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Wearing a Pendant - The French Way


“The pendant french people use is very different from the one that everyone else does.” You might have heard this a few times and, even if you have not, you might still be thinking about it. But why is that? What makes this peculiar pendant more interesting or catchier than the ones the rest of the world is using? Are the French masters of some sort of life hack that just makes them look cooler, or is there something that we can notice easily? It’s a question that baffles many people, especially the ones who ae just diving into fashion. You will be surprised to find out that the French are not wearing pendants in any surprising, outstanding or awkward way. In fact, the answer is right in front of you: it’s the way they dress that makes their pendants stand out in such an artistic and catchy way. It’s sometimes frustrating to realize that the answer was all in front of you all along, but you never seemed quite able to crack the code. So it’s high time we looked at how the French dress and how wearing a pendant has become such an art for them.  



The Secrets to the Ultimate French Wardrobe

Girl-has-an-elegant-shirtIf you have ever looked upon French people wearing pendants, you might have noticed that they have a rather minimalistic approach which aids them in highlighting some of their greatest accessories. We are talking about necklaces in this specific guide, but we actually encourage you to take a look at French fashion and see that there is much attention given to accessories such as necklaces and brooches. Bracelets are rather interesting as well, but the French are very aware of the fact that their bodies have to be the number one attraction. This is why there is much attention given to the skin, in particular. There is nothing sexier than an accessory that presses against the skin. The curiosity, the feelings it exudes and the passion that emanates from one such person are very difficult to describe, but one can take great pleasure in just observing them. But let’s leave that for the end-game and start with something more secluding: the smoking. The smoking is an excellent clothing piece that touches a few, very important characteristics when it comes to style: it is elegant, straight, firm, gives you a good, formal impression and it can be one of the deadliest sex-appeal clothing pieces that any woman can wear. Match this with a pendant of any kind and you get a perfect combination of sounds and words: “mhm”, “yes”, “interesting”, “sexy”, “fascinating”. French fashion is aware of these feelings. It always was. And this is why the smoking – pendant combo has remained such a deadly one for so long. The next thing that French women keep in mind is that “flat can be your best friend”. Shoes and pendants? This is madness! Who would have ever thought about this combination? Oh, you would be surprised… Flats are a very interesting clothing piece that French women use to their advantage at an epic scale. Flats plus pendants equal sexy. Don’t ask us why. It’s some sort of national secret that this people have had for quite some time. Is it because it is formal? Yes… might be. Is it because it seems dominant? That too, we suppose. There is just something exquisite about a woman wearing this sort of combination and we honestly believe that we should not try to crack the code too much when it comes to this specific secret. It’s beautiful, so we might as well just leave it that way.  


Keeping Accessories to a Minimum and Your Style “Big”

Girl-wears-casual-clothes Ah, here’s a very simple one: the French have always been aware that you do not need too much to look fabulous. While the rest of the world are desperately attempting to adorn themselves with more and more jewels in order to capture everyone’s imagination, the French like to keep it simple and casual. In fact, they are really smart and psychological about it. Supposing that you met someone who was wearing many jewels you might be perplexed on what accessory you could compliment them on, right? With the sort of pendant french are wearing you do not have that sort of issue. You just see one item and you can compliment it. It can also go way further than that: you know that the person you are talking with is interested in looking good, being stylish and also being as modest as possible. You do not really want to get involved with some random person who just throws money on jewels and do not even know how to wear them accordingly, right? Sometimes, one single pendant is more than enough to make a statement. And that is the statement you are looking for. But what did we refer to when we were talking about the “big style”. Well, if you have given at least one glance to French fashion you might have noticed the Moto Jacket. This is the clothing piece that makes the solid transition between graceful to tough. Seriously, how could you ever say no to a girl wearing a Moto Jacket and a pendant? Can you even imagine how her requests would sound like? “Hey could do this and that… actually I want to do this and that because I won’t have it any other way.” Now imagine this statement in French, with the sexy r’s here and there and let your mind run wild. Here’s our most honest piece of advice: if you ever see a French girl wearing a pendant and a Moto Jacket, build up your courage and go ask her out. If she says yes, then boy are you in for a cool friendship! If she says no and you end up with a slap on top of everything… it was worth it!  



Back to Showing Your Skin

Girl-has-a-pink-black-hairAgain, this is a very interesting trait that is very interesting to discuss about. French women have always taken pleasure in showing off their skin, but not in the usual way that appeals to the women of the west. The secret to “skin showoff” is that French ladies choose to expose their back and their feet a lot. Shoulders are also perceived as a “must show” if you want to be the epitome of sexiness. Now if you want to get the complete picture, simply imagine that you call a girl out on the street and she turns around, pendant rotating right in after her motion is complete. Looks like a movie scene, doesn’t it? The only extra touch it requires is a slow-motion and we are good to go. But, on a more serious note, French fashion is also very psychological about back and shoulder exposure. Chest exposure, in general, it perceived as being a little bit “out there” and quite obvious. Back exposure is something totally different. It’s not about being proud. It’s about Showing a little bit of something, but keeping things interesting at the same time. To put it straight forward, you never know if a bareback is interested in finding passion or simply looking exceptional. That’s always a good reason to be interested. And, in most of the cases, you will find that starting a conversation with one such person is way above rewarding. And finally, let’s talk about that alluring clothing piece. When we refer to the alluring piece, we usually refer to that sexy skirt that fits perfectly on your body. Add a sweater and a pendant to that and you will land the combination of the century: cool, sexy and vintage. Some women only dream of achieving this kind of look. Others go out there and look good. French women know this little detail so, instead of wondering, they go out there and do it. Now that we have finally exposed the French pendant secret, it’s time to look at it one more time from a broader perspective.


Woman-wears-a-gray-shirt As you could see, there are no exceptional or out of the ordinary tweaks that the French ladies apply to their pendants. On the contrary, the French way of wearing them is just by adding them to an already interesting clothing combination. Now let’s recap “all the little things” you need to remember to rock a pendant the French way. Notice that the way these mademoiselles dress implies a fine line between formality and casual wear. They find the Moto Jacket and back exposure equally interesting and matching them with an accessories, pendants specifically, just adds the finishing touch that they are so interested in. They embrace the smoking, flats and they are pioneers of the ideal that “simplicity is essential”. The pendant that the french women wear is the key to the kingdom and, as long as you perceive it that way, you might unlock the secret of French beauty yourself. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to go full French on your pendant style.