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What Are Top Celebrities Wearing?


If the question “what are celebrities wearing?” is still on your lips, we are here to save the day. The year of 2016 seems to be a year in which a lot of unexpected things are coming back. Unlike technology, which does not have a way of going back into the past, fashion can resort to some older trends in order to maintain the flow up and running. This is why you will see some celebrities wearing the Von Dutch Cap or the Couture Tracksuit. Nobody actually expected these things to ever come back, but it looks like the world of celebs has something to say about that.


Think of it this way: the year of 2015 was a year in which originality flowed more freely when it came to how we should dress. Originality obviously takes some energy, so it needs some time to regenerate. Last year the wave was up, now it’s down and the waters need to gather once more. So at least if we are going to take a short fashion break, we might as well enjoy it. So here’s what celebrities are wearing nowadays. If you want to play the imitation game for a little while, then stick around and have fun. It looks like they are playing it too.  



Things Are Getting Naughty

Girl-is-laughtingLet’s start with what we have already mentioned: the Von Dutch Cap. You could actually compare this trend with the “OBEY” one, only that this one seems a little bit classier. How did we figure out that this is a thing? Well, because it appears in more paparazzi shots than the red Kabbalah string bracelet. And the red Kabbalah was literally worn by everyone. You can imagine that, if Britney Spears and Madonna wore both huge fans of that bracelet, you could find it on everyone’s hands. Just not as much as Von Dutch was found of everyone’s heads. Kyle Jenner is a true representative when it comes to Vin Dutch trucker caps. She wears it in a good number of selfies. It is also rumored that Von Dutch internet searches have gone up by almost 200% this year. And what’s also cool is that they are not expensive caps. You can find classic ones on ASOS for as little as £42. Another super trend that seems to reemerge is the Juicy Couture Tracksuit. All it took was Paris Hilton wearing it in one photo and, well, you can figure out how it blew up after that. It is paradoxical because nobody, literally nobody would have expected the couture tracksuit to make a stand this year. And yet here we are talking about it at this very moment. After Paris’ appearance Vetements decided to back this trend with full power and its presence during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week has guaranteed it a spot in this year’s most desired. Carine Roitfeld could not abstain from taking her phone out to take a picture. That has to mean something, doesn’t it?


Does anybody remember the Low-Rise Jeans? These things are so old school! But they have always been sexy. And even though we did not expect them to come back this year, we welcome them with an open heart. It’s almost as if we were back in that sixties state when your waistband absolutely needed to be as close to your knicker line as possible. Anywhere else would have not been cool at all. Keira Knightley rocked the red carpet with an exceptional pair and Emily Ratajkowski also dressed to impress with those sexy jeans. The last naughty trend that we want to talk about is getting support from Gigi Hadid: lace-up trousers. Britney Spears had a thing for them back in 2002, so maybe it’s time we brought them back, right? Gigi’s working on it. She wore an Oops I did it again pair of leather trousers to prove her point. Did it work? It sure did. Ever since February this year, when she wore the trousers, the trend seems to have gone up. Will it stay up? We’re not exactly sure yet, but the only thing that matters right now is that it had great impact. Keep it up Gigi!  



Choosing Watches Accordingly

Girl-wears-a-skirt We’ve got a little bit of a paradox here as well: we’re talking watches, which are a dead serious subject, the wearer is none other than Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds might be a funny guy, but he sure loves wearing a good watch. This is why he recommends Piaget. Well, perhaps because he also signed up for being the global brand ambassador for the super watch brand. Reynolds declares that he is not the kind of watch snob you would expect a brand ambassador to be. In theory, people associate the idea of a brand ambassador with a man who is very aware of reference numbers, complications, having as many options as possible and getting the exact minute and the exact second right. No, not Ryan. He believes that a watch’s most important features are timelessness, flexibility, functionality and, above else, elegance. Reynolds is very comfortable that he can wear his Polo S model during a formal event or whenever he decides to run with his daughter in the park. That’s the greatest thing that a watch can offer, if you think about it: it works well and you can wear it anywhere. Piaget seems to fit these requirements perfectly. But if you are wondering what celebrities are wearing in terms of watches, he has some tips for you that might really come to your aid: Make sure that it can be worn anywhere. You don’t need to look out for your watch over and over again. You didn’t buy it to treat it like a car. It’s supposed to feel comfortable both when you wear it and how you feel about it. Is your watch strong enough to get a beating? He recommends stainless steel because it’s really difficult to scratch. Also, your interior mechanism needs to be in top shape. You do not want that watch to stop when it hits the ground.



Woman-wears-a-gray-fashion-shirtCan you think about wearing it for the next 5 to 10 years? Smart watches are cool, we get it. But if you trip and your smart watch hits the ground it’s pretty much obsolete. Bye, bye money and, what is worse, you can never know when something can happen. If it happened 5 years after you purchased it… well, ok. But what if you bought it 3 months ago? A week? A day? That frustration is going to eat at you for a while. And why bother with it? Buy a watch that’s actually resistant. The ideal rule is that when it hits the ground, the ground is actually the one that’s supposed to break and not your watch. That’s a little bit too ideal, isn’t it? And lastly, how good will that watch look in 5 to 10 years? If there is one extra thing that you might want to consider when you buy a watch, it is timelessness. That’s because of two simple reasons: you really do not want to spend a couple of extra thousands of dollars in the following years and maybe you will want to give it to your son, or someone else in the family who appreciates watches for their true value. You could say that a watch is a moan’s most precious object. It’s way above the phone or the car. It’s a true object of value because of its esthetics and because it measures time. Time is the most valuable resource a human being can have. Measuring it, managing it and taking care of it is a great feature, a feature that every man cherishes.  



So What Is 2016 All About?

Girl-is-using-a-tabletIf there are two things that the year of 2016 is going to be remembered for, they are the reemergence of old trends and the choice of watches. It looks like this year is going to be a “break year” from unconventional things and we are jut going to stick to the basics. Many fashion icons are attempting to bring the old days back and since the game of fashion is an imitation game for over 90% of the people around the world, we can safely assume that the old days are really coming back. The Von Dutch Cap, the Juicy Couture Tracksuit, the Low-Rise Jeans, and the lace-up trousers are this year’s main attraction whenever we ask the question “what are celebrities wearing”. Let’s not forget about watches either. Although Ryan Reynolds promotes Piaget, it would be a mistake for us to think that competitors will settle for this. Super brands are going to come rolling in hard. So yes, it’s that simple: 2016 is all about unexpected trends coming back and fashionable watches. If you were wondering about what you should buy next, have a look at these. Every piece of clothing is suitable for a different style. It’s impossible for you not to find what you are looking for.