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What You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez


She is one of the most successful young people in the world, she is known for both acting and singing, has remarkable taste when it comes to fashion and she also held her ground pretty well against Justin Bieber, making him delete his Instagram account. Selena Gomez is one of the strongest, most talented and beautiful women to have walked the earth, but this doesn’t mean that you know everything about her. No matter how good people look on a stage and how well they perform, celebrities are always bound to withhold some information from the public or… people might just not know things. Today we are going to talk about selena gomez’s secrets. First of all, we just want to say that there is nothing too spectacular withheld from the world. Selena is on the bright side of the celebrity world, openly talking about her experiences and what she has learnt from them.


The majority of things that you might not know are either cute interesting such as the fact that she is of Italian and Mexican decent, that her name actually means “moon” in Greek, or that she was named after the exquisite Tejano singer, Selena, who unfortunately died only 3 years after the former had been born. Either way, our aim today is to make sure that you know a little bit more about this celebrity. There are many people who are quite opinionated about her, but we cannot necessarily blame that. The world is an opinionated place, so we have two simple options: we either become opinionated ourselves or we look for proper information and share it with the rest of the world. Some people think that Selena was lucky and she got to where she is because she is just young and beautiful, but the truth is that this girl is a lot smarter than she seems. She understands the value of networking, she is on the lookout to create her own businesses and she knows the difference between working for money and working for fortune.  



Humble Beginnings and the Love of “Little Things”

Selena-is-smilingIn case you did not know, Selena is an only child who was born on July 22nd, 1992. Her mother had her when she was only 16 and this involved a lot of hardships. Luckily, the girl was very smart and managed to make her own way in life without having to depend on others to succeed. The elementary education she got was from Danny Jones Middle School in Texas, a rather modest place, not known for creating any superstars or out of the ordinary celebrities, but we suspect that they were pretty proud to add Selena to their list of success. Her favorite color is green and that can say a lot about her. First of all, green is a very natural color, so it could mean that she is a nature fan, a calm and understanding person and someone who you can communicate with very well. At the same time, green is a color that works very well with her skin tone and makes her stand out from the rest of the celebs. If you will Google her and look for her green dresses you will quickly notice that green allows her to shine brighter than anyone else in the room. Perhaps the fact that she likes it so much also gives her the confidence she needs to look in the way she looks. In regards to what changed her life… it’s not what you would expect it to be. Selena actually claimed that she went to a Britney Spears show when she was quite young and that was the highest point had ever reached she said that she was “on cloud nine” and that completely changed the way she looked at life and the dreams that she had. From that point onward, Selena knew that she had to dream big and work hard for the things that she wanted in life. At the age of 7, she made her first appearance in television, in the show known as Barney and Friends. But that was not only the beginning of her TV career. That is also where she met Demi Lovato, who soon became her best and closest friend. After a few days spent on the set and going out, the two were inseparable. Her favorite actress is none other than the lovely Rachel McAdams, she absolutely loves pizza crust, she loved studying “layers of the Earth” back in school (not exactly what you would expect from an actress and a singer, right?) and, this is why perhaps a lot of fans hate her, she was not particularly interested in the Harry Potter saga. She frequently admitted that she was not into magic and magical creatures. She is a more down to earth person, but this doesn’t mean that she has her own brand of cool.  



Career and Idols

Selena-Gomez-wears-a-black-jacket As you can see, selena gomez’s secrets are not exactly something out of the ordinary. The things that you do not know or might not have suspected are the little things that have shaped her into becoming the super star that she is today. The only thing that we need to figure out is how to connect the dots and learn how she became successful in the first place! Pretty easy, right? In 2008, Selena created and launched her own production company. Yes, at the age of 16, Selena was already living her dream. The company is called July Moon Production and, in order to have a strong team, she also partnered with XYZ Films. It worked and it is still working to this very day. Next, she made her way into the world of music in 2009, when she appeared in Woah Oh! (Me vs. Everyone). From that point onward, the world would see a different Gomez: a stronger one, a more confident one, a girl who knew that she could obtain whatever it was that she desired. In 2010 she earned her high school diploma, but her education was done via homeschooling. It is quite understandable. Who has time for school when your life takes such unexpected turns at the age of 16? When it comes to idols, she says that she is particularly interested in Bruno Mars, Skrillex, Rihanna and Britney Spears. But what the world might not know is that she is super in love with Cheryl Cole. She is a big fan and has expressed her desire to record a duet with her multiple times. If she could make that happen it would be a dream come true! If you know about her 2011 music video for “Love you like a love song”, you might remember that the horses in that video were painted pink. Some called that cute, others disgusting, but what actually made the world go nuts is the fact that PETA got involved. You know, animal rights and stuff… they just had to say something about animals painted in pink which is both hilarious and a little disturbing if you think about it. The funny thing is Pink, the world famous singer just had to dip her toe into the scandal as well, taking PETA’s, side of course. Luckily, the only thing that resulted from the scandal was just a public debate and some good publicity (Pink knew exactly what she was doing). Here is something that might impress you: in 2009, Selena actually became the youngest UNICEF ambassador! It is surprising how few people know this, but 2009 was actually a historical moment for both UNICEF and her. And what is actually even more impressive is the fact that she is actually interested and dedicated to the cause. There are very few celebrities nowadays who enter such organizations out of the goodness of their hearts. Most of them do it for publicity.  



What We Can Learn from Selena Gomez

Selena-Gomez-wears-a-black-dressApart from the fact that we need a good heart, willingness and determination to get whatever we want, we can also learn that fame is not dependent on age.  In fact, there are many age-related things about Selena that not many are aware of and which might seem a little off. A good example would be the fact that her favorite movies are horror movies. Seriously, who would have guessed?! Did you know that she keeps her voice in check with the help of olive oil? Or maybe it would seem interesting to you to know that she loves skating and surfing. The point is that Selena Gomez is the perfect example as to why age and the conditions you are born in are just some variables and that you make whatever you want of them. She is just a child who made her way into the world. You want to know selena gomez’s secrets? Take a closer look at her life. See if you can find anything that inspires you to become what you want to be. Those are the most valuable secrets.