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What to Wear with an 18 Inch Necklace?

There are perhaps two reasons why you are here right now: you have been running through your jewelry in the last few minutes and you found that gorgeous 18 inch necklace that you want to wear, or you just came back from a shop where you saw the beauty and you are undecided whether to buy it or not.Before we move on into the details, there are just two things that you need to consider when wearing any accessory of its kind: it needs to feel like a natural part of your wardrobe and it needs to flatter you. Completely.


To begin with, it is important that we establish we are dealing with the 18 inch necklace: its length should allow this fine piece to fall just below your throat, at the collarbone. This is the easiest way to figure out what accessory you are wearing and there is no need for you to know any other measurements or extra details.Actually, if you want to feel like a star or compliment someone on their necklace, you can refer to it as “the princess”. We are not really sure about how this could play out if you say it to a man, but it might end up being (at least) cute. Now let’s discuss about the types of necklace and what you could match them with. There are plenty of those little things that you need to consider: is the necklace silver, gold or are you considering a pearl necklace?


What events would you like to attend when wearing them? Are you required to wear something formal or casual? What color should you go for? And does it fit gorgeously around your beautiful neck?


Silver necklaces are known for their elegance and affordability. What is perhaps most important is that you cannot go wrong with silver.It fits perfectly into any type of wardrobe, you can wear it with any color and it will make you seem brighter overall.The only thing that you do want to avoid, however, is matching it with gold within the same outfit. Silver and gold do not work well together and there is always a risk that you might just miss the perfect outfit because of that additional gold.You can also consider a great number of chains and rings to match with silver necklaces. 


Some of the most common are the coreana chain, rolo and beaded, of course provided that they match your desired 18 inch silver. The best piece of advice that you should keep in mind when combining these is to make sure that the necklace is not overdone. A necklace, a few chains and rings can give the wrong vibe so just remember that discretion is a key element. Here are the pro tips: what should you wear and when.Daytime is the perfect time for discretion, so if you combine your 18 inch necklace with any dark colors or the simple black, you cannot get it wrong. If you want to shine, consider off-white or eggshell. Silver clothes are also a great option and if your endgame involves turning heads at every corner, you will most likely enjoy going for turquoise, orange or prune.


As for the nighttime, well, let’s just say that adding pieces of jewelry with precious stones will make your irresistible. And that’s an understatement. We are going to end the silver section with specific settings and what to wear. If you find yourself in any place that demands professionalism, wear simple silver necklaces.Girls’ night out is begging for chunky and completely out of the ordinary. If you are going for a party you simply need precious gems. Lastly, if you are going for a completely black outfit, why don’t you try silver with multicolored stones? You’ll love it.



The golden necklace is quite an accessory. The trick with this one is not only that it more beautiful and valuable, but it is perceived differently from a social point of view.Getting gold right requires some attention, but it pays off in many ways. The first thing you need to know is that gold necklaces, especially the 18 inch ones, flatter certain face shapes.Since the princess is a rather short necklace, you might want to take into consideration that it fits long necks best. Gold necklaces are for you if you have a warm skin tone. Also, if you look great in brown, green, turquoise or apricot, gold might be exactly what you are looking for.


There is also the yellow to gold and white to gold preference, which is totally up to you, but if you want to keep things simple, chic and safe, you can always go for a colored gemstone or a narrower chain which will take eyes off the color in the metal. Since we are in the “what to wear with” section, we need to add makeup and perfume. But you use these anyway, right?A detail that is many times overlooked is that makeup and perfume should always be applied before putting on your necklace. Makeup products, in general, make gold sticky and reduce its glow over time, so knowing how to take care of gold is a must.


Let’s get to clothing. How does turtleneck with a jewel neckline sound to you? It’s decent, right? Doesn’t really go well without a necklace. And the pendant, never forget the pendant. Such beauty cannot be wasted.The turtleneck also does not work well with smaller chains, unless you plan on adding yet another necklace to your look. If your style is simple, a simple life hack is to add two or more necklaces. All eyes will be drawn directly to your face. Gold with gemstones demands earrings, a bracelet and a ring (same color, of course), but there are stones such as pearls and white opals that work well with any other.


Last, but not least, you can always match complementary colors: coral and turquoise are quite fabulous


And now for the pearl necklaces: there are perhaps very few things in fashion that match the beauty and class of a pearl. This accessory is very basic, timeless and it simply demands elegance.

When you think about pearls you automatically think about something vintage, cool, cannot take your eyes off them and that you are irresistibly drawn towards the one wearing them. Just as the silver necklace, it can work for every occasion.



When should you wear this necklace? Anywhere people gather to celebrate and important event or at work. A pearl’s grace demands joy and professionalism. What better place to wear pearls than a wedding? Your shining beauty will only add to the room’s delight. As for work, consider something a little more discrete.The trick here is that the best thing you can wear with pearls is your attitude. There is only one word for shiny inside and on the outside: perfection. The princess basically fits well on high or low necklines. It is fairly easy to adapt since they fit into many styles.


The one thing that can prove to be challenging with pearl necklaces is what jewelry you are going to match with them. It is normal since these beauties come in with enough firepower to capture everyone’s glance, but there are a few interesting combinations that will make you more than happy to experiment with.First off, should you find yourself in a formal environment, teardrop or stud earrings will suffice. The white color, the round shapes and your fabulous smile will guarantee center stage. Gemstones and pearls also make a cute couple, but things must be kept simple. Diamonds with bright colors should tailor a confident image and gold plus pearls equals love. Always.


But what colors work best with pearls, you might ask. It is very simple: anything that is bright will make you look young and sweet. If you want the pearls to have the spotlight, darker shades will do the trick. Purple, red, green, they all work with pearls, so if you have the chance to mix these colors do it without hesitating.


Now let’s sum everything up and make sure that we got everything right. The 18 inch silver necklace is best matched with black and cold colors in general, yet bright colors like orange and turquoise will also ensure success.Precious stones are a great addition at night. The 18 inch golden necklace is perhaps the safest and most accessible accessory of its kind. It works well with brown, turquoise, green or apricot.


This necklace works hand in hand with turtlenecks and do not be afraid of adding two or more necklaces when wearing something simple and elegant. Tiny chains match well together. Finally, the pearl princes can be displayed confidently at weddings, work and even coffee dates or picnics.They work exceptionally well with golden accessories, emerald green, cardinal red or royal purple. Remember that no matter the necklace, accessory, clothing or any other variable, the most important thing to wear with all of these is your attitude.Great looks are eye candy, but great looks with great personality are soul food.