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Winter Fashion Trends


This year’s winter is approaching fast and it’s about time we thought about the collections and clothes that we are going to buy for the season. For those of you who are either new to the winter fashion industry or do not know this yet, summer is the best moment of the year when you can buy winter clothes. It works the other way round for summer clothes as well. Why? Because nobody needs them now. On top of everything else, nobody thinks about this strategy. Whenever the cold season approaches, people start rushing towards the shops to get their new clothes… which are the most expensive they are going to find. Now before we go on we have to mention one more important detail: don’t throw away the clothes that you were wearing last year! Seriously, this is a big mistake that a lot of people make for no particular reason.


If new trends are emerging on the market it doesn’t necessarily mean that last year’s are totally off the shelves. Use them. You are actually going to be able to shine a lot better with their aid because… you know, nobody is wearing them anymore. You’re unique. The second reason why throwing them away is a mistake is purely financial. You are caught in the consumerist trap: go buy, use for a limited period of time, throw away, go buy, use it for 2 months, throw it away… it’s pointless to throw your money away like that. Be a little bit smarter about it. Now that we got these issues out of the way, it’s time we looked at what’s going to rock the shelves and bodies this winter. Some of these tends might come as a surprise to you, others might seem normal and some downright boring, but we are going to give you an overall image of everything that we know is going to hit the market during this year’s cold season. You ready? It’s time for our journey.  



Sky Jackets, Long Sleeves and Puffer Coats

Woman-has-a-winter-coatIf there is something a little bit surprising about this year’s winter clothing, it’s sky jackets. It’s not that they are unexpected or anything like that, it’s just the way they are (supposed to be) worn. While the sky jacket is the sort of accessory you would expect someone to wear during a ski competition, it looks like they are the the “go to work with it” sort this year. Balenciaga's Demna Gvasalia is the perfect example if you want to know exactly what it looks like. A jacket, slacks and daring high heels are exactly the combination that can make you look sporty, sexy and cool at the same time. Quite a beauty, we have to say! Still, bear in mind that there is nothing holding you back from wearing a sky jacket in the old-fashioned way. As long as it is in trend and everybody accepts it you can use that to your advantage. Get original and dress to impress yourself. There is literally no way getting past the cold season without long sleeves. You can get used to the idea if you aren’t yet. We pretty much owe this trend to Rihanna. She demonstrated time and time again that long sleeves are a great alternative to gloves. And why you you opt for the latter in the first place? Unless you are attending some formal event in which you have to wear long, elegant sleeves and a pair of statement gloves, long sleeves are exactly what you need to feel cool and sexy this winter. Make sure you have at least one such piece that will do you justice. If there is one trend that we are super-duper excited about, that’s the puffer coat. Opinions about them have always been mixed. The fact that they were flashy and they drew so much attention sort of made them fall into the unflavored category, but things are starting to look very good for them. The world is moving on, realizing that extravagant things are becoming somewhat of a normality. Not sure if we should thank Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus for that, but hey. Things are looking quite good. We have to admit that a puffer coat is nowhere as near as awkward as a meat suit, but it can tailor some exceptional looks that we all love to look at.  



Turtlenecks, Platforms and Trooper Hats Everywhere!

Woman-has-a-fashion-coat Winter fashion is starting to become super bold. Turtlenecks are also getting a revamped look that not many people expected. Remember when we told you that you should not throw away your winter clothes? We advise you not to throw your summer ones either. Why not combine both seasons? What?! That’s insane! You think? We recommend that you Google Tory Burch quickly and get back here. Now you see how well this style looks? Come on, you know it’s high time you got super bold about your looks. If you have one event in which you know you will have to impress this winter you had better be wearing this gorgeous combo. Platforms are cool, but they are not exactly something new, are they? The only difference between this year’s platforms and the ones that were used in previous years is that we can see a very powerful 90s preference. Platforms are very sexy by default. Patent leather is the sort of material anybody would use to walk through slimy streets, but cheetah models are also making a stand. While we are not exactly sure if cheetahs would survive the cold weather, we do believe that they would be an interesting addition to your close to spring collection. Actually, even early spring would work well. Louis Vuitton really nailed it this year. There is no other way to put it. Trooper hats are the thing! They are a perfect statement clothing piece, you can be sure that everyone will see you and they keep your ears super warm all winter. Seriously, just think about it: you have a comfortable hat, an attention grabber, sense of humor, comfort and a healthy thing to wear on your head. What else could you ask for?  



Going Navy, Embracing Patent Trenches and Running After the Faux Fur

Girl-sits-in-the-snowCamel coats were a thing last winter, navy coats are a 2016 thing. This is the most logical transition of them all. Last year was all about evening wear, denim and every combination in between. Camel coats were excellent for that. Since these particular styles have lost some of their popularity, it is only natural that the camel coat would fall out of grace as well. Navies have gold buttons, which give them the edge over previous preferences, but what is cooler is that they look a little bit more dramatic. They are perfect for the femme fatale. Loom them up if you are unsure. You will be sure within a second. Patent trench coats are a life hack. Literally. This is one of the few winter clothes that you can consider a long term investment. Buy one, use it for 3 to 4 years and know that it’s good for late autumn, all winter and early to mid spring. What’s the catch? It’s super light and it keeps you warm. This is a clothing piece that you want to have around for those warm winter days that make no sense at all.


To be fair, it offers you all the heat you need, but it won’t cause you to over burn either. Seriously, get your hands on one of these ASAP. Once people will understand their value they are going to be piling up in shops trying to get one. Guess what: you are probably going to have a hard time finding the one you like and, of course, they are going to be expensive. Play it smart. Lastly, fur is a statement thing. You might have heard of Mose, an excellent designer who practically bought fur back. The trick is to wear them on a diagonal this year. Get some fur fast if you are an image fanatic. People associate fur with nobility and high class. Who wouldn’t want that? The main reason why you would want to look at furs now is because they seem expensive, but they are, in fact, a lot more cost efficient than the ones you will find in winter. Think about it. You are only saving money. This is pretty much it. What you have here is a guide of all trends that are going to hit us this winter. Study it, know it and live it if you feel like it. Needless to say, this is a guide to what everyone is going to wear. Do not be afraid to step out of the boundaries and create a style for yourself. Winter fashion does not have to be about everyone else. It has to be about you. Knowing what the world will do can simply give you an edge. It’s up to you whether you want to live up to the challenge or not.