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What Is Better - Fame or Money?

Truth be told: none. But a good number of people are really interested in fame or money. Why? The reason is quite simple. You might know it yourself: it looks nice. But the fact that it looks nice is only the easy part. You have to work day and night for that and people do not want to work, not all of them, anyway. They want the results. It’s ok to do so, but you need to have that plan up and going for you. If you don’t, you will just end up where you began. Today we are not only going to see why fame and money are not “better”, but we will also ensure that you know exactly what you need to get your desires up and running.


So what’s the deal with fame and money? Why are none of them good for you? It sounds a little bit absurd, doesn’t it? The two things that everyone wants… and that they should not have? Why? Well, let’s start with the obvious question: don’t you think that there is something wrong about the things that everyone wants? That’s like cheating yourself out of the game. Why would you want to be like everybody? The whole point of fame is to be different than everybody else. And if we want to be famous for the same reasons there is no difference in that. We are going to look at both money and fame, study them carefully and see what results we might achieve if we only keep these two in mind. By the end of the guide you will see why rooting for these two is one of the greatest mistakes of your life. But that is fine because you will know why and you will also know how to counter it. Are you ready for a real change of heart?  



Why Fame Is Not the Solution

Woman-admires-the-viewLet’s cut to the chase: do you really want paparazzi following you all over the place? Do you want your entire life to be exposed to the world? Every move looked after? Do you want constant babysitting from bodyguards, stylists and even the occasional stalking (both in real life and social media)? Nobody truly wants that. Actually, the more privacy you have, the better. But you should know that being famous means giving up your privacy. For some, this can be a very difficult thing to do. Others just decide to go with the flow and upload everything they are doing on YouTube and Instagram, flooding Facebook with all of their pictures and livestream as much as possible. But know this: if you truly decide to be famous, everyone will know everything you do (almost) every time. That almost counts for around 95% of the time. Your day to day decisions are going to get a lot harder. What are you going to wear? Why are you going to wear it? Can you take a cab? Or maybe you want to take an Uber? Going with public transport might not be safe anymore. What are you going to eat? Are you slim enough? Are your clothes good enough? Is anybody watching you? These are all questions that you have to ask yourself over and over again. And what is terrifying is that the answer to most of them might not be what you want it to be. Lastly, and this is the most important part, being famous requires a certain mentality. Yes, sadly (in fact, happily), you need to change.


You need to stop caring about people’s opinions of you, you need to deal with stress very well, you need to absolutely be able to work with anyone under any condition. You practically have to give up your comfort zone, which is not something that you will do lightly. You need to rewire your entire life, get in good shape, develop good social skills and follow a routine. If you truly want to know why you do not want to be famous, it is because it is boring and it is not for everyone. Yes, you might not believe it, but success is really, really boring. Learning to create a routine is hard work. Sticking to it is even harder. This is why the majority of the people around the world are not famous. They are either too lazy or get bored too quickly. The result: around 90% of the people in the world are not famous. The rest of the 10% are famous and rich. Now it’s time to let you know why you don’t need money either.  



Why Money Is Not Your Solution

Woman-has-a-nice-blonde-hair Simply put: because you might not be educated to deal with it. Now take a moment, hold that throught, think it through and let’s talk about it. You might feel insulted. “Are they telling me that I am stupid? What’s so hard about working with money?” These are the questions that might be running through your mind right now. And the fact that such questions roam through your head are proof that you are not yet ready to deal with it. It is not your fault that you are not financially educated. Nobody is. School does not teach you how to deal with money because the system does not want you to be very smart with your money. Everybody wants you to consume. And that is where the real problem begins. Let’s look at an average person’s income expenditure: they start with a decent job, they rent a place, they meet the love of their lives, their salary grows, they loan money to buy a house and a car, they keep working, a baby is on the way, they loan more money to buy a bigger house and a bigger car and they will work a little bit more because they want some random “little” reward for the fact that they work so much. In reality, people are not working for themselves. They work for the system and the bank. At the end of the month they have plenty of liabilities, which drain them of money, and no cash left in their hands. What they have is no life and a huge debt. Your friends go through the same things, your parents might have done the same and everyone does it. We are back to the fame issue: if everyone does it, don’t you think that that’s an issue? It is important to learn how to deal with your money, how to consume less (because, let’s be honest, you do not need everything that you are buying), learn how to invest and create your own cash flow that can work independently, without you having to involve yourself. In short, you want to learn how to be a business owner or an investor. There are more than enough books on these particular subjects that show you the way.  



What You Actually Need

Woman-has-a-black-dress… is education. Again, filter this information. Do not take it personally and do not think about it emotionally. Take it all logically: school does not want you to be good with money or fame. School just wants you to be a good employee. It’s ok for school to want that because the world needs employees. But, above everything else, the world needs smart people. A system that does not breed smart people is not a good system. And it is a system that is going to cheat you for the rest of your life. Look at all the celebrities you admire. They have both money and fame. The only difference between you and them is, in fact, that they know how to manage their fame and money. You do not, yet. This is why proper education is important. It starts with simple things like going to a few business seminars, buying books that talk about self-discipline, financial education and even motivational ones that talk to you in a nice way. We actually recommend that you try some motivational books and just see the different tone that they use when explaining issues and solutions. Compare them to the usual branding, marketing or whichever books you usually read. You will be surprised to find out what a changed voice can do to you. This is pretty much everything you need to know about this subject. Do not aim for fame or money. You will risk falling into the same trap everyone else is.


What you need to aim for is being smart and being a whole lot more educated. You will see that, in time, once you develop certain skills and a new way of thinking, you will become both famous (at least among all your friends) and the money will start piling in. We talked about delayed gratification in our previous guides. Know that every good thing takes time. So keep improving. To be fair, if you do not find these tips useful, we can definitely say that none of the above will help you in achieving the life you want. Fame or money… they are both dependent on one another. You need to be smart in order to realize that and make it work to your advantage.