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What Celebrities Wear


Now this is a broad subject. If you are interested in what celebrities wear we will have to cover a few subjects to make sure that we fit in some of your most desired info. Ok, so if you are interested in what the people you often see on TV and social media are wearing you are obviously aware of how much pressure they find themselves under all the time, right? Before we go on, we need to establish this as a matter of pressure. Looking good and being under pressure are two things that can go hand in hand, but there is no requirement for you to do so. Celebrities are practically forced to buy the newest trends in town. At least that’s what most of them do anyway. But they also have to be very smart with their money. You cannot go around spending hundreds of dollars a few times a week because you found a new pair of jeans or because you saw some cool shoes. You have to play the smart game.


So this is perhaps why you are here in the first place: you want to look good, (maybe) dress like a celebrity that you are fond of and you obviously want to spend as least money as possible. And this is exactly what we are going to teach you. But remember: you are under no sort of pressure. Paparazzi are not chasing you (yet, hopefully) and you do not need to throw your money on a $100 shirt that you are going to wear only from the grocery store and back. That little old thing that you’ve been wearing for half a year is still a great option. Having set the ground rule, let’s look at a few things that celebrities sure do love spending their money on.  



A Cool Pair of Jeans

Girl-has-a-pair-of-jeansIt so happens that big names buy from one big brand. Considering all the big names that we are going to mention… no, this is not a coincidence. We are talking about Denim Frame. That’s right, this is the brand that all celebs like to wear. They’re cool, sexy and they seem to be quite cost efficient. Top it off with the fact that everyone is wearing them during the weekends and you have an awesome brand. So who is wearing them? Kendal Jenner is the first good example. She is a fan of the Nouveau Le Mix Remix Jeans, which can amount up to £350. Some consider this pair quite expensive, but the truth is that this the two-tone style that seems to be dominating this summer. If you are on a low budget, we advise that you think about it. If not, go straight at them. Gigi Hadid prefers a little simplicity… with a slight cut. She was spotted wearing Le Original Jeans, which you can find for as little as £150 and the reason why they are so good is because they work with a ton of different boots. Gigi’s sister, Bella, on the other hand, likes to play the big games and she was seen wearing Nouveau Le Mix Remix Jeans as well. Although her feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye might be eating her soul out right now, we still have to give Taylor Swift credit for having one of the best outfits in town. She was spotted wearing Le Skinny de Jeanne Jeans, which cost as much a £160. Playing it modest Taylor, are we? Actually, it’s not about playing it in any way. Taylor is known for being a cool girl and these jeans do nothing more than strengthen the statement. Miranda Kerr has also showed interest in wearing Denims. She displayed a cool pair of Ali High-Rise Skinny Jeans, which are available for only $135! And the last display of beauty was given to us by the lovely Karlie Kloss. She boldly wore the Forever Karlie Tall Flare Jeans for… obvious reasons.  



Winter Boots

Woman-has-a-pair-of-glasses As we are sure you know, winter boots are what celebrities wear in July. It’s quite chic, fashionable and… normal. Wait, what?! Winter boots in July?! This is madness! Or not? Although it might be hot down there, it’s definitely a good way to stand out. Sadly, we do not expect the reverse trend to work well during winter. But since we are in summer and this trend seems to stick, we should do the same. Here are some of the coolest looks we could find, but there might be more ladies out there who are pushing summer limits as well. Keep your eyes peeled. Hayley Baldwin prefers Alexander Wang boots (actually she prefers black boots with a black purse while wearing a white top). Kendal Jenner prefers to go all statement with a dark blue Gianvito Rossi pair of boots. Very classy and quite catchy considering that she was wearing bright blue short denims, a white shirt and a bright brown coat. Bella Hadid prefers to keep things simple and black, even though the sun was blistering outside. The famous fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni was seen wearing Luis Vitton chucky boots. And judging by the fact that she wore them we are not hesitant to say that they are going to be quite a blast this year. Oh, and Gigi loves Stuart Weitzman. A word of advice, though: if we consider the fact that these ladies are wearing these shoes now, we might as well know that they are going to be late autumn and winter trends. But by then the girls will have already been one step ahead of the industry. Better keep your eyes open so you can be one step ahead yourself.  



Tips for the Pros

Two-girls-with-blonde-hairNow look: if you want to buy some of these things it’s great. You’re not out of trend and it does look like legs are a thing this summer. But the real focus should not be only on what celebs are wearing, but how they are wearing their clothes. This is why we are going to give you some super tips if you want to look like celebrities this summer. First things first, bare your legs. Just don’t do that if it’s a little chilly outside. But whenever you have the chance, bare legs are always a good way to display beauty and sexiness. You can also use this technique to match your snickers with your micro denim skirt. Not only do you impress with your natural beauty, but this move also leaves some space for you to play with your style and have a little fun. Try it. The results can only be positive. The worst thing that can happen is for you to have exposed legs and a bad outfit, but gentlemen are not going to be looking at the bad outfit anyway. Secondly, define your waist as best as you can. Don’t overdo it: no tight belts or anything like that. You can use a white dress with a loose black belt and that’s more than enough. It is very important that you do not focus on this particular quality. A mistake that we usually observe is that ladies specifically focus on highlighting their waists and they forget the bigger picture. Just make sure that this is a part of your overall image. Just that. If you want to put a lot of accessories on, you had better keep your clothes simple. Nothing ruins the mood more than a statement necklace paired with a very bold dress. What are we supposed to look at in the first place? Make up your mind and know that two different pieces are actually a good reason to use two different outfits! That necklace can work very well on something simple today and you can wear that bold dress tomorrow. Keep your life simple and elegant. There is more than enough time to show off everything you’ve got.



Woman-wears-an-undershirt Lastly, wear only the heels that you can walk with. This is another party pooper. You see a lady with some gorgeous shoes and you feel your heart growing. You see that she can barely hold your ground and you feel like running away in the next second. Prom night is the last experience you should have with super big heels. And even that can be avoided if you think about it beforehand. Have you ever seen a celebrity not being able to walk in their heels? That’s everything the media need for a newsflash. If you want to look like your idols you had better follow these rules. They’re simple, easy to apply and you will shine like a star in no time. Just remember that, amongst what celebrities wear this summer, there seems to be a lot of focus on legs. And we do get why: they are sexiest parts of our bodies. Beautiful legs are always charming to look at. So don’t be shy. Take a look at your jeans, replace them if you have to (or take them off), wear some great shoes, define your waist and accessorize accordingly. Put your glamor look on.