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What Is My Clothing Style?


“What is my clothing style?” is perhaps one of the most common questions one everyone’s lips. Whether you are completely new to fashion or still “looking to find yourself”, your clothing style is something that should (not worry, because that is too harsh a term, but) concern you. It’s a vicious circle of some sorts. We all strive to be different, so we try to ignore social rules at first, but the more we advance in life the more we see that people around us are constantly changing. And when people change, their clothing styles change as well. It is some sort of unwritten rule. Then we simply reach the conclusion that we have to take our style into consideration. First things first, we need to congratulate you. If you are searching for the answer to this question it means that something has changed in you, and it has changed for the better. Millions of people worldwide choose to ignore their clothing style. It’s the sort of “I am against the system” kind of attitude. It’s all nice and fun when you are young, but when we finally grow up we come to understand that fashion is a part of our lives and that we have a deep need for it. It helps us express ourselves, it makes us happier and it gets us closer to the people we are looking for. So bravo, you have already made the hard decision. Now it’s all up to us to help you find your way.  



Your Temperament Actually Matters a Lot

Woman-has-black-curly-hairThe first thing you need to take into consideration is… yourself. What kind of person are you? Perhaps you prefer the laid back, calm type of social interaction. Or maybe you are the fiery, passionate leader who was born to inspire everyone? If not, are you the outgoing type? Always surrounded by friends, the heart of the party and the first to open the champagne? Or perhaps you are none of these. You are the cold, calculated person that gets things done right no matter what. These are all temperaments, ways in which we live our lives and how we react to things. None of them is wrong. In fact, having them all combined is a great asset. A team of four people having all the four different temperaments is very precious. So let’s look at your temperament first, identify it and then we can move on to your required clothing style. The sanguine is, perhaps, the one temperament that is loved by all (with the usual exceptions, of course). The sanguine is the party person. Always social, forever careful with those around them, sanguines are always at the heart of the group. They can be quite clumsy at times, but their everlasting mind chaos is nothing compared to the energy that they bring to the table. The melancholic is the cold, calculated one we were talking about. This guy loves having things organized. If something is not done meticulously, flawless and impeccable, then that something can be completely useless. They love having things done their way and they can be quite difficult to cooperate with at times. They are good leaders and they have a very deep understanding of life. The phlegmatic is a really, really nice person. They are very peace-oriented, want everyone to be happy and, contrary to the sanguine, they are meant to calm everyone down and make sure that they have a nice and pleasant evening. The main issue with these guys and girls is that they can easily get complacent. Phlegmatics do not mind if something if someone else makes decisions, but this can lead to ignorance really, really fast. Lastly, the choleric is a stubborn piece of work. For some reason people are afraid of this temperament. It’s because they know that when they get mad they explode really fast. It’s true, these people can explode, but this is not a reason for you not to get close and personal with them. You will see that cholerics are born leaders, quite organized and they are visionaries. If you are a choleric then good for you! But if you’re not, are you sure you don’t want to meet these people? You’re missing out on a lot!  



Clothing Styles Fit for Each and Every One of Them

The-cute-girl-has-a-beautiful-red-hair Now back to the “what is my clothing style” question. You already have a better idea of who you are, so let’s look into some clothing styles that we handpicked for each and every one of the temperaments. You need to bear in mind two simple things: firstly, we did not pick these because we just thought about them, temperaments adapt their style to their needs; and secondly, these are not all the styles out there. In fact, it would be a flawed argument for us to admit that we could provide you with the exact style you need. You know yourself better than we will ever know you. So experiment! Find yourself. Ok, now for sanguines there are two specific styles that come to mind easily: arty and chic. The arty one is, well, as the name suggests, focused on a rather artistic look. They tend to choose handcrafted jewels most of the time and they really stand out from the crowd. As for the chic one, you can get a better idea of what chic means if you consider it to be “fashionable” or “stylish”. Chic means that your clothes are strong, but they are not vulgar in any way. You just draw attention to who you are by being yourself. As for melancholics, there are two ways of thinking about them: they are either super formal or focused on that “deep life” feeling that they have. So two of the best styles for these profound, yet meticulous creatures would be glamorous and sophisticated. Being glamorous is synonymous to being exquisitely beautiful, but also showing some sense of drama. The long, white, formal dress is a perfect example of a melancholic look. Sophistication, on the other hand, is practically a declaration that there are very few things that actually satisfy you. These people have a really well-shaped impression of themselves as being luxurious and friends of culture.


Girl-wears-a-gray-dressNow let’s see… the phlegmatic. This friendly one is mostly preppy or tomboy. If you are not sure of what preppy is, you can go to any college campus, sit down and watch students. It’s super popular and it comes with a great advantage: these people do not need to take the shop straight to the bank so that they can get anything they need. The actually invest little into their awesome look. The best way to describe tomboy is to think of a girl who wants to keep it all simple, but pink is just a little too girly for her. If you want to get this style right you might as well try unisex clothes. Yes, those are perhaps the ones that give you the most accurate feeling. Quite comfortable, if you ask us, and the look is fabulous. Now for the choleric: this one is also pretty focused on formality, but they do tend to go for gorgeous things as well. Tomboy is ok for them, sophisticated works as well, but classic might be the exact thing you are looking for. Unlike melancholics, cholerics tend to show a little bit more of their human side, especially when they know that people judge them for blowing up from time to time. So classic is definitely a must-have style for them. Classic is about great fabric, gorgeous tailoring and a great, formal balance. Here’s the catch: classic seems very comfortable, but it’s all about the quality in the end. It’s the ideal “camouflage” for a choleric. But this is all just fun and games. Really, these people have great tastes and, because they are born leaders, they have the trendsetter mentality at the back of their heads.  



Recapping and Some Extra Tips

Girl-with-the-short-brown-hair Right, now let’s dive into our little recap and teach you some little things that you should always be aware of. You know temperaments, right? You know who you are and what you stand for, but no temperament stands alone, you will have another secondary coming in all the time. It’s the voices in your head that tell you right from wrong. So now you know that there might be at least four styles that we mentioned above which would fit you perfectly. You are already halfway there in discovering what you are actually looking for. Now the thing is that your journey does not stop here. It shouldn’t stop here. This is the part when you actually ask yourself ”what is my clothing style?” based on everything that you have seen here. Run to your closest shops and try a few things on. In a short period of time you are actually going to understand the style that fits you best and nobody will be able to stop you from being sexy anymore.