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Where Does Oprah Get Her Style From?


Oprah Winfrey is a woman with an exceptional career, a career which many would have dreamt of. But even though she ended her 25-year long run as one of America’s most loved talk show hosts, her beauty and style remain equally charming. Some say that she is even more charming than she was before. But oprah winfrey’s style is not exactly something that she does on her own. She definitely has her little tricks that she has to pull off on her own, but no matter how hard you try, remaining in the spotlight for so long is not something that you do on your own. This is why she needed someone reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to her cause to stick around and help her win an impeccable style. This person is none other than Andre Walker. Andre Walker is Oprah’s hair stylist and if you are a true Oprah fan, you might have noticed the miracles that this man can work.


He is a true visionary when it comes to the art of the hair, he is extremely dedicated to his work and he likes keeping things fun and entertaining for Oprah. In the end, he is only doing her hair. There’s not much that can seem spectacular about that, right? But the relationship that they have has resisted the test of time. Today, if you really want to know about Oprah’s style, you do not need to dive into all the theory about how to do your hair in certain ways and the evolution of hairstyling. On the contrary! The thing that you really need to do is study these two peoples’ relationship and see how far they have come and how far they have learnt together. The story about where Oprah gets her style from is not a theoretical story. It is a story of friendship.  



Where It All Began

Oprah-Winfrey-smilesLet’s be bold and simple: it all started 30 years ago. The two still remember the first time they got together and they are extremely happy that they made a good team. Andre Walker even recognized that they were just two kids trying to make themselves known in the world. Oprah had just started a TV show and Andre knew almost nothing about hairstyling. They both had to start from scratch, they both knew that they were not hotshots in their profession, so the best thing they could do was have a good relationship. This relationship would be one of the most successful stories in the history of television. And that is not everything! Walker actually made things somewhat awkward, romantic and funny at the same time. From the moment he saw her, he knew that she had the spark to make things work. The only challenge was that her hair was never consistent. It always managed to create some sort of problem. And that was not necessarily a challenge for him, but it was for her. You can’t have a talk show host without good hair. It’s just as simple as that. So what Walker did was buy her some flowers and send them to her with a note saying “I’d really like to get my hands into her hair”. It was quite a bold move, if you ask us, but this does nothing more than confirm our long established theory that if you want to make it far in life you need to know how to sell right. That’s what Walker did that day. Perhaps he might have chickened out and never written anything or perhaps he might have sent a boring note and Oprah would not have been impressed, but he managed to pull it off in such a way that Oprah simply could not have said no. And so they met and their partnership started. The result: 30 years of hair styling for America’s most loved talk show host. But he did not just help her boost her career. She did the same thing. In case you did not know, Andre Walker has his own brand of hair care, which he actively promoted during Oprah’s show. This is the sort of partnerships successful people get into. They just help each other out so that both sides can reach success together.  



The Challenges In Oprah’s Hair

Oprah-Winfrey-wears-a-gray-suit You kind of want to know them, don’t you? Who wouldn’t? That’s some gorgeous looking hair right there! And what is awesome about it is that it is so intricate, complex and hard to do that you simply have to know how you could do something similar yourself. But Walker admitted that oprah winfrey’s style was not always the best. He had to learn things the hard way. The 1987’s layered bob is a perfect example of that. The layered bob was not exactly the most flattering thing a woman could wear at the time, but for some reason it was becoming increasingly popular and Walker knew that they had to take a shot at it. In truth, Oprah always hated it and she told him about it numerous times. He was courageous enough to do it anyway, but he admits that whenever he looks back at those photos he knows exactly what she was talking about. You see, even with hair styling, if you want to be bold, you can be bold, but you always have to keep an open mind and see if what you are doing is the right thing. The layered bob definitely wasn’t, but we guess that a true friendship can get you past career mistakes. Another example of a good hair gone wrong is anything that one could wear under the plastic tiara. Oprah has made it very clear that she will never go for such hairstyles ever again. Why? She doesn’t seem to be interested in updos at all. Let’s just put it this way: she had to go to a suit and tie event and Andre thought of an interesting updo that would make her look fantastic. He spent a couple of hours on it and, when he was finally finished, Oprah told him that she was not going to a prom date and her aim for the night was not to be the prom queen. Fair enough. He did manage to fix it, but a few wasted hours and a bad reaction are not exactly something you want to witness after a long day. Still, they are working together even today, so we could suppose that it was not that bad. But you never know with a woman’s hair, don’t you?  



A Couple of Tips and Tricks?

Oprah-Winfrey-wears-a-white-suitEverything is nice and easy when Walker is around. He does her hair; he can mess it up and redo it. All good.  But what happens when he is not around? Well, Oprah needs to take matters into her own hands and apply the one trick that will get her through the day (or should we say the night?): she has to pull her hair into a pony at night. Walked has declared numerous times that this is one of the most effective tricks for women if they want to maintain their style overnight. When you sleep, your hair tends to get quite messy and when you wake up the other morning you just know that you are going to look like a witch before you end up in front of the mirror. So pulling your hair up is the way to go. Now for a little bit of promotion… all the products that she uses come from Walker’s own hair care line: the Gold System. All the products in this line also have the aim of maintaining your style for a few days. We do not know what kind of miracles Walker has worked out, but the truth is that the results are amazing.


On top of that, he said that he tested everything on Oprah herself. She was his experiment table, so to speak, so if everything worked like a charm for her hair, which is so difficult to maintain, suffice it to say that any woman would be pleased with the end results. This is where Oprah gets her style from and this is the way she managed to look so good throughout the years. As we mentioned before, there is no rocket science about how she does it. It’s just pure friendship and the willingness to experiment, accept mistakes and waste a couple of more hours on a redo without taking it personal at all. This type of friendship serves as an example that not only oprah winfrey’s style, but all women’s style can use a touch of friendship in their lives. Your hair does not have to be a chore, something that you do not like and that you do not want to waste your time with. If you do not like it that much, or if you think it is too complicated, you might as well do it with a friend. Who knows, maybe you will end up having a TV show someday just because of that.