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What Watches Does Liam Hemsworth Wear?


Liam hemswort watches! Liam’s watches all over the place! This is the result you get after you star in a movie such as Independence Day: Resurgence! But we do not suspect that this trend is rising up so quickly just because of the movie; it might also be because Hemsworth is the type of guy ladies cannot get their eyes off, so guys need to know who they can learn from. Hemsworth has hit the movie stage quite hard, gaining more and more fans (yes, especially female fans) because of the way he treats himself: a good style, a natural talent for acting and the desire to improve his career. But it’s not only because of these that Hemsworth’s preferences are so sought after by men. Autumn is upon us and the desire to wear watches is also affecting our clothing decisions. While wearing watches is always chic and denotes that the wearer is interested in their own look, wearing them during summer can be quite uncomfortable.


Now that autumn is making its first stand and the chilliness is all around us, wearing a watch not only helps you tailor that image you want so much, but it also gives you the sensation of warmth that you are looking for. So, can we call this uprising trend “lucky” or “fortunate”? Not at all. It is somewhat planned and, if watchmakers were able to see this before Resurgence was launched, they might have also prepared some of their finest pieces for the fall sale. The only major issue is that there are three watches that completely took the spotlight. The guys from Resurgence really knew their thing! And today we are going to talk about these watches and occasionally touch the subject of why Hemsworth plays such an important part in promoting them.  



The Hamilton Khaki X-Wind

The-Hamilton-Khaki-X-WindThis is a very special piece, not only because Liam appears to be wearing it in the movie, but because it has got an entire philosophy behind why it was used. The X-Wind is an exceptional watch with great precision. It is not your average chic watch that you put on and forget about. On the contrary, it is one of those things that you put on wrist and you can’t get your eyes off it. It’s almost unfair! We know that the idea is to feel awesome and all, but to forget about yourself and your clothes just to stare at a watch is absurd! Nonetheless, we have experimented with the feeling and we can say that it is quite worth it. But let’s get to the concrete facts: why was this particular watch used? Well, first of all because it is one of Hemsworth’s favorites. If you have been following the actor through his career, you might have noticed that this is one of the few watches that he prefers to wear on a regular basis. The exact reason is unknown to us and, after all, it only falls down to taste. He might have encountered another watch before this one and we could have been talking about an entirely different brand or model today.


But he just stopped at this one. The next most important feature is that the automatic chronograph is closely related to aviation. In the movie, Hemsworth plays the character known as Jake Morrison, a pilot whom we will probably save the world yet again. So the reasoning behind using this watch is quite obvious: Hamilton practically used both Hemsworth and Jake Morrison to promote their brand. The former is a matter of taste, while the latter is a symbol of flight, freedom and relentlessness. It’s pretty good, if you ask us. This might be one of the most ingenious marketing campaigns ever pulled off. Why? Because it is not exactly obvious. People who are not particularly interested in watches will not even see this one coming, but once they start paying attention and understanding why Liam Hemsworth’s influence is so important, they will know that they absolutely need this watches.  



Jazzmaster GMT and the Hamilton Thin-O-Matic

Hamilton-Thin-O-MaticThese are the only two watches in the liam hemsworth watches list on which the actor had absolutely no influence. In fact, the only reason why they are here is simply because they are found within the same movie. It can be somewhat confusing, but bear with us. Things are about to get a lot more interesting. The Jazzmaster GMT is a gorgeous piece which any man would give anything to have. It does not seem like that when you first look at it. What is so spectacular about it in the first place? It looks like any regular watch and it has a GMT feature… fantastic, right? But this, yet again, not your average watch. This is an accessory that does not only sell because of the fact that it is a good watch. This is a watch that sells for the feeling that it provides. GMT watches are usually designed for aviators, people who travel all over the world and who have to take responsibility for the people they are taking to their destinations. There is a philosophy behind this as well. Aviators are leaders. They take responsibility and get things done. GMT watches are also designed for businessmen so that they can keep up with the people working for them or with them on the other side of the globe. The truth is that doing business nowadays is easier than ever, but what is also true is that time is money.


You have to know how to properly manage it or you are not going to be making much money. How do you manage your time accordingly? Starting with yourself and then… with the people you are working with. The Jazzmaster GMT is a $1200 watch that can help you do just that. What about the Hamilton Thin-O- Matic? What’s so special about this one? We are very happy that you asked! The Thin-O-Matic is yet another watch that prides itself with the sensations that it offers, but this is a completely different sensation! While the Aviator is tied to the legacy factor, the Thin-O-Matic is a completely new sensation invented for those who like a more contemporary touch about their watches. There is a downside to it, however. This is a relatively old watch. It’s been on the market for some time now and it is no longer for sale. Shocker, we know! This is an 18-karat golden watch. Some only dream of having such a beauty on their wrists! And it’s not just that. One would easily agree that the feeling this watch gives can be a whole lot stronger than that of the Jazzmaster! But have no fear! There might still be hope left for you. Should you be interested in this type of watch, you might still be able to get your hands on it in a few years. Limited editions are put on sale by collectors from time to time, yet you might find them at higher prices when this happens. The good news is that, if one such watch lands in the right hands, it doesn’t matter if you bought it 10 years after it was released. You will find it in almost perfect condition, with the occasional scratches here and there (but not even that happens too often). We can definitely guarantee that this is a one of a kind experience for any watch lover.  



So are They Worth It?

liam-hemsworth-wears-a-suitAre liam hemsworth watches actually worth it? It really depends on what kind of person you are. Some will start debating about whether you are into taste, if you like Hemsworth or not and all that nonsense, but the truth is that there are two ways in which you can determine  if these watches rise up to the expectations. Firstly, you could either be a movie fan or a Hemsworth fan. In these cases, these watches are pretty much worth it. You have strong brands that you know you can rely upon, you know that there is great attention given to watch details and you know that they are not going to let you down. Then you can be the pragmatic type and recognize that this is all a waste of your money. The fact that these watches are promoted alongside the movie definitely suggests that there is a need to create the need for them.  Before asking yourself whether you need a $1200 watch, you could first ask yourself if you need a watch in the first place. Do you crave it because you liked the movie? Do you want it because all your friends have watches and you feel the need to have one as well? Or is it just a phase? Ask yourself all these questions and you will get the right answer (if you are completely honest with yourself). In the end, whether these watches are actually worth it or not is entirely up to you.