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What Is Fashion - The Secret World of High Paid Models


What is fashion? Well, with the evolution of technology and social media it did stretch to a wider sense, but the core is still the same. Perhaps the best way to put it is “promoting beauty”. That’s pretty much what fashion is all about. Promoting beauty, setting trends, giving the world a direction and showing you how it’s done. This is the broad sense of it, but there is much that you do not really know about. Tons of variables are being considered every day once a new line of clothing or a new model appears. This is our aim: to show you the secret behind this miraculous industry. It’s a trick, actually. If you will look at all the variables that we mentioned above, each and every one is interpretable in some way.


What is beauty? Beauty is what you want it to be. Beauty is not necessarily what you see on TV, at a fashion show or what someone tells you it is. You process beauty in a very different way compared to others. What is a trend? Or, to ask the right question, do we actually need a trend or multiple ones? It’s still a yes or no question. Trends are practically “what everyone’s wearing”. Do you want to be like everyone? No. You want to feel loved and accepted. Ah, but that’s an entirely different subject. Does the world need a direction? Maybe. It would be quite boring if we wore the same clothes over and over again. We definitely need a little diversification, but in the end what are we talking about? Clothes, jewels, other accessories that we wear on a regular basis. Their purpose? To make us look better. Seriously, take this point of view into consideration: if you want to look richer you practically have to adorn yourself with as many expensive things as possible. How on earth does that make sense?  



If You Want Secrets, You’ve Come to the Right Place

Woman-has-beautiful-clothes“The secret world” of models, designers, anybody who is famous in the industry, is not very different from ours. If you are a Game of Thrones fan you might be familiar with the words “it’s a trick, a shadow on the wall”. The greatness of the shadow is only as big as you perceive it. Every famous person in the industry did only two things: they worked hard and they had passion. Most people think this is a joke and treat it as the ultimate cliché. Why? Because they think it’s simple. Look at all the big names and know their stories. Coco Chanel was an orphan. Armani was unsure of his career in his youth and he ended up making clothes for 10 clients at the same time. Gigi Hadid is loved for her beauty, but that girl works hard every day to maintain that look. Karlie Kloss was bullied in high school and called an alien. These are people who do not give up. They are persistent and life cannot beat them. Now think about the rest of the world. We are all busy paying taxes, envying the famous ones and occasionally come up with conspiracy theories that some celebrity got somewhere because of sex. Some things like these happen sometimes, but if you wonder why some celebrities go from super star to zero within a few months or years it’s because of these two “little things”: they were not passionate enough and they did not work hard enough. They found a shortcut and they thought that they could get away with it. It just doesn’t work like that. How large is the shadow on the wall? Not too big. But if the majority of people prefer to just sit and watch others get rich it looks very, very big.



The Only Factor That Can Be Considered “Luck”

Woman has an elegant undrshirt If the question “what is fashion” pops up into your head a lot you automatically think about luck. If you do not think about it all the time it’s great, but you must have though about it at some point, right? There is one detail that can be considered luck in fashion and that’s genetics. Now don’t let your ego explode because it’s not that simple. It is true that genetics are luck? Yes and no. It’s obviously a great plus if you look great. After all, there are certain beauty patters that look good no matter the country you are from. But the reason why this is not luck is because you have a choice. Anybody you see in the fashion industry could have chosen a totally different career. They could have worked for NASA, for Microsoft or they could have joined the army. Beautiful women are everywhere and saying that some fashion celebrity got famous because they are beautiful is rather superficial. These are intelligent people. They know what they are getting themselves into and they know that they have an advantage. Although, if you look at them, there are many well known celebrities nowadays who did not look spectacular a few years back. Guess that discipline and good care of themselves paid off quite well. So yes, if we are to really say whether genetics are luck or not, we can definitely say not. And it’s an objective point of view. People who decided to pursue this career were aware of the fact that they have a good chance, but if they just entered the world and had absolutely no discipline they would have fallen out of it quite fast. Remember that next time you are tying to blame it all on genetics and luck, think again. These people had a plan. And it looks like it worked.  



Well Paid Models Are, In Fact, Good Business People

Woman-has-beautiful-eyesIt is not obvious when you think about it the first time, but you wanted secrets, so we are going to give them to you. If you want to know something about this world, you have to understand that they know they have to make money work for them in some way. They are actively looking for systems that can generate income and for ways in which they can multiply their income. Instagram is a perfect example. Gigi Hadid gets paid with a great sum of money every time she posts something on Instagram. Miranda Kerr does the same. Karlie Kloss has a YouTube channel on which she posts often. They know that all of these little things work for them. They multiply their income, their fame, more and more people get to know more things about them and that’s the way you stay on top. It is also true that image is a very powerful active that makes a tone of money. This is one of the major differences between celebs and every day people. Celebrities are interested in looking good. Why? Because it’s a 2 in 1 pack towards success. Staying healthy is always important. You do it for yourself mostly, but nowadays it is also an excellent way to start your own business and try to promote a healthy lifestyle. Regular people are too busy with work, paying taxes and throwing money on entertainment, but high profile people are interested in that money that anybody throws on entertainment. It’s quite funny when you think about it because the only difference between the two people is the way they think. Regular people want to be like super stars so they spend money trying to be like super stars. The only thing that they are doing wrong is that they are spending that money and not saving and investing it into themselves. It’s just how the world works, only that it is difficult to see it when you are stuck paying taxes and envying others for their accomplishments. Better throw some more money then.



Girl-has-a-red-shirt There you have it, the dirty secrets of the world of fashion exposed right in front of you. The only issue now is that you might either be disappointed or you might not have understood one thing out of everything we said here. So let’s make it a little simpler. What is fashion? Fashion is a system. It understands that it generates the need for new clothes and accessories all the time. Why? Because everyone needs them. Everybody needs clothes and everybody craves for a better social status. The truth is that you really do not need to look like any fashion icon to be beautiful or special. This is where the “be yourself” comes in play. Nonetheless, fashion understands that your needs will always be the same. So it produces. Over and over because you will always need a little something else. High paid models are part of the system. A part of the money that reaches the top also stops at them. Think of it as s wheel. You give money to fashion, it goes through models, fashion reinvests so you can see what else there is new, you give money again, it goes through models again and on and on it goes. Get the system. Master fashion.