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What Is the Best Online Site for Jewellery

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Now that’s a tricky one. The best online site for jewellery is something that every individual thinks about differently. It all depends on your style, the brand, what you like about jewels or if you are more interested in the jewels or the actual site. That’s why we are going to cover these subjects today and try to establish what the best sites are. If you are already used to our style, you know that we never recommend just one site, one jewel, one design or one style. That is because every piece of clothing, every jewel, everything in fashion, actually, is unique. Even if someone is trying to copy something else from someone else the end result is going to be something that has been somewhat influenced by its new creator. You should approach online jewelry sites in the same manner. In the end, everybody is selling jewels, right? What matters is the story and the environment that the shop creates for the people who speak the same language. So let’s break the subject into a dew criteria and try to figure out for ourselves what the best sites are.  



Judging by Design

Girl-has-a-black-undershirtA site’s design is pretty much the equivalent of a shop. You see the jewels, admire them, you can take your pick at whichever you want, but if the background and the atmosphere that the site creates is not relevant or attractive in any way people will just leave. It’s all part of the quick shop process. Quick shopping practically means that you enter a site, look around and roam to the other. This is why site designs are important. If you lose the client within the first 3 seconds because of a bad first impression your site is practically doomed. One site that is particularly attractive and we would like to commend is Harry Winston. This site is way above perfect when it comes to how a jewelry site should look. It has all the little details covered and there might even be more to it than meets the eye. Let’s start with the basics: Harry Winston makes exceptional use of the blue color. We do not know exactly what it is about it, but we do know that blue is universally the most beautiful and welcomed color to the eye. So if we study the psychology behind it it’s as if the site says that “you can find premium jewelry here, but everybody is welcome.” It’s smart, it’s catchy and people are bound to come over and over again. Then there is the subject of values. Family is the most important value in life. It is at the center of our lives and at the center of society. So the second your eye sees two holding hands as the main image for the Fall Collection called Brilliantly in Love, you’re sold. There is literally no going back from here. We have luxury, a color that unites everyone and the site demonstrates that it values family and class above everything else. It’s pretty easy to see why we have considered this site, isn’t it?



woman-751236_640 Another interesting choice that we gladly recommend is Zoe & Morgan. At first sight, this site does not seem all too special, does it? It’s all about choosing natural colors with this one. The reason why we are going for Zoe & Morgan is because it’s the sort of site that invites you to remember where you came from. It’s the sort of cozy environment anyone would like to hang out in. We are also dealing with earth colors, which are pleasant to the eye no matter what. Brown is a dark, strong, yet welcoming color while green adds to the soothing effect. There’s little modern feeling about this site. It’s well organized, the layout is excellent, it responds well, the jewels are absolutely fabulous, really cost-efficient and it sort of gives you the impression that you are living in a spa room. So, you see, design is a core element that either makes or breaks your game when it comes to the online market. As long as you know who you are and what your jewels have to bring to the table, you can establish a proper identity and you will never lose customers within the first 5 seconds.  



Judging by the Brand

Woman-wears-an-elegant-skirt The best online site for jewellery in terms of brands is tricky as well. There are some super strong brand names out there that can be really difficult to choose from. We’re talking big names such as Cartier, Piaget or Tiffany & Co. In general, you should know that there are two criteria by which people judge these sites: it’s either a great product or it is the model that promotes it. Let’s take Swarovski, for example. This is the perfect example of a site which sells both exceptional products and it is currently backed by tow of the most famous models in fashion: Miranda Kerr and Karlie Kloss. The site’s design is not spectacular in any way. It is very well organized and the jewels look absolutely splendid. The Endless Shine summer style jewels are… hands down. People would gladly steal these jewels. But it’s not only the jewels that are fascinating. The people promoting them are always the number one attraction. Investors know that and having beautiful, strong women behind the brand is a great way to give the brand an edge. Miranda and Karlie are two very strong and independent women who speak for relatively different generations. Everything is tactical, it’s smart and it is simply beautiful. A site that stands out purely because of the product is Vacheron Constantin’s. But even this site sort of “cheats” its way upward. From the second you first access it you are greeted with a short video which encompasses plenty of small details which build towards the brand’s identity: a man dressed in a blue suit, different seasons and different means of transport. In short, Vacheron is slowly building the message that it is present in every gentleman’s life, throughout the seasons, wherever he goes. It’s a unique experience that builds up over time. Again, this is not only a great way to maintain the visitor’s attention, but it also gives them a good idea of what the brand is all about. The fact that there is a video presenting the brand is also a huge plus. We all have to admit that scrolling through 5 pictures can prove to be rather dull sometimes, doesn’t it? Having a video do all the work for you is like a dream come true.  



When You Decide to Judge by the Price

Woman-has-a-blue-shirtIf we could call the previous two tricky, suffice it to say that this is the slippery slope. People are divided into two large categories when they decide to judge by the price: the ones who say that the price does not matter that much and the people who say that money is power. The truth is that they are both right, but we are talking about two very different realities. Money doesn’t really matter when it comes down to jewelry. You want to purchase the jewel that you love and that’s that, right? Well, not if the jewel that you want costs £20,000. While some brands demand pure excellence, some are quite down to earth and keep things accessible for everybody. Perhaps Asos is the best site when it comes down to cost efficiency. You can find really expensive jewels around here if you look hard, but the point is to find cool jewels at the right price. Beauty is something that has to come from within and not the size of your pocket. Asos is not the fanciest site in the world, but the way it is organized allows you to surf around as you please.


You can literally find anything here if you are looking for specifics so, even if it looks a little bit too crowded in the beginning, take a deep breath or take a break and come back looking for some more. Just trust us on this one: you will surprise yourself if you run through the items you want a few times. These are pretty much the best sites based on what you are looking for. And these are only our suggestions! There are tons of different shops out there which might cater to your needs far better than these ones. It’s all about that finishing touch that we were talking about earlier. Now here’s what we are going to do. The best online site for jewellery is hard to find if we consider that everyone has their preferences, but we can give you some extra sites that you can check out for yourself. Here are some cool names that you might enjoy: Blk and Noir, Yield, Saught, Hookie Mama, Hortense, Tatty Devine, Loren Hope, Stella & Dot and Astley Clarke. All of these shops are spectacular in their own way and if the ones that we presented you do not fit your criteria, then by all means indulge yourself and seek what you desire!


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