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Where to Find Amazing Women's bracelets Designs

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If you find yourself driven by your women's bracelets passion this summer, you might want to consider the appropriate women's bracelets designs. This subject can get tricky at times because of two simple reasons: you either have no idea where to start or there are too many options for you to choose from that you are simply not sure what to pick. This is why we are going to give you some neat examples of where and what designs you can find to suit your needs.

This is also going to work towards your advantage a lot because we have been looking for the most accessible and trendy designs out there, so researching them or even giving them a shot or two will not only guarantee that you keep your pockets full, but you will also find yourself amongst this summer’s trend-setters when it comes to women's bracelets designs.

So let’s start by taking a look at what we consider the greatest summer additions to your collection, followed by some more exotic designs.




Loom Love

The-girl-wears-a-silver-braceletLoom Love is a site that captures your imagination not only with the designs that it displays, but with the amount of colors used in these designs as well. Boasting with tens of designs, amongst which finger fishtail and paracord are most popular, Loom Love is definitely the site you want to check out if you want to make your summer both simplistic and stylish. Some of the catchiest designs are the Small Basket Weave, the Double Cross, Inverted Fishtail, the Double Braid and the Cube. Note that there are plenty other designs that you can choose from, but we found these particular ones to be special for the colors they are using. We are going to go quickly through them so that you get an idea of why these are definitely must-haves. The Small Basket Weave is a fine piece because it is firm and light at the same time. It is the sort of accessory that you put on your hand, you know it catches everyone’s attention, but you totally forget about it. Plus it really gives the basket vibe that its name implies and it is an ideal add-on if you are going to attend a picnic party. It’s also rewarding if you want to make it yourself. Some people challenged themselves by trying to see how many looms it took to create the Basket Weave. Some managed to do it with one loom while others even needed 3. The Double Cross is the sort of bracelet that has a mean name but tailors a friendly image. It’s quite easy to craft it yourself as well and if you know how to make a fishtail you will probably nail this one as well.


The same principle is applied for the Inverted Fishtail. You know that fishtails usually point in the same direction. Well, inverted simply has one layer that points in the opposite direction. If you are thinking about making these yourself, we advise that you use lively summer colors. The result will be worth your effort. The Double Braid is the sort of loom that stands out because it is very, very tight. It can also give you that sort of heavy sensation because of how tightly wrapped they are, but the visual design is quite astonishing. Combinations of pink, yellow and light blue are some of the coolest combinations you can come up with and this sort of bracelet is definitely something that you want to check out. Lastly, the Cube simply stands out because of its shape. Women's bracelets artists know very well this concept. Every other model that we spoke about until now was, more or less, round. But the Cube is the sort of shape you want to add to your hand if you want to stay retro. Not to mention that if you manage to create or find one with a yellow, light blue, orange, lime and pink combination you might be one of the trendiest people on the beach. Do not hesitate to visit Loom Love to check out more designs that will most certainly please your eyes.



Pretty Designs

Fashion-girl-with-bracelets Pretty Designs is yet another source of inspiration for you and we are not only recommending it because of what bracelets you might encounter, but because you have every design explained. Anything from wrap bracelets to blue stone bracelets, you got it. They are wonderfully explained in all possible ways: text, image and process depiction. Some of the designs that you might find suitable for this summer are heart shaped bracelets, knot bracelets, rope bracelets and perhaps even stone bracelets.

Every design’s name speaks for themselves, but let’s take a look at the women's bracelets and see what would the most appropriate situation to wear would be.

Heart shapes are quite versatile as you can wear one at a time, or several paired with another metallic jewel. They are adaptable to both formal and informal events and they exude that young sort of feeling that is neither too young nor “too old to be wearing this”. It’s the sort of bracelet you would gladly be wearing if you were 18 or 32.



Knots can also be adjusted to events based on their color. Lively colored knot bracelets can be super informal while a mild brown color can work well with an evening dress. Choose wisely; these bracelets can turn out to be some of your best friends during summer. Rope bracelets are simply light. Just like knots, colors can say a lot. The chain clasp also allows you to wear wider sizes, giving you the comfort you are looking for. It’s safe, chick and a perfect design for anybody who wants to keep a low profile and attract at the same time. As for the stone bracelet, this is the sort of accessory that you want to choose based on where you want to go this summer. You can also cheat and make it something else than a stone. A sea shell, for instance, if you want to go to the seaside and spend your time there. The stone can be a precious or semi-precious one; this aspect only depends on your desire. Also, make sure that you like the color. The color can say a lot about your mood, whether you want to feel in a certain way or you want to make others look at you in certain ways.



Lucky Brand

Elegant-jewelsLucky Brand is a source for those who prefer to aim for the more luxurious summer designs. Bracelets here come in all sorts of shapes and forms that will equip you for a magical summer night. When summer kicks in, you want to avoid wearing heavy metals and large shapes as much as possible and this is why Lucky Brand is such a great option. If you are into pure simplicity, we gladly recommend the Lucky Mini Starfish design or the Lucky Dream Catcher. The Mini Starfish is a simple metallic bracelet with no clasp; you simply put it on your wrist for that seaside summerrish vibe. With one little starfish at each end, this bracelet can be considered a very well-crafted union of cute and elegant. As for the Dream Catcher, this is a more philosophical piece. The name says it all, and what is striking about tis jewel is how discrete it is. If a gentleman needs a good excuse to kiss your hand, asking to see this little charm is the perfect way to do it, so yo had better watch out. Some other similar jewels that you might be interested in are the Lucky Casted Feather Cuff, the Lucky Bangle set, the Lucky Bee Charm Bracelet and the Lucky Silver TurQ cuff. Bear in mind that the first and the last cuffs are quite large and they occupy relatively large area on your wrist, so if you feel that you want comfort above looks check these ones out before purchasing. Nonetheless, they seem to be quite favored by many ladies nowadays. Let's discuss more about women's bracelets.


Alright, now that we’ve gone through all the women's bracelet designs, it’s time to do our regular short recap so that you know where and what to look for. Loom Love is a colorful and diverse source of inspiration if you are looking to maintain that cute, young look this summer. The Small Basket Weave, the Double Cross, Inverted Fishtail, the Double Braid and the Cube are our top five favored designs that Loom have come up with and we believe that these beauties will give you a proper feeling of how this summer is going to look like. Pretty Designs is a place of both inspiration and knowledge. Not only will you witness some of the trendiest designs here, but you will also learn how they are made. Pretty Designs’ most adorable bracelets are heart shaped bracelets, knot bracelets, rope bracelets and the stone bracelets. Each type can be used to your advantage depending on the type of events you are attending. Last, but not least, Lucky Brand is a site you should turn to if you want to resort to soft, comfortable and stylish options. The Lucky Mini Starfish design and the Lucky Dream Catcher are perfect for discretion while others like the Lucky Casted Feather Cuff or the Lucky Silver TurQ cuff are not so discrete and can prove to be rather uncomfortable for some ladies, but they seem to be greatly appreciated as far sa we have noticed.


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