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Ways to Find the Best Online Jewelry Stores


This is perhaps one of the hardest but easiest to solve challenges when it comes to fashion. How does one find the best online jewelry stores? You want to look good, you have good taste, you have the money, but you are stuck in a situation in which you cannot find shops that suit you. The process is quite simple. The only actual challenge is that it is not obvious. Finding great jewelry shops is only a matter of determination and being social. We are not going to develop some super complex way of demonstrating how to find the shops that you are looking for, but give you the simplest of advice that literally cannot fail. There are three major variables that you need to be aware of when choosing for the best shop: you have internet, you are surrounded by people and you need to be courageous from time to time. We are going to go through all of these steps and explain them accordingly so that you will get the best possible results. No beating around the bush, no giving random pieces of advice. This is a step-by-step guide on how you can find any shop you want with as little effort as possible. Let’s go!  



How Can the Internet Help You?

Woman-admires-the-sunset-on-the-beachThe thing that you really need to understand is that you have three sites that will come to your aid no matter what: Google, YouTube and Pinterest. Ok, we can actually throw Instagram in there as well. These four sites are the key to finding anything, literally anything. This might seem super obvious to you, but you would really be surprised to know the number of people who do not even think about using them. The thing about the information era is that nobody has an excuse for not being able to do, shop or find anything. There are tons of shops at your disposal if you only type a few words like “top jewelry stores online” or “best jewel stores out there”. The same thing goes for YouTube. You can literally type anything and learn about some of the best online jewelry stores in the world in a very fun and interactive way. And it takes almost no time! You can become a fashion expert of some sort within 15 minutes. You will know every strong brand, a few celebrities who wear their products and you will also be able to measure whether they quality-price ratio is a good one or not. Now this was the easy part. In the majority of guides you might have just got the “look for it” treatment and the subject would go on. That’s not happening here. Very few people actually give attention to the little details and examples of the journey that you need to take. So this is what we are going to do now. Once you have watched all the videos that you like, gone through some of the searches that seemed boring and tailored some sort of impression, it’s time to take to social media in every possible way. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are a must. Like and follow every jewelry shop that you are interested in and watch the news feed pile up. This is, somewhat, the hardest part you need to go through. This is what actually defines your style: you look through news regarding jewels, the people who wear them, who these people are and the additional shops that they recommend.



Girl-sits-on-wood-and-looks-at-the-sea There is no rocket science behind it, but you do require some patience. So how does this work? The thing with fashion, jewels implied, is that it is meant to show who you are. What you are looking for is, in fact, yourself. Your soul needs to express itself in jewels. There is a certain philosophy behind every object that people decide to wear. Whether it is round or square, whether it blue or red, whether it is tight or loose, every jewelry piece is supposed to symbolize you, how you feel on the inside and how you convert it to the exterior. Immerse yourself in the process, but do so willingly. If you just read two or three articles and automatically get bored, it is quite possible that you are not super interested in online jewelry stores. But if you keep reading over and over, the more the better, this clearly means that you are focused on finding the exact shops you need. The neat trick about the internet is that it’s going to be there tomorrow as well. Just take it as easy as you need to. We haven’t spoken about Pinterest, have we? It is quite possible the Pinterest is the ideal way for you to find the greatest shops or artisans who make jewels. Why? Because you simply have to look at pictures. In most of the cases, everything that you like is lined to some sort of shop or the artisan behind the design. It is an excellent and quick way for you to find whatever you are looking for. Pro tip: if the pictures do not have some sort of link or reference, copy and paste the details that the picture provides and start searching on Google. Yes, many people quit if they see that there is no reference, but if you want to find the jewels and the shops you love, you need to be relentless.  



Being Social and Courageous

Woman-is-on-a-swingJewels are everywhere. People all around you are wearing them. Women wear at least one ring and earrings or bracelets. Men wear necklaces, bracelets or cufflinks. This is the part where you need to start asking questions. You have no idea how many people are actually afraid of asking fashion questions, or simply making a compliment. Keep this idea in your mind at all times: asking about jewels and making compliments always opens people up. There is literally no person in the world who will not feel good if you notice what they are wearing and compliment their style. “I love it. Where did you get that from?” not only gives you the answer to how to find a good shop, but it opens an entire universe. The people who do not open up, do not share their fashion experience, who mistreat or ignore you even if you made a compliment or asked a question are either ignorant or evil. Being evil is unforgivable.


Denying fashion experience is something very rude and being ignorant means that they either do not have a good impression of you or they mistreat themselves on the inside. Encountering these people and losing them should not be an issue for you. Asking questions, taking interest in one’s jewels and complimenting them is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get you in the shops that you want to visit. After all, the jewel that they are wearing is cool, the shop must have some other similar ones and it’s worth checking out, right? It doesn’t even stop here. Supposing that you actually go and visit the shop, you can also ask assistants for further suggestions. But where does the courageous part fit in, you might ask? Try stopping strangers on the street and complimenting them on their jewels. You will understand the feeling the next second. There is great joy in being told that you look beautiful. Nothing personal, nothing intimate, complete strangers telling each other that they look good. It’s an invigorating feeling. Friends tell each other that they look gorgeous all the time and it’s great, but there is that interesting feeling when someone you do not know at all admires you for your style. It’s some sort of confirmation that you got things right. Plus, you can ask where they bought their jewels from and get the bonus extra knowledge. Should we mention that these types of encounters can end with a number exchange? Sure they do.  



The Road to Anything

Girl-with-the-purse So what does it actually take to find your best online jewelry stores? Willingness to search, dedication, curiosity and a little bit of courage. It all falls down to these simple things. There is literally nothing holding you back from researching everything you need to know or find. Unlike previous times when people needed personally get in contact with fashion designers or artisans to actually get to know the field, the internet is your best friends nowadays, providing you with all the instruments you need to seek out the shop of your dreams. Remember to always rely on Google, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, particularly on the last two. The fact that they provide entertaining and visual feedback is an excellent way for you to decide which jewels you like most and what online shops you should visit as soon as possible. Also, do not forget that you are permanently surrounded by people. A simple “where did you get that from?” can give you a ton of information that you would not have known existed in the first place. Genuine compliments can also open up conversations about reasons as to why those pieces were bought in the first place. The more you know, the better.