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What Necklaces Does Beyonce Wear?


She might be a rather modest super star, but Beyoncé does know how to rock a cool necklace. In fact, beyonce necklaces are some of the most known pieces in the world for the fact that they are so bold and so hard to compete with. Yesterday we talked about Lady Gaga’s necklaces and you can imagine the glamour difference if even she has a hard time to keep up with her. Still, if we are to truly understand the level of awesomeness that Beyoncé displays, we should give her necklaces full priority. Whether we want it or not, they are a center piece to her fashionable looks. Let’s keep it simple: remember when she released her “Formation” music video? People went wild, but for different reasons. Some were way too deep into the lyrics with all the Illuminati and “haters” hype, but some just decided that it would be an interesting idea to look at the major bling-bling around her neck.


This is one of the few moments when we can actually compare her to Gaga and vice versa: so many layers, the match with the bracelets, the aggressive moments and the body language are a perfect statement combination. It’s as if you walk the line between statement and vulgarity and you’re trying not to sidestep. It’s hard, just not impossible. Layers are a very important part of Beyoncé’s appearance. Without them, she would seem like the usual, modest singer that we all know her to be. But the moment you equip yourself with layers it’s as if you are entering a completely different world. If you are here to find out how to land these kinds of combinations, or if you are just looking for a Beyoncé look, we are here to let you know that it is not as impossible to achieve as it seems. All you need to do is know the essential steps that you need to follow and you will obtain what you are looking for.  



How Do You Work with Layers?

Beyonce-wears-a-yellow-dressPractically, layered necklaces are a few necklaces put together. That is everything you need to know if you are interested in creating your own style with a little inspiration from Beyoncé. You do not need to be a rocket scientist, but you do need to think about the layering structure. It already seems complicated, doesn’t it? Do not fear. Layering structure is basically the order in which you decide to add necklaces on your neck. While everybody has the freedom to adorn themselves as they please, you should be aware of the fact that there a certain pattern that occurs over and over again. If you want to look good, the impression that you have to make is as follows: the largest piece that you are using should be seen somewhere below the neck, then comes a smaller piece and then the medium one. There are many people who do not understand how this works so we will make it easy for you: this is how it should seem that you arranged your jewels. The reason why we say “seem” is because, firstly, notice that this is a standard pattern, not an obligation; and, secondly, there are plenty of interesting techniques that you can use more out of the ordinary, sensual and graceful. One of these particularly interesting techniques is wearing long necklaces on your back. It is quite a unique trend. Needless to say, you have to be very careful about how they look on your neck, but the extra sexy effect that you can obtain with the right dress can be devastating for both ladies and gentlemen. So remember: layers are all about pairing the right necklaces. Try not to pair silver with gold (unless you are a pro) and use gemstones to your advantage. Keep in mind that this is a rather delicate process which takes time to be learnt, so do not rush. Take baby steps and know that you will make it wherever you want to make it in time.  



What Necklaces Did Beyonce Wear During Her Stunning Performance?

Beyonce-wears-two-big-earrings Just so that we are all clear, these beyonce necklaces are made of Swarovski crystals. But don’t you worry! There are plenty of different jewels on the market that you can either look for or try to play with if you are looking to create your own diva style. Man made diamonds, moissanite, and even tanzanite are great options for a good necklace. As a fun and interesting fact, tanzanite is 1000 times rarer than diamonds, but you will end up paying even 10 times less than you do on the former. Value is a relative thing, isn’t it? Coming back to Bey’s super combo, we need to look at three specific necklaces:  the Fallon Monarch Jagged Edge Choker, the Dylanlex Hadley Choker and the Dylanlex Falkor II Choker. If you will take a moment and Google each and one of these, you will notice that the design follows a simple pattern: chocker on top, medium piece in the middle and large piece of the finishing touch. The Fallon Monarch Jagged Edge Choker is not only an exquisite piece, but also a very simplistic one as well. They are practically diamonds with a ribbon. Very small and very elegant, you can even wear this beautiful little thing as a single piece. It is the least expensive of the marvelous collection, amounting to $300. If you are wondering whether it is a good buy or not, we would recommend that you get your hands on it ASAP.



Beyonce-is-singingThe Dylanlex Hadley Choker is where things get interesting. This fine jewel’s greatest feature is its square shape. The fact that it’s square and it’s placed in the middle makes it a great addition to the entire image. It’s not just the fact that it’s beautiful. It’s bold. It’s strong. Straight lines have a very powerful impact, especially if we are talking about a formal event. But since we are not talking about a formal event here, it is of great importance that you know that straight lines are also a great sign of power. Straight means firm. On top of everything else, the fact that this is the second piece gives Beyoncé a very interesting and exotic look. If there were any other piece instead of this one, the final combination might have been flawed beyond repairing. This spectacular chocker comes at a price of $940. But is is it entirely worth it? This is debatable. The necklace itself is very beautiful, but a little bit stiff. Clearly, this is not the sort of solo necklace that you would use at any event. It requires careful planning and a precise mixture. If you want to use it in the same way our beloved diva used it, then by all means take it. It is a proper purchase if you want to upgrade your looks in the right way. Lastly, the Dylanlex Falkor II Choker is not only the most expensive chocker in this collection, but it is also the finishing touch that Beyoncé required. It is also the largest part that she is wearing and the fact that it has a round shaped symbol is everything anybody needs for a cool video. The combination between this piece and the Hadley Chocker is practically a combination of strength and grace. You simply cannot stop it. It looks fantastic, it gives an extraordinary vibe and it pretty much represents everything this super star stands for. This is the most expensive piece she has worn, amounting to $1080. Now, just as with the previous chocker, it is debatable whether you should buy this necklace or not. It’s super expensive and it works well if worn alone. We would actually dare and say that it would look ok no matter what you paired it with, but that is only a matter of choice and taste. You should not hold yourself back if you feel like this particular necklace works with something a little bit more out of the ordinary.  



Summing It Up

Beyonce-has-a-fashion-look If you want a beyonce necklace, or should you be interested in mimicking her style just for a little bit, know that mixing necklaces is everything you need to do. She likes bold styles and pieces that reflect her personality, so you should aim for the same thing. In the end, imitation is only supposed to aid you in finding what you are truly destined to do or wear. It’s a principle that not only works with jewels, but with everything else in life. Remember: the normal standard is to have three pieces of different sizes – large, small and medium arranged in this particular order. But this is the normal standard. You do not want to be normal now, do you? Try and look for what suits you best. There is nothing better than that. And if Beyoncé is your most loved celebrity, make sure that you stay in touch with her style. You never know how you might find that suits you perfectly.