Avenue. Should you be wondering if such an experience is worth it, you can always watch breakfast at Tiffany’s and give it a go. You will not regret it.  



Harry Winston: A Source of Prestige

Blonde-girl-sits-on-the-sand Harry Winston is one of America’s treasures when it comes to jewelry. Swiss watches? Check. Exceptional diamond jewels? Check. Own 40% of a diamond mine? Check. It is the sort of ideal situation you would want to find yourself in if you wanted to run a jewelry business. Not to mention that the ladies and gentlemen who are focused on wearing only high end jewelry in America always commend this great brand. Starting with 2008, there have been many voiced who expressed their pleasure regarding Harry Winston. If a business man or woman, millionaires or billionaires are looking for a place to get top quality jewels, there is a very high chance that they will visit Harry Winston. We have also commended Harry Winston’s site interface in the past. The way it is organized and the experience it generates is one of a kind. Not only does the overall image suit anyone interested in luxury jewelry, but the products that are displayed are American best. The Countdown to a Cure piece as well as the Opus 14 are two watches that anyone would love to get their hands on. In terms of jewels, one can find absolutely anything they are looking for. From Art Deco to classics, it is certain that whatever you will choose for your beloved will suit her well. On top of that, you can rely on Winston for wedding jewelry as well. We would recommend the Solitaire, Round Brilliant Engagement Ring, the Oval-shaped Ruby Micropavé Ring and the Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring. These are the ones that catch the ladies’ attention most of the time. Of course, if you are looking for other attractive and purely American jewels, be sure that Harry Winston is equipped with the best of the best designs, all at your disposal.  



Less Known. Great Value

Girl-is-in-natureWhile Tiffany and Harry Winston are some of the best jewelry usa and definitely amongst the most preferred brands out there, do not make the mistake of thinking that everything begins and ends with these shops. There are plenty of other, less known stores that feature some exquisite pieces. And since not many people have heard about them and do not purchase many of these jewels, they are the excellent choice if you want to appear in a ballroom and be 100% original. So what shops should we be looking for? Jade Trau is one of these great places. The range of products that Jade Trau offers is only limited to rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, but the number of designs is more than suitable for anybody’s needs. The shop also boasts on a limited number of collections: Celestial, Forget-Me-Not, Typset and Jade Trau. The Aura collection is by far one of the most impressive gathering of jewels that you could find. And these are not just some casual jewels that you can wear anywhere and anytime. Some of them can go up to $4000 and should be very well taken care of. The Carina Cluster Pendant is an example of one such jewel. Another similar provider is Carrie Hoffman. Also bringing forth a number of limited items, Carrie Hoffman is a producer that you can wholeheartedly trust. The collection features bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings which can occasionally amount to $500. Some business men and women claim that instead of “investing” into a $10,000 necklace, it would be best to purchase a $500 one and invest the rest of the $9,500 into a savings account.


But it is not our duty to discuss about financial business here. We are here about fashion and we can guarantee that Carrie Hoffman is a shop that fashion agrees with. The last shop on our list, but definitely not the one that should be overlooked is American Jewelry. American Jewelry was founded in 1974 and it has made quite impressive progress over the years with the products that they have put at the public’s disposal. The company has also received the title for “Tennessee’s favorite jeweler” and this is certainly not a title that can be reached easily. The way in which the jewels are crafted and the price range make American Jewelry both an accessible, yet also high class shop. You would be surprised to see how easily one jewel can jump from $200 to $2000. Still, this is no reason for anyone to overlook the shop or the accessories that it provides. Its site also have a very user-friendly interface that correlates well with the products that they are selling. Suffice it to say that if you are looking for reliability, cost efficiency and a local shop from where you can procure some of the most unique jewels in America, American Jewelry might be the place you are looking for. Now it’s time for our regular sum-up and extra observations.


Elegant-girl-sits-on-a-tree Remember that if you want to go full American on your jewelry, you absolutely need to know and check out Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston. Not only that they are super famous and produce some of the best jewels, but they can also help you set your standards when it comes to picking your jewels. It’s important that you understand that these shops set the trends and there are many followers who will try to copy the same style. You have two choices here: either be among the first trendsetters or follow in their footsteps with other brands that mimic the same style. But between you and us, we would recommend that you go for the former suggestion. Jade Trau, Carrie Hoffman and American Jewelry are also three alternatives for United States jewel shops the can provide you with some of the highest quality goods. You should definitely look them up at least if you want to compare them with the big names. Although, from previous experience, we would say that it’s impossible not to find something you like among these.