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Ways to Make Sure Your Pendentif Is Standing Out

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The pendentif is a jewel for you, isn’t it? There literally isn’t a woman in this world who does not like wearing a fancy necklace of any kind and shoes. But it’s never enough for us. Oh no, if we do not have the shiniest pendant in the room things simply cannot go right. It’s only natural. Who doesn’t love all the gentlemen who cannot abstain from turning around and having their mouths half open for a second or two? And if there are a few ladies gathering for an admiration session you know that some kind of showdown is bound to happen.


But here’s the situation: everyone’s gathered, the showdown is about to start and… nothing. You pendant is not complimented. It’s not that it’s bad in any way. The design is great, the gemstone looks good on you and you feel quite comfortable with the way you look. The only issue is that you don’t stand out. Or worse: nobody does. So how do you get out of this sticky situation? Of course it has to be you who makes it to the spotlight, so it’s time we showed you some tips and tricks as to how to put yourself first.



Designs That You Give You The Edge

Long-pendantThere is only one word we can begin with: beads. Beads are those types of jewels you cannot take your eyes off. They are like some kind of jewelry drug. If you will read our Key Benefits of Bead Jewelry guide, you will see that beads are simply some of the most irresistible jewels to the human eye. Their beautiful, round shapes add to your already round and gracious neck, making them an ideal tool if you want to both impress and seduce. It would also be very wise if you decided to make your own pendentif. It is not at all hard to accomplish and beads are some of the easiest pieces to work with. On top of that, you will have the knowledge and pride that the design that you have accomplished is entirely yours. One does not necessarily need to stand out via a shiny necklace. Imagine a scenario in which everyone starts boasting about where they bought their pendants from and you drop an “I made it myself”.


Things are bound to get interesting, don’t you think? All in all, if you are ever worried that your jewel does not stand out, feel free to try beads. You will see that they are worth the investment. Also, if you are planning on sticking to handmade pieces for the extra creativity and potential to impress, you can resort to any kind of design that you want. This is why we mentioned creativity in the first place. Add any gemstone color that you like to that golden chain, get an interesting clap, if you are adding beads try mixed colors. Do not be afraid to experiment. The worst case scenario is that you need to take a piece out and put it somewhere else. Narrow or widen your playing field just as you please. You are bound to create something unique that you will enjoy and attract positive attention with.



Mannequin-with-red-pendant If you know that round shapes are going to be something you’ll be dealing with, always feel free to wear something with irregular shapes. Pearls can be your best friend in this situation. Both freshwater and saltwater pearls come in a huge variety of shapes that you can toy with. Whether you are crafting your own pendentif or shopping for one, irregularity and abstract shapes are always something you can look forward to. You need not shy away from something that seems imperfect. On the contrary, it is a great philosophy if you think about it. Every human being is aware of the fact that they are not perfect. Most of us try to hide imperfections as best as we can, but the most courageous of us do not fear their imperfections. They welcome them. And what better way to admit this beautiful truth than wearing a pendant with irregular shapes? You can always rely on a particular color.


With pendants it can come quite difficult at times because of the fact that the large majority of them have a silver, gold or platinum chain. That does not give you many colors to work with, but gemstones and your wardrobe are your best friends in these tough times. Golden and platinum pendants work exceptionally well with peridots or other green gemstones. If you want to keep things simple, you can always rely on shades of red and even earth colors like orange, yellow or brown. A black dress of any kind can also be used to your advantage since it is fairly easy to match anything with black and vice versa. Purple is a royal color, by the way. If you like purple there is a great chance you might even be obsessed with it. Use it to your advantage. Purple is a great color to play with.  



Why You Should Consider Chain Lengths

Table-with-jewelsAs usual, we are going to stress how important it is to have the right length and material for your pendant. You should always, always remember that if you nailed the chain, you automatically nailed your entire pendant look. If you are not so keen on making a chain yourself, you have all the freedom in the world to resort to buying one. Actually, this is a little tip that you should keep in the back of your head: a newly bought chain will always attract more attention to your pendant. There is no super-secret behind it. It just shines better and people like it when they see something new. There is just an interesting feeling about it. Make sure that whatever pendant you are using is well taken care of. Polish it so that it looks just as new as the chain. You don’t want to spoil your looks with a good chain and an ill-looking pendant, do you? Choosing the right chain length also speaks for how you feel. The 14 inch chokers can make you exude a dominant attitude while the rope length (the 45 inch) can be quite flirty and playful. It is up to you whether you decide to go big or small since there is no telling whether gentlemen like ropes more than chokers or vice versa. It is safe to say that it mostly relies on the attitude. A good attitude with any type of necklace will always do the trick. Try it if you don’t believe us. You will not be disappointed.  



Pendant Designs

Pendant Pendant designs are another feature that you must pay attention to if you want to shine. While we were very adamant about the chain up until now, we assume that you do not want to have a super gorgeous chain with a silly pendant. Always be on the lookout for interesting shapes and visuals that are bound to be both attractive and fascinating. There are many pendants that display the Milky Way, abstract images or simply contain a pearl and impress through their utter simplicity. The pendant practically has to speak for yourself. If the chain is the one that balances your inner world, the pendant has to be the one that expresses it. There are also three variables that you should look for in every pendant that you want to purchase: the size, the best position that suits your neckline and your overall look and the materials of which it is comprised. This will not only influence the quality of the product, but they will also give you an idea of how comfortable it is going to sit on your neckline. You will not opt for a very heavy pendant if your chain is narrow and subtle and, at the same time, if you chain seems quite heavy you will not desire a pendant that will drag you downwards.


If you are aiming for gold make sure that you are not wearing it all the time, especially because makeup and perfume can deter its quality and gold is not a metal you want to toy with too much. As for where it should fit, well, let’s just say that if you find a more original way to place your pendant on the chain, it will definitely have impact. So let’s go through all the criteria quickly so that you know exactly what you need for your pendant to stand out: you can make it yourself for extra impact, use beads or irregular shapes depending on whether you know what kind of competition you will be facing and use your favorite color to your advantage. Choose your chains wisely since they are the part of your entire design that everyone sees first. If the chain makes great impact then you are good to go. Use chain lengths to display your mood. And finally, pay attention to your pendant size, material and the way it is supposed to fit on your neckline. Getting either of these features wrong can make or break the image that you want to display.


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