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What Is an Accessory?

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What is an accessory? Quite a simple question, isn’t it? It is practically the sort of question anyone could answer, in one way or another. The challenge is that fashion cannot answer these questions in a simplistic way. There is a lot behind an accessory that is invisible to the naked eye, so it is fashion’s duty to expose these unseen truths and make them visible to the naked eye. Should you look for definitions, you will always find the same answers written in different ways. Are they accurate? Yes. But do they reflect the true nature of an accessory? Hardly, it is quite difficult to say if a random definition has the potential to uncover at least a fraction of what an accessory actually is, but we will give credit where credit is due. Should you ever google accessories some definitions will tell you that they are a means of expression, which is indeed accurate, but this does even cover a quarter of an accessory’s actual meaning. It’s time we understood what accessories actually meant to the people who wear them. So buckle up and get ready for the journey. It is going to be a long and fruitful one.  



The Comfort of Wearing Them

Woman-has-a-black-leather-jacketOne of the most important features that accessories bring to the table is comfort. Comfort is an ideal that we all aspire towards. And the truth is that it is quite rare in the opinions of many. Every day we wake up, wear the same clothes (more or less), go to the same job, come back home, try to relax, sleep and then the next day starts all over again. In a world of perpetual habits and in which people are mostly self-centered, comfort is something that we all crave for. Comfort comes in different forms. Some perceive it as the ease of wearing an accessory. It is a common truth that the way in which we wear them is extremely convenient. We trade some money for extra beauty. We do not need to worry about it too much (unless we are wearing really expensive metals, of course) and once you put them on you can literally forget about them. If we had lived 100 years ago we would know how it felt to be used to the pressure of taking care of our jewels. Constantly looking out for them not to break, seeing if they left any sort of sign on our clothes or other little things that could happen. These all seem trivial these days, because they really are. The art of the craft and design have evolved in such a way that we do not need to worry ourselves about these things anymore. For others comfort has more of a spiritual meaning that a physical one. Adorning oneself with jewels with specific properties or with other items that make them look better is a way of coping with a reality that they might or might not enjoy. For them, this is a method to get away from everything and it does bring a degree of happiness for a while. In the end, comfort is one of the main reasons as to why we wear accessories. They have this capacity to make us whole, something that very few objects in the world can achieve.  



The Expression of an Inner Universe

Woman-has-a-lot-of-tattoos Perhaps you would have never considered that fashion and physics were connected, but they are. The expression of an inner universe is perhaps, if not the strongest, reason why we all wear accessories. It is an interesting way to think about it, that we are all little universes. We have our own inner worlds that we learn to manage and to decorate, but if we take a moment and think about how things are arranged in the universe, we would quickly come to the conclusion that there is darkness between any two objects in this world. This where accessories come in. In a very philosophical way, accessories are like a beam of light that brings two celestial objects closer to each other, or at least allow them to identify each other. No matter what jewels you are wearing, you are practically initiating a dialogue: “Hello, this is me. Is there anyone else out there?” The objects that we decide to wear are, in fact, our decision to find people who are similar to us or who can appreciate us for who we really are. If another “celestial object” does not detect us it can be quite painful at times, but the results on the long term are way better. Thus we can conclude that the conclusion to “what is an accessory?” is actually a way of finding the ones you love. It is a very deep and emotional experience and it is perhaps one of the most profound ones that an object can bring us close to. Isn’t it fascinating to consider that humans have imbued these objects with such feelings that we have transformed them into beacons of hope?  



The Desire to Transcend

Woman-has-a-fashion-lookThe desire to ascend can be best explained with the aid of gemstones and what each and every one of them signifies. It should not come as a secret to you to know that people wear gemstones because they believe those gemstones have some sort of spiritual properties. Some are believed to enable us to learn better, others are believed to shield us from negative spirits and feelings and people even believe that some gemstones can bring love into our lives. To be quite fair, we are not really sure if all of these are real, but one thing is certain: if people have been passing this information on since the dawn of mankind, there is certainly some truth about them. Either way, the need for ascension is something that resides deep within every human being. We all aspire to become better than we already are. We all have our dreams, our hopes and we all think of things that push us forward. As long as these accessories can actually help us, they are more than welcome in our lives. We need to tread carefully, however. There is a great difference between transcending our current statues because we feel like we have the power to do so and the sort of “transcendence” that is born out of greed. Social status has always been a part of our lives, no matter the culture that we were part of, so somewhere, in the back of our heads, we all perceive that if we wear better accessories we are better than those who do not. Make sure that you do not fall into this trap. No matter how important accessories are and how much power we decide to give them, we must always remember that it is us who need to rise above our condition, not the objects that we decide to wear. Objects are objects. We can strip them of their value in a second, we can ignore them, we can break them and the world will continue to spit as it did until this very moment. People are most valuable in fashion, far beyond any clothes, jewels, handbags or pants that we are ever going to wear. So you see, an accessory is not as easy to define as “an object that you wear to send a message” or “an object that you wear because it is in trend”. These are superficial points of view that not only strip these objects of their value, but are completely misleading to the people who actually want to learn about their true value. Now let us take a moment and look back at some of the key elements that these objects bring into our lives.


Woman-is-depressed They bring joy and comfort. Whether we decide to think about them as objects that make us more beautiful or that pick us up from out usual state, accessories make you feel more at ease with life and with yourself. They provide both and interior and exterior feelings that we experience in different ways. Comfort is one of the main factors that drives us forward when purchasing any piece of our liking. Then there is “the silent expression of a different world”. We all shelter a completely different, personal and deep perception of life, something that everyone can learn from us, but we cannot go running around the streets sharing the profoundness of our feelings, can we? This is why accessories are a good alternative. When people see you, they might not immediately know what is going on beneath the surface, but your objects of choice should be enough to stir their interest. Have you found the people who appreciate you for who you really are? This might be one of the best ways for you to find out. And lastly, accessories allow us to go way beyond our normal selves. It is a desire that drives all of us forward. What is an accessory? It is an uplifting object.


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