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Ultimate Guide to Handcrafted Necklaces


Today we are going to be focusing on handcrafted necklaces, what everybody should know about them before purchase, a little history, how they are crafted and the usual gemstones that are used when making these beauties. The most fascinating thing that you should know about this type of jewelry is that it carries another type of significance than the usual one. When thinking about handcrafts, you should always remember that there is someone out there who made them out of love and passion, an artistic calling, some might say.  



The Know - How

Silver-necklaceThe people behind handcrafted jewelry, necklaces included, are artisans. The artisan is there from beginning to end: from the moment he or she thinks the jewel’s design to the moment it is produced and presented to the market. Each and every type of handcrafted necklace is unique by default, thus considered a treasure by many. Among the attractive decorative beads, metals and stones, one can often spot imperfections such as a randomly added extra bead or a misshapen form. It is actually these imperfections that make the necklaces and other jewels so special. Handcrafted jewelry is made out of pure artistic desire and the willingness to make its wearers more beautiful. There is no fear of imperfections and no desire to make everything look as shiny as possible. The ultimate goal is to make a unique item that is not part of a pass production chain. Did you know that everything used to be handcrafted before the Industrial Revolution? Apprentices used to work with master jewelers until they could find the proper ground on which to develop their own skills and businesses.


Even before that, handcrafted jewelry was highly looked upon. The Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures were very knowledgeable when it came to metal working. They used to work with pure gold in order to create some of the most beautiful necklaces of that period. Even more, they did not stop at necklaces and also forged decorative medallions and brooches. It was not until the Renascence era that women from Europe started wearing a few handcrafted necklaces at the same time. Today’s modern handcrafted jewels have undergone a major set of changes, especially process-wise. If you want your necklaces engraved, carved, painted, filigreed, sequined or even knitted, you just need to ask. There are many ways in which your necklace can be designed so that it can fit your mood, style and comfort requirements. Plenty of metals and gemstones are also used when creating these jewels. If you want these accessories in gold, silver, quartz or coral, you’ve got them. On top of that, many artisans resort to a wide variety of materials such as wood, hemp, leather or even hand-painted glass beads. It suffices to say that you can find anything you want. There are two major handcrafted jewelry styles: definitive or ethnic flair. One is occasionally more dominant than the other based on trends and preferences, but the great news is that they are timeless and you can wear such a necklace with any outfit you want and it is suitable for any event.  



Why You Want to Buy Handmade Necklaces

Gold-necklace-with-pendant First of all, as we mentioned previously, there is no mass production process or machine involved in creating these jewelry pieces. Handmade is literally handmade. There is that one artisan who actually puts a part of his soul into the jewel. You know someone is interested in making a beautiful piece for you. It is a matter of producer dedication and customer respect that you rarely find elsewhere. In the end, it all goes down to beauty and confidence. And yes, confidence is a two-way subject here: the jewels can offer you the confidence you need and you can also confine in the artisan. Another important reason why you might be interested in these types of necklaces is because of its temporal value. Both you and the jeweler understand time and that a great jewel comes at the price of time. You cannot obtain something of value if you do not dedicate hours, days or even weeks to work for that something.


So if you want something that is worthwhile you know that you can rely on an artisan to make a handcrafted neck piece. You can also think about the maker’s phantasy. There is a very intimate relationship between the forger and the crafted piece. Every line, every curve, the design, the way they put pieces together, these are the little things that give handcrafted jewelry another core value. Remember when we said that he or she puts a part of their soul into the final product? This is where all the magic occurs. There is nothing better than watching a necklace of this sort and feeling that there is something more to it than just a few pieces put together. It’s all in the materials. Yes, you can actually find pure gold or platinum in handmade necklaces. The thing is that you never know what sorts of alloys and extra metals some producers use in mass production. You also cannot find out who is providing these extra materials. This cannot be said about artisans, however.


Contrary to big producers, artisans can easily be verified and thus prefer to use top quality materials. But make no mistake: fear of being verified is not what drives these people forward. It is the sheer will to create something of value. If sustainability is a concern on your list when it comes to buying necklaces such as these, you can rest assured that artisans are concerned with this matter as well. The majority prefer to keep things ethical and get their finest materials from accredited sources. Yes, you need to pay attention to details like these from time to time. It is very easy to take a shortcut and supply yourself from all the wrong sources, but the people who are really interested in giving you great quality will keep things clean. Lastly, you might want to get all cultural and local with your wear so, if you want to support the great jewelers in your area while looking chick, you can always resort to purchasing handmades. You can help reduce the carbon footprint and support locals by making this decision. Let’s be fair: the people who invest time and love into your items are always worth investing in. Not to mention that you are going to purchase a product that is 100% unique, brings great quality to the table and can also be left as a legacy. Did we mention that the majority of these necklaces come at really affordable prices? This should seal the deal.  



Gemstones in Handmade Necklaces

Necklace-with-gemstonesIn terms of gemstones, there are a few that are quite popular with handmade necklaces. Among these we can find jade, aquamarine, amethyst, tourmaline and alexandrite. They all have special characteristics and are associated with positive energies. Jade, for instance, was second to none in terms of Chinese and Mayan jewelry. Every jade shade was precious, starting from the green shade all the way to the purple one. An important historical figure who is known to have worn jade is Confucius himself. They also make excellent gifts or wearables for Libras, Gemini, Aries, Pisces and Taurus. If you are born in May then this is your birthstone and it is known to be associated with wealth, love and stability. Aquamarine is a perfect gemstone for any water lover and it was believed by ancient Romans that a carefully crafted aquamarine frog would have the power to turn one’s foes into friends. Nowadays it is associated with happiness, courage and intelligence. Greeks believed that the amethyst was an anti-toxin stone. It is February’s birthstone and they have been known to be worn by English and Egyptian royalty. Tourmaline stands out because it is the only crystal to have three-sided prisms. Commonly given to couples who celebrate their 8th anniversary, tourmaline is a symbol of creativity and it believed to have great impact on love and friendship.


Finally, alexandrite is not the oldest of the gemstones used to created handmade necklaces, but it has been strongly associated with myth, history and symbolism. Given its green color, not only is it related to nature, but to peace, hope and prosperity. It is important that, should you decide that handcrafted necklaces are your thing and that you are going to invest in them both financially and with your time, you keep in mind all the details that we mentioned here. This was not a “do this and buy that” guide, but rather a set of criteria that define yourself and what you might want from a handmade necklace. The amount of money that you are willing to invest or the fact that these jewels are not 24K ones should not define your style. How you look comes from within. The questions you ask yourself, the reasons for which you want to purchase these jewels, they are the true reason as to why you are choosing this style.